New people follow a pair of minuses.

『Huh ? Someone is following me ?』The boy turns slowly and look back into darkness. 『Who’s there ?』He asks without hesistation.

A skinny blue pegasus is plodding ahead on the dirt path while admiring the beautiful view of the clear blue sky. It seems it was another day to get his mind freshened up.

However, it all faded away from bumping into a stranger accidentally.

“Hm?!” He turns to the pony immediately. “Oh geez, i-i’m so sorry! I need to look where i’m going. M-My um, deep apologies.”

Quick Shift appears to have ribs partially showing against the skin. He also have mud stains against the lower portions of his hooves. Not to mention he smells up close from his musky mane.

The stranger in question was a blue unicorn with travelling packs and a sword belted on. He must have really been out in space to run into a complete stranger like that! The pegasus too.

“Woah! Sorry, didn’t see you there! It’s… well, at least as much my fault as yours.”

This pony seemed to be running some foul luck at the moment, too. Well, maybe they could walk together for a while. Travelling did get lonely, which was part of the reason he had been so thoughtful.

He had been considering giving it up.

“Name’s Staccato… Staccato Lyric. What’s your name?”

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2. your muse catches mine naked.

Most ponies that knew Spirit knew that she didn’t lock her doors. Never had it really been her downfall. But, she had also seemed to grow rather confident that nopony would ever decide to visit. After all, she was the Witch! Who would want to see her? She was ‘evil’ or something, according to most of the town and surrounding areas! The only visitors she had gotten were various Witch Hunters, who could easily be turned away with but a single gesture.

So, here she was, lazing about in the front room, blinds shut, laying on her back, a book in her front hooves and her hind hooves parted, pretty much displaying herself to whoever decided to walk in the door.

Which would probably be nobody.


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Calming winds soothed the wide area inside the Everfree Forest. It continued on as a skinny stallion is sitting against a tree behind him. Underweight with his ribs against his skin partially. It seems he’s poor or homeless based upon his appearance. He didn’t do nothing but stay seated to relax his mind. Push away anything to slow things down for a change. A chance to clear up his thoughts to think clearly.

Though it was hard for creatures with hooves to creep, changelings were usually light enough to get by. Two of them had positioned themselves behind the tree he was leaning against as quietly as they could. While a third took the direct route.

“Sstrange place for a pony to sstay.” He said, trotting right in front of him to grin triumphantly.