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Sleepless Nights - Ten (M)

Ft. Hansol

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**WARNING: smut ahead! Also, themes of gore and rough sex, including extremely sadistic Ten**

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Word Count: 1,048

He had dreamt of it, the gleaming blade caressing your warm skin, the dark blood trickling along the soft ridges of your figure staining the pale satin sheets endlessly.
Your vulnerable figure lay beside him, your soft skin illuminated by the dim lights filtering through the billowing curtains. Ten listened intently to the sounds of the city below, picturing the damp allies with neon signs hanging themselves above the lonesome souls wandering through the night.
Shadows crept through the night, consuming his conscious as his gaze fell upon your neck. His fingers itched to grasp your lithe neck, constricting until you’re crying and thrashing frantically; his mind yearning to see the life leave your bleary gaze.

Stirring gently, your tired gaze fell upon your husband. You smiled gently, snuggling close, idly tracing the defined ridges of his chest with your gaze.

“Can’t sleep?”

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anonymous asked:

what is the story of susie? wasn't he the overboss how did he become a singer now?

praise the Lord he saw the light

his story is still W.I.P (you can see a bit of it here). His entire character was born from a song, so his fate also depend on whatever song that inspired me and I just make up his story along the ride. He’s the Overboss, yes, but now he start wandering alone again. It’s just a matter of time until he left the raiders once and for all. It’s kinda complicate to explain what I feel about this character, it’s all songs, country songs.

au WWII part 2 - a fancomic, RM

Part I


She’s been wearing a dead expression since she and Emir were rescued in the border, at the outskirts of Merten. Even upon their arrival at Britain, Mikasa was inconsolable. She was distant, quiet, and sickly pale. During their report to their high command, it was only Emir who spoke.

Their assessment took over a day after. Only then were they released as civilians with the gratitude of the government and people. Before parting ways, Emir finally took it upon himself to console the girl - nearly a week after their mission. Only they survived. John died during their journey back.

Mikasa told him she was alright. She understood how war worked. She tried pushing the man away, wanting nothing more to do with anything. But, Emir didn’t let her. He tells her she has to move on, that they had to continue living, to make sure they did their part in the new world - for both those who survived and those who died fighting for what was right.

Color drains from Mikasa’s face. And she chokes, finally speaking, “It’s my fault.”

“What?” His brows crease in surprise.

“It’s my fault he died.” She couldn’t get herself to say his name. “I should’ve followed him inside. I was just behind him.” She starts to cry. And Emir is at a loss as to what to do. “Why didn’t I enter? I should’ve been the one to die. Compared to me, he’s needed by countless people. Everyone deserved to know him. Now, nobody will.”

*We join Mikasa later on insider her apartment in Central London.*

She is on her couch, staring blankly into space. In her lonesome, her mind wanders. She should have told him why she returned. She thinks of how she had countless opportunities to confess, to tell him she was in love with him. Now, all she knows is she’ll never get to.

Suddenly, explosions came from outside that she wakes from her trance. She gazes outside her window to find people running into the streets, raising the flags of Britain and cheering. The lady switches on the radio to her side and already knows what was being broadcast. It takes her a while before deciding to join the celebration.

Outside, she greets the euphoria with a bittersweet smile.

She loiters. She found comfort in the deafening cheers. For a while, she’d be able to escape from her thoughts.

She finds herself walking to the center of the square and her eyes ghost pass pictures of those who died in battle.

Her eyes widen.

A familiar face caught her eye. Her chest tightens and water stars pooling in her eyes.

A small smile makes its way to her lips. A lightness touches her heart.

And she finds herself thanking him. Emir’s words returned to her. In the back of her mind, she made a vow to the memory of the only man she’s ever loved. She vowed to live for humanity, to continue their fight for peace and freedom. For him, she swore to create a better tomorrow.

*Nearly two years pass. And we find Mikasa in Paris, an audience to the signing of the 1947 Peace Treaties.*

Same Side of the Coin, Part 4

Requested by @many-fandoms192

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Warnings: fluff, my goodness

A/N: I’ve gotten so much positive feedback about this series and I just want to thank you guys so much! Also, terribly sorry about the severe delay in continuing series and writing sequels; I get so excited about new requests I always seem to write those instead!

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A lonesome Trinket wandering the open beaches. I wonder why she’s looking so dejected? Did she lose something? Did she get into a fight? I guess those bottled messages haven’t been showing up lately. Maybe she’s just worried…

Sleepy Star struggling to keep it together for morning! She’s been up all night doing something but she wants to stay up just a little longer until she can get her favorite drink at Cafe Delights! Luckily for her it opens pretty early in the morning. Shouldn’t be too long now.

Cinders knows the perils that await him in the mountain range. But the itch is back and he needs to let his hooves wander a bit to satisfy the wanderlust. Don’t go Cinders, it’s too dangerous to out on your own like that! Listen to your own cutie mark!!


As announced, there is a Fallout Week coming your way. The rules are simple enough: you can post any content you like as long as it relates to Fallout and the topic of the day. It doesn’t matter that you can’t make gifs - there are many other ways to take part: cosplay, fanart, fanfiction, funny posts, literally anything is better than nothing. Hell, if you create a post about Joshua Graham’s butt for the billionth time, it will be still much appreciated. If you like that ass, just share your awe.

The Fallout Week starts on the 11th November, so you guys can prepare and spread the news.

That being said, here comes the plan (I kept it simple):

Day 1, Nov. 11 - Best quote

Day 2, Nov. 12 - Favorite pairing or relationship

Day 3, Nov. 13 - Favorite character

Day 4, Nov. 14 - Scariest moment/place/situation/anything actually because Fallout has enough scary stuff

Day 5, Nov. 15 - Favorite DLC

Day 6, Nov. 16 - Most hilarious moment

Day 7, Nov. 17 - Favorite place(s)

Remember, that you can use not only Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3 content - there are still the undying classics in form of Fallout 1 and 2, Van Buren, Fallout Tactics and so on.

The important part: Don’t forget to tag your posts as falloutw2014! Otherwise you work might get lost.

I will track this tag.

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‘Sometimes,’ she whispered, 'Planets collide, stars fall from the sky, and lovers walk away from one another, and there’s nothing we can do about it. We’re just lonesome souls, wandering around on a speck of dust in a universe surrounded by nothing. We are nothing.’
—  R.G. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #75 (via indielove-writings)