long ago and forgot to post it

“shitty memory” aesthetic

-giving ur friends the same information over and over because u forgot u ever gave it to them

-opening up a new text post only to forget what u were going 2 say

-never changing a wall calendar/needing to look up what day of the week something will be

-literally not being able to remember what happened yesterday/an hour ago/five minutes ago

-forgetting where ur going/what ur doing in the middle of doing it

-flipping through the beginning of a book because u forgot some characters and plot development

-making a typo, make a mental note to fix it, get up to do something, keep typing without fixing the typo

-”haha ur memory cant be THAT bad”

-it can be

-reminding urself 2 do something but u forget

-writing reminders, forgetting that u wrote a reminder/forgetting what was on the reminder/forgetting where u put the reminder

-”just put something in ur room out of place before u go 2 sleep” and ur room has so much shit on the floor u wouldnt even be able 2 tell whats out of place

-alternately: doing the above and then forgetting what it was supposed to remind u of

-did that happen or was i dreaming

-i was gonna put something here but i FORGOT it and i HATE it

so a good while after rose and kanaya start dating on the meteor rose comes up with a plan to try and get kanaya to spend the night with her. she relays her plan to a very distracted and Definitely Not listening dave who at the end of it tells her how great it is.

Her elaborate plan immediately goes to shit since it relied on her asking kanaya to cuddle and kanaya Was Not Sure What That Meant thus leaving rose to  decide if kanaya was trying to pull something on her but she eventually explains, while trying to hide how embarrassed she is, thats its sort of like a hug but longer. kanaya agrees because Hugs Are Very Nice I Will Give It A Shot but she also asks where exactly this is going to happen because she cannot so a pile anywhere that you can lay on.so rose,who doesnt want to make kanaya uncomfortable, grabs as many blankets and pillows as she can find to make a pile from them.

when kanaya puts her arms around rose and rose has another little gay breakdown because she Is Not Used to hugs and she’s afraid but after a few minutes of talking rose falls asleep in kanayas arms hoping she doesnt mind.

kanaya doesnt and she thinks rose is very cute when shes asleep.


cut content - germ’s gramma


“Ignore her,” Alvarez said to Neil. “She’s just sour because she lost nine goals in forty-five minutes. Don’t know why, it’s not like it’s a new personal record or–ohhh, it is. Ouch, that’s gotta sting a bit. So much for being first-draft.”

“Bitch,” Laila said without any heat. 

“That’s what you get for calling me fat,” Alvarez said.