Rain Tree

This picture is based on a dream I had, where there was a tree in the middle of a lagoon with paopu fruit on it, only it was a weeping willow. There were mushroom-shaped rocks jutting out of the water that led me to the tree. Once I reached it, I grabbed a Paopu and crossed back, but when I looked over my shoulder both the tree and lagoon were gone. It made me sad.

nootnoot sketch that i wanna finish after i do my painting hw c:

fun fact it’s so easy to forget that newt is an actual Accomplished Adult with multiple college degrees and patents with how he acts but then i remember that i too am an Adult and it gives me hope for the future

never stop being a groupie, cos one day it might just save the world and score u a hot science bf

“I can’t believe that I’ll never see you again
I haven’t told you anything yet” - Sakura Nagashi, Utada Hikaru

Oil pastel, Jan 2013-August 2013, a tribute to two of my dearest friends.

This girlie’s name is erena and she’s actually a princess and a plant. Her life aspiration is to become the Queen Tree. (The species of sentient plant she is is called “Milunia”)

Please right-click and select “open image in a new tab” because tumblr refuses to show it nicely without effort. It doesn’t look good otherwise.

(i basically took the pose from a perfume ad)