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New Questions:

1) What’s your favorite feature of yourself? My eyes

2) Would you ever get a tattoo? Yeeeeees

3) What’s your spirit animal? uhhh anything that sleeps a lot

4) If you could teleport where would you go? I’m not sure tbh. Montreal maybe?

5) What’s the last video you watched on Youtube? Family feud on Jimmy Fallon! Recommended to everyone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRU9BT9M9Iw

6) Are you afraid of anything that most people don’t fear? Nope!

7) If you could be amazing at dancing or acting or singing which would you choose? Singing so I could amaze people in car rides

8) What’s the last thing you said to someone close to you? Mindy Kaling is amazing.

9) If you were reincarnated what would you be reincarnated as? Tatiana Maslany

10) Name the first person you think of that you want to hug. My mother

11) What was the last meal you ate? Chicken and rice, suuuper exciting

New Questions~~

1) Who is your favorite singer/band?

2) Overrated, underrated, or justified; Breaking Bad.

3) If you could hug one celebrity who would it be?

4) Chocolate or candy?

5) What are you looking forward to the most in the upcoming week?

6) What is your current favorite tv show/ movie?

7) If you had two days off where you didn’t have aany responsibilities whatsoever what would you do?

8) On a scale of 1-10 how much does school suck?

9) Would you get a tattoo and where?

10) What is your favorite drink?

11) Would you ever kill someone if they were threatening your loved ones?

lonexsamurai asked:

Just wanted to tell you that I really really really love your graphics and that they always give me inspiration!! ^^ you're super amazing at what you do!! :D (btw, ahhhhh, i love your icon!! <33)

omg, thank you for telling me, that makes my day always! and dfkjhfd thank you for even liking my stuff! ♥ yaaay i’m glad you like the new icon~ it was made by mi only for meh~ /happy cookie whenever she gets myungsoo gifts


I will find that child first. I will find her and atone and atone again. If only I could compensate for that scar… even if I have to sell Seungjin Group, I will compensate for it.