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Calming winds soothed the wide area inside the Everfree Forest. It continued on as a skinny stallion is sitting against a tree behind him. Underweight with his ribs against his skin partially. It seems he’s poor or homeless based upon his appearance. He didn’t do nothing but stay seated to relax his mind. Push away anything to slow things down for a change. A chance to clear up his thoughts to think clearly.

Though it was hard for creatures with hooves to creep, changelings were usually light enough to get by. Two of them had positioned themselves behind the tree he was leaning against as quietly as they could. While a third took the direct route.

“Sstrange place for a pony to sstay.” He said, trotting right in front of him to grin triumphantly.

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muse questions that actually matter

◎: how does your muse feel about space?

(( The moon and stars are a part of Princess Luna’s beautiful night, and Secret Tale views them with a great deal of awe and respect.

But due to reading quite a bit of science fiction, she is also fascinated by the far reaches of outer space that are still unknown to ponies. She often wonders what could be out there that nopony knows about. ))

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Nothing was much more difficult of visiting his cabin along with some changelings to get his supplies and other important items. It seems nervousness got the better of him of going back with company towards his private home. At least he's done. Right now, he's in his room of a the changeling nest. Specifically, he's sitting on the bed while drawing something out of the ordinary.

The changelings had been keeping an eye on the pony, but true to Chrysalis’s word they were careful with his belongings. Everything that Quick wanted to bring along had been transported, and now he was alone with his things in the cave that would be his room.

Well, almost alone.

“What iss thiss thing?” Mercy asked, still sorting through what they had recovered, She was careful with the items, but the changeling was as curious as a foal.

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"Queen Chrysalis?" The stallion walks in to stand near the entrance. "I-I'm sorry, may i come in?" He doesn't want to bother her, but wants to see what's going on lately. He can hope nothing will go wrong between her.

“Just come in, pony. I know it’s you.” Chrysalis sighed. Her changelings had made no move to stop him, if only for knowing who he was.

The Queen was in the largest part of the cave, watching over at least a dozen head-sized that were so dark green that they almost looked black.

“What is it that you want?”

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The evening is progressive in the dark cave of the changelings hideout. Quick is sleeping on the comfort of the mattress. For some reason, he's shivering quite badly, not to mention whimpering in his sleep as well. It seems he's having a nightmare.

The changelings noticed, of course, but this was such an odd pony to be with them that at first, they didn’t know what to do about it. This was a pony that didn’t seem to want contact, even being so willing to stay with them.

Chrysalis finally directed a few of them to pull a blanket around the tossing and turning stallion. Hopefully that would still his less than stellar dreams.

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The dark, yet peaceful atmosphere of evening brought upon Quick to sit near a tree and enjoy the night. It's been quite long, long to appreciate and stare at the thousand of stars above. He didn't tell anyone he's outside. Hesitation or nervousness got the best of him.

His departure was far from unnoticed, but rather than reeling him back in immediately, Chrysalis simply followed him silently. This pony was still a great oddity, and perhaps by observing him when he thought he was alone, he could start to make some sort of sense. Or maybe Chrysalis just didn’t have anything better to do.

Either way she ended up nearby, watching him through the trees.

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1 and 13?

1. As a writer, who is your biggest inspiration?
13. What advice can you give to someone who has just begun RPing on tumblr?

(( 1.
My biggest inspiration as a writer is Eoin Colfer. I love his books because they’re so witty and entertaining. I have a hard time putting them down until I’ve finished them, and they always leave me in a writing mood.

Don’t be too shy!

This is something I’m still learning myself, but never hold back from interacting with someone just because of thinking things like: “they probably wouldn’t want to RP with me anyway,” or “I don’t think they want me to respond to that starter/meme.”

And if you want to roleplay with someone, never be afraid to make the first move. It’s okay to send someone a message asking if they’d be interested in roleplaying with you. The worst they can do is say no— and if they do, don’t hold it against them. They may just be too busy, or they may not feel like roleplaying with your particular muse (we all have muses we’d prefer not to RP with, after all).

Just remember that roleplaying is for fun— that’s what every roleplayer is here for. Don’t be intimidated. Just have fun! :)

Thank you for the questions! ))

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The evening grew upon Quick in going back home. It seems he's yawning every so often in feeling tired progressively. His eyes are half-opened, but still on his hooves since energy is still there for him.

Once they were safely inside the forest, the disguise had been dropped for her own much better form. “Tired already? Were this an actual date, I might be disappointed.”