loner one of a kind

One thing I really love about the Straw Hats is the fact that Luffy chose them when no one else would. These guys are all outcasts and loners. The kinds of people you’d see siting alone in the cafeteria or break room at lunch times or would be surrounded by people but still utterly alone. The kinds of people who will go home to an empty apartment just to repeat the day the next morning without even having any friends to touch base with. One or two may find their niche in life on their own or create one like Franky did but most of them wouldn’t.

And then Luffy came in and pulled and insisted until finally he brought them into his crew. And now they finally have a place to belong. A place to call home. People to call friends and family. And really that’s the most amazing thing Luffy has done for each of them as a whole: he provided them a home when they didn’t have one, an escape from their old lives, a fresh start and a way to chase their dreams.