lonesome wanderer

time will pass and out of the recorded 1 0 people in the because you’ll never meet me tumblr fandom, i, the lonesome vietnamese wanderer, will be the only one to ever see and headcanon oliver paulot, boy wonder, as a fellow lonesome asian™


A lonesome Trinket wandering the open beaches. I wonder why she’s looking so dejected? Did she lose something? Did she get into a fight? I guess those bottled messages haven’t been showing up lately. Maybe she’s just worried…

Sleepy Star struggling to keep it together for morning! She’s been up all night doing something but she wants to stay up just a little longer until she can get her favorite drink at Cafe Delights! Luckily for her it opens pretty early in the morning. Shouldn’t be too long now.

Cinders knows the perils that await him in the mountain range. But the itch is back and he needs to let his hooves wander a bit to satisfy the wanderlust. Don’t go Cinders, it’s too dangerous to out on your own like that! Listen to your own cutie mark!!

To the born losers
who watch the golden
girls and boys
effortlessly achieve.

And to the lost,
those lonesome wanderers
roaming roads at night
peering into windows
where all is bright.

To those on the outside
shut off from the
smiles and light
of the luckier ones.

To those who have
given up
‘cause their dreams
never took flight.

To those who cry themselves
to sleep.
Who for one reason
or another
can’t help but weep.

To all out
there who know
they were
born to merely




—  Another Little Piece