Hunk Week 2016!

October 1st - 7th is a week dedicated to Hunk Garrett from the series Voltron!

You can create anything from fanart to aesthetics to playlists! Please do not create ship related things except for the last day, considering this is focused on Hunk alone. If you create nsfw, please tag it as such, considering many in the fandom are underage. When posting a work, tag it with HunkWeek2016 so we can find it and reblog your work. You can also tag this account in your work if you want to! The prompts/themes for the days are as following;

Saturday 1st : Flower crowns/Flowers
Sunday 2nd : Warmth/Group hug
Monday 3rd : Strength/Power
Tuesday 4th : Food/Cooking
Wednesday 5th : Home/Family
Thursday 6th : Space/Lonely
Friday 7th : Love/Friends

Extra day, Saturday 8th : Engineering/Technology!

You do not have to do both of the prompts/themes if you do not want to. You can simply choose one of them. If you have any questions, please send them here, or to @shirodad or @abelas-vhenan!