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Shadowhunters 2x13 ‘Those of Demon Blood’: favorite & iconic lines

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(edit): forgot the acephobe one!

EDIT 7/3/17: If you’re here to curse me out for this post, hopefully you can take a second and see this was posted 3 years ago. Hopefully you can come to the conclusion that me, now, probably does not have the same views as I did 3 years ago.

I am here to say that:


I DO NOT THINK CISHET ACE or CISHET ARO PEOPLE ARE “Q*EER”, because if you do not experience same gender attraction, are not trans or nonbinary…you should not be reclaiming that slur.  Of course if you experience any of those things and are ace/aro, then you are LGBT, and can reclaim q*eer.

Cis aroace ppl are in a grey area I’m not sure about and so I have no definite opinion on their relationship to the LGBT community but would also say they should stay away from the q slur

Also me saying this doesn’t mean I think cishet ace/aro ppl dont face hardship for being ace/aro, but i don’t think it falls under LGBT hardship.

and that’s all I’ll say on the current #discourse people are coming to my inbox to berate me for. If you want to see more of an explanation for this post i have a small tag.

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cut content - germ’s gramma

Guys!! Imagine Keith adapting to Lance’s love for beauty products.

Like Keith isn’t super into facials, makeup or anything involving beautifying oneself but just imagine Lance blabbing about it all the time because he’s super into it and Keith listening to his boyfriend talk about these things he’s into because he just loves hearing Lance talk about things he loves!!

Imagine him asking questions about it and Lance being super excited to teach Keith about the world of beauty products.

Imagine Keith doing facials with Lance and Lance explaining the dos and don'ts of facials while Keith smiles like a dork.

Imagine Keith asking Allura for help on beauty products to buy and Allura being like “I didn’t know you liked this stuff.” And Keith being like “It’s not my thing but Lance likes them so I want to get him something”

Imagine Keith getting Lance little gifts and Lance being like !!! because his boyfriend actually listens to his blabber and he just kinda cries cuz he has the best bf ever.

On the other hand, imagine Lance getting into things Keith likes!!

Imagine Lance watching conspiracy documents with his dork of a boyfriend and being super confused but happy to spend time with Keith

Imagine Lance asking Keith about Mothman and the Moon Landing and Keith excitedly rambling about it and pulling up a laptop to give Lance a two hour lecture on why Kothman is real and the Moon Landing was fake and Lance just being like “Ohmygosh my boyfriend is so cute”

Imagine Lance researching conspiracies and sending them to Keith to get his opinion on it.

Imagine Hunk going “Wow Lance, when did you get into conspiracy theories and cryptids and Lance going “Tbh I don’t understand them at all but Keith loves them and I love him so”

Imagine Lance making Keith a Mothman plushy and Keith crying for three hours straight, he loves it and it’s now their son.

Just imagine space boyfriends engaging in each other’s interest even if they don’t understand anything about it and supporting each other

So good, so pure