so i may have hit 1k?? why do you all follow me like serioulsy im such a nerd omg. i started this blog nearly a year ago and its always been trash tbh


Here are some people who are v great and make me happy when the come up on my dash/notifications! 

(Italics-some of my favourites! Bold-friends/extra cool people/ily)


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Also thanks to my irl friends

aka Lina Lamont, the person who puts up with my presence most of the time and laughs at my awful puns. (shes great btw follow her!!)

my fellow trash, who fangirls with me most of the time (also great, follow!!!1!!)

and @lukeslittlepenguinxx 
a great human who plays the guitar and lets me sing along (also great ^^)

Thank you to everyone who follows me idk why you do my blog is trash tbh!!
i love you all!! <33 

(also im sorry if i forgot anybody ily all!!!)

tag thingy

alrighty so i was tagged by @someoneyoumeet

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lets goooooo :D

Name: Isla

Nickname: None lol

Star Sign: Pisces

Gender: Female

Height: no idea, 5 foot something i think


Current Time: 12:05pm

Last Thing I Googled: Brendon Urie ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Favorite Band(s): Panic!, Pierce the Veil, 5SOS (those are my absolute favourites but I also like top,fob etc i just don’t know their songs as well)

also i love melanie, halsey, but they’re not technically bands i guess

Dream Job: Philosopher bc my grades in philosophy at school are the highest and also u get to sit around thinking all day which sounds attractive to meee

What I’m Wearing: a flowy maroon top from new look and leggings

Number of Followers: 322 i believeeee

What I Mainly Post About: Danyul, filip also I reblog a lot of shitposts, twitter posts, LGBT stuff

Most Active Follower: @plaid-freckles-mangochutney

Who Made Me Join Tumblr: dan and phil’s tumblr tag videos  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Do I Get Asks Daily: nooooo

Why Did I Choose My URL: honestly i change my url a lot but i was just typing in a bunch of random shit related to phan and dnphl became available and i was like YAS BITCH YASSSS

I tag: @scowlhowell @tardis-phan @fandomfascination @skittles0718 @beautifulphan @philliplstr @amaizng-howell @galacticspacelizard

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if u dont want to do it thats fineeeee, have a good day everyone

i was tagged by @lonelyqueener

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Name: Lucinda

Nickname: Lucy

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Gender: Female

Height: idk, 5'4"? 5'5"?

Favourite Colour: Difficult, hmm, green, brown or plum

Current Time: 17:08

Last Thing I Googled: watch Button Moon full episodes (I would like to say that I was with my 3yo nephew, and i looked it up for him, though I did enjoy it too!)

Favorite Band(s): Omg, so hard. Err, Oasis, The Fratellis, My Chemical Romance, MGMT, The Killers, Queen, The Smiths, Cage the Elephant, I’ve missed some for sure
Dream Job: In an ideal world: Writer, actor, comedian, director, filmmaker or Youtuber
In the real world: A garden historian, plant historian, folklaw specialist or an anthropaliobotanist (a real niche, I think there are only a few in the UK) I’ve never quite given up on my childhood dream if being a zookeeper.

What I’m Wearing: Browny plum vest and lace top with sort of moss coloured skinny jeans.

Number of Followers: 70

What I Mainly Post About: All sorts! Funny, fandom, random, bandom, Phandom, the odd serious post. Whatever takes my fancy, really.

Most Active Follower: @jarvis-in-the-tardis :D

Who Made Me Join Tumblr: I wanted one for a long time, but it was when i met @thelittlestmeme and found he had one and that made me finally get one.

Do I Get Asks Daily: Ha, I wish! I’ve never received an ask.

Why Did I Choose My URL: As Doctor Who and Buffy the Vampire Slayer were my fist real fandom’s, I wanted to include them and I’m Phan trash (I held the no1 UK spot throughout January for d&p quizzes on quizup, I’m now only 2nd on the UK leaderboard). So I had to have that. This is what came up with!

i tag: @jarvis-in-the-tardis @thelittlestmeme @thewizardlifechoseme
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Don’t feel obligated to do this, but if you do, tag me please :D

Rules: Using only song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Tag ten people at the end.
I was tagged by @lesterlockian and @this-amazing-phangirl-is-on-fire , thx m8s!
The artist I’m selecting is: Dodie Clark (doddleoddle)
What is your gender?: She
Describe yourself: The Flat’s a Mess
How do you feel?:  Stuck the Way We Are
If you could go anywhere, where would it be?: Christmas Time
Favorite mode of transportation: Social Dance
Your best friend: The YouTube Song
Favorite time of day: You’re Just A Dream
If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?: From Braces to Lipstick
What is life to you?: Fickle
Relationship status: An Awkward Duet
Your fear: Sick of Losing Soulmates
Okay I tag: @for-tomorrow-may-rain-so @andromedalester @lonelyqueener and actually I’ll leave it at that. ^.^

i was tagged by lovely @lonelyqueener

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Name: alice

Nickname: alicat, aligator, alicakes, cakes, cat, poochkey -idk where that one even came from-, but the majority of people just call me alice. IDK i’m pretty boring.

Star Sign: taurus, if that’s how you spell it

Gender: female

Height: 5′6″, so average i guess

Favourite Colour: i’m a slut for pastels. like light pinks, blues and greens:)

Current Time: 10:23 AM

Last Thing I Googled: last thing i actually googled was “tumblr” but that’s boring. maybe how to spell taurus or phil lester derp photos. i have no idea

Favorite Band(s): i listen to a lot of people, but i stan panic! and troye sivan

Dream Job: something sciencey or a teacher. idk i just don’t want to rot away in an office, ya know?

What I’m Wearing: a huge green camp tee that i got like, 3 years ago, and some black short shorts. a vision of fashion

Number of Followers: 132 or something. i don’t really care about the number

What I Mainly Post About: ok, like 95% of my blog is dan and phil, the rest is random crap i find funny on my feed and a small portion is panic at the disco

Most Active Follower: idk, i’d have to check and i’m too lazy

Who Made Me Join Tumblr: ok, to be honest, some girl asked me if i had a tumblr, i responded no and she said i seemed like the type to have one. then, i just got to curious and now i’m forever addicted to this site

Do I Get Asks Daily: no i’ve never had an ask. i’m fine with it, i’d probably be shit at responding to them anyways

Why Did I Choose My URL: ok, it used to be really annoying -bow-down-to-me-now- and it was too hard to type in, so i had a brainstorming sesh for like, 5 minutes, and this is what i came up with.

i don’t like tagging people because it makes me feel obligated to choose people who ultimately don’t care, but thank you @lonelyqueener for tagging me! i feel so honored:)

I was tagged by the superb @lonelyqueener

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Name: Emily
Nickname: Y'all pick whatever nickname for me you want
Star Sign: Gemini/Cancer cusp
Gender: Female
Height: 5′
Favourite Colour: mint, but I don’t discriminate
Current Time: 7:03 pm
Last Thing I Googled: Dan Howell (go figure wowza)
Favorite Band(s): does Dodie Clark count as a band? I like McFly too. My music tastes are v varied
Dream Job: Anything that makes me happy, prolly something to do with music. Currently studying to be a music therapist
What I’m Wearing: mint sweater, black jeans, and 2 socks, one pink and one black
Number of Followers: 7 million (minus 6,999,952)
What I Mainly Post About: on this blog? Dan and Phil. I have other blogs where I post Disney stuff, musical theatre stuff, and just generally uplifting things
Most Attractive Follower (I changed this question bc I wanted to ah): you know all of my followers are friggin attractive, but Imma have to go with @for-tomorrow-may-rain-so (hey gurl hey)
Who Made Me Join Tumblr: um, that would be me
Do I Get Asks Daily: nope
Why Did I Choose My URL: ok right I literally sat for hours going through my fave dnp vids to see if I could think of a good url based on a joke in there and then in one of the day in the life vids Phil mentioned that Dan was in his browsing position and I knew in that moment that it was meant to be

I tag anyone who fancies filling it out bc sometimes it’s just fun ^.^