The Signs as Types of Fae
  • Aries: Banshees
  • ~A type of faerie whose appearance predicts the death of somebody nearby or a family member.
  • Taurus: Hobs
  • ~ A type of household faerie who aids humans in farming yet brings them misfortune if offended/annoyed. Humans could dispose of a hob by giving them a new set of clothes but some prove difficult to get rid of.
  • Gemini: Nymphs
  • ~ Different types of nature fae who are seen as young and timeless. Very playful, with high energy causing them to be well-liked. A deep love and appreciation for nature. They love to dance and sing and relish in freedom.
  • Cancer: Sirens
  • ~ A type of faerie who generally lived in groups underwater and sang a beautiful melody, luring fishermen to their death.
  • Leo: Imps
  • ~ A mischevious type of faerie who are lonely and use pranks as a plea for human attention.
  • Virgo: Brownies
  • ~ A small faerie that aids in tasks around the house. They dislike being seen and prefer offerings for their work, abandoning the house if these offerings are called payments/they're misused by the homeowner.
  • Libra: Elves
  • ~ A type of faerie who are diplomatic and wise with sharper senses (physically and mentally) than humans. They love art, song and nature.
  • Scorpio: Selkies
  • ~ A type of fae who live as seals underwater, can shed their seal skin and become human, but almost always return to the sea by re-applying their skin. Seen as having great seductive powers over humans.
  • Sagittarius: Púcas
  • ~ A small faerie who leads lone travelers off their path, using faery-light, often to their death.
  • Capricorn: Leprachauns
  • ~ A type of solitary faerie. Generally seen as greedy due to their hidden pot of gold at the end of rainbows. If captured they must grant 3 wishes for their freedom, much to their dismay.
  • Aquarius: Kobold
  • ~ A shape-shifting faerie who generally resides in human homes. They play malicious pranks to test humans. They can shift between being invisible, human, fire or objects.
  • Pisces: Pixies
  • ~ A type of faerie, generally seen as very small and fragile. They punish humans who neglect others and reward considerate humans. They have a tendency to be manipulative.

Give me a story where one of Bruce’s children has a kid (it doesn’t matter who, but Jason would be so sweet as a father) and Bruce is blown away by the fact that he is a grandfather. Where he’s standing there holding this tiny baby in his arms and he’s completely lost for words. He’s never been good with words, but now he can’t even begin to form them.

Because this is something he never expected. Not in a million years did he imagine himself as a grandfather. He had seen his life going down a very specific path when he was young. A very specific, very lonely path. Long term attachments had been outlawed to him by his choice of lifestyle, and children were even more out of the question.

He’d always known what the cape and cowl meant: an end to the Wayne family line. He had no siblings, and no close relatives. No one to continue the historical name, and he’d been ok with it. Or at least he thought he had. So when Dick, then Jason, Cass, Tim, and Damian had come they’d each been a surprise. A happy surprise, a surprise that was to Bruce always fleeting. Especially when he lost them, especially when he got them back. 

So no, he hadn’t expected a grandchild. Not when everyone of his own kids had followed his footsteps. They’d all done it in their own unique way, but Bruce still saw what they did as a road with one outcome. That outcome was never settling down, never finding ‘the one’, and never starting their own family.

Yet. Here he stood, holding, not just the next generation, but the third generation of the Wayne name after his parents. Bright and bubbly, in his arms there was life, and with life hope for the future. Not just the future of his family, but the future in general. Because if a man like him could be so lucky to have made it to becoming a grandfather, then the world was better than he’d thought it was.


just a character that was wandering in my head by some day now,

he’s Abel the Angel: his aspect is around 20 years old,
it’s not clear what are his love preferences,
angelic at sight but a real motherf**** in the attitude and temper;
he’s in the same toon universe of Bendy, Mickey, Cuphead, Betty Boop and others.
No long in cartoon business, he took a lonely path to stay away from the humans he despise,
he gets angered by being treated as a sissy angel with harp and will show his sadistic part towards his offender, he can use his wings to fly and punch, his pure aspect to fool.
he doesn’t show much of his feelings, but he’s capable to show pure hatred and poison towards who wants him to be “good”,
he doesn’t melt like Bendy, being more detached and stable with his ink, but can transfer some of his ink to other fellow toons if they’re in need (he eventyally will mask the moments of tenderness for mere cold mercy),
still not sure if his life will be long or not
(probably he will be heartbroken for a failed love declaration)


Inspired by the mood board created by the fabulous @anieekkjeeex

It was your anniversary. It was the middle of the week. And you two were on different sides of the planet. You weren’t complaining, he loved what he did and you knew that his career has to take priority some of the time, but come on Marvel, it was anniversary! You needed your boyfriend with you on this day of all days. Didn’t they know how to share?

With a heavy sigh, you got out of bed and padded over to the window, blanket pulled tightly around your shoulders. You didn’t mean to be sad about this, it was just that he had promised you that he’d be with you today. As you looked at London’s skyline, a single rain drop made it’s way down the window, twisting and turning down its lonely path. Lifting a single finger, you trailed after it, sad and heavy eyes watching as it became too heavy and let go from the window, tumbling down to the streets below. It was 5 am in Britain, you had just gotten out of bed to start your day, yet here you were, feeling sorry for a stupid raindrop.

Behind you, your phone excitedly cheered, buzzing across your bedside cabinet before tumbling off of the side. You leapt, landing a top of your bed as you bounced across. Diving for your phone, you quickly silenced the notification. A video from Tom. You smiled as you opened it up: “Happy Anniversary darlin’” he waved, blowing kisses into the camera. His hair flopped forwards over his forehead as he happily babbled on about what scenes he just shot and how the weather was, “look babe,” he suddenly became serious, fixing you with a glare through the phone, “don’t be too disappointed that I’m not with you today,” he looked downcast at that, chewing on his bottom lip, “I wanted to be with you, but we ran over time, and I’m so sorry about that. But we’re gonna be together a lot sooner than you think!” With that, he smirked, before a voice cut across saying that he needed to get back on set. He looked back at the phone, blowing you one more kiss before ending the video. You watched it a few more times before hauling yourself off of the bed.

You were out getting some shopping when a notification sang from your phone. Pulling it out of your pocket, you read the notification: “tomholland2013 tagged you in a post”. Rolling your eyes, you opened your phone. You grinned, seeing a photo of you and him cuddled close, facing away from the camera. It was one of the first photo’s you two had as a couple, taken by Harry without the two of you knowing. You read the caption underneath: “My love, my life, my everything. Happy anniversary, and here’s to much more!”. You couldn’t help yourself but smile as a blush crept it’s way up your neck and onto your cheeks. You liked the photo and commented a simple heart emoji back. Instantly, he liked your comment.

With a heavy heart, you whistled Tessa back to you. She trotted back over, head hung low as you clipped back on her leash. It was getting dark, and you couldn’t stay out much longer. She barked over to the other dogs, which were still running around and enjoying themselves. “Sorry girl, we got to get back though,” you whispered, rubbing her head before turning and walking away from the dog park. The two of you wandered back to your flat with heavy hearts. It was nearing the end of one of the most lonely anniversaries you’ve ever had. As you shrugged off your coat, you phone beeped, signalling a text. Groaning you pulled it out of your coat with more force than necessary. Another message from Tom: “I made your dinner reservations tonight at the place we first met. Go there and celebrate for the two of us, will you darling? (P.s- look under the bed!) xxxxxxxxxxxx”. Tears welled your eyes as you read. So he was being romantic. But it wouldn’t be the same without him. You debated going or not. It wouldn’t be the same without him, but you knew how special this place was to the two of you, and he’d be annoyed if you didn’t go. So you made your way to the bedroom and looking underneath the bed, you grabbed a red box. Pulling it out from underneath, you saw it covered in a thin layer of dust. He must’ve put it there before he had left. A sad smile graced your lips as you opened the box, revealing an outfit you had been eyeing up for awhile. “You little bugger,” you whispered to Tom, knowing he’d never hear it, but still.

You made your way down the cobbled street, the stones wet with rain. The moon hung up above you in the clearing sky highlighted your path, your shoes echoing down the quaint alley. Pushing open the door to the familiar building, your breath was taken away. For a small venue, this place was very expensive yet unique. A chandelier hung in the entranceway, walls covered with different mirrors. The floor was a dark wood, polished and waxed to perfection. Walls were a dark crimson, making the place warm and friendly. A waiter, the same one from when you and Tom met, you noted, made his way over.

“Right this way,” the short man grinned, “Mr Holland is already seated and waiting?”

“Waiting?” You quizzed as the two of you made your way down familiar halls before walking into the main room. Standing beside the table, your table, was Tom. He looked amazing, a sharp and fresh suit specially tailored, his hair styled back in a careful swoop. His grin grew when he saw you, stepping forward to take you in his arms. Still speechless, you said nothing, instead, pulling him closer.

“You look amazing love,” he whispered in your ear, kissing your neck before pulling back and kissing you gently on the lips. “Shall we eat?” He teased.

And that is how the worst anniversary quickly turned into the best one yet, simply by one little text.

But the explosion parallel is killing me…

In 1x01, Oliver causes an explosion on the island with his arrow, which leads him to being discovered, affecting him alone, symbolizing his lone path

And in 5x23, it’s his arrow’s journey, his path as The Arrow, which causes a much larger, much more magnified explosions, affecting all so many people - showing how far he’s come from that lone man who left the island at the very same spot, showing how much he’s grown.

I’m fine.

Loving Alistair terrifies Mahariel.

With Tamlen it had been a soft, budding thing.  A whisper quiet promise of something to come.  A life pre-built.  Everyone knew.  The entire clan knew.  It was to be the ever troublesome Tamlen and the last daughter of the bloodline Mahariel.  Days and years and a life of hunts and laughter and children who would be - as divine punishment, certainly - just like them. 

The entire affair had a rather fated feel about it.  So there had been no need for the pair to hurry past friendship.  No need to act (save, perhaps, a few brave words now and again). Their life, yet to begin, felt safeguarded.  Felt guaranteed.  So why rush love? It would follow in due time.

But that destiny is torn from her.  Tamlen is torn from her.

Then comes Alistair.  

Elvhenan.  That blood flows in her sure as any taint.  Ever will she be a walker of the lonely path.  She has not forgotten, she knows her heritage.  But Creators please understand - her heart has been stolen from her.  Stolen with smiles and chattering and touches so gentle that everything in her aches for them.  

Horror and terror and gore are everywhere they step, yet Alistair - Alistair who was always hidden from sight, Alistair who was made to sleep with the dogs, Alistair who screamed blue murder within the chantry walls just so someone would look at him -  is kind. The man is kind and she is terrified.

For it is not soft how Mahariel loves him.  It is no light, feathered bird.  No, her love for Alistair is that of a fierce thing with teeth.  From those who would do them harm, she defends him with blood on her blade and violence in her heart.  She loves him as a feral creature loves. She loves him fast and she loves him hard and there are moments when she cannot breathe for it.  

It is they two alone, after all.  Her new clan, the wardens, the family she had been promised - when the carnage clears, it is only them.

So, when she is alone at night, she swears (with venom, with steel, with a bloodlust that leaves her shaking) to do all she may to keep Alistair safe.  To keep him breathing.  To keep him from being torn away.  Anything.  She will do anything. She does not care the cost. She swears this to her ancestors, to Tamlen.  She swears this to every single one of her gods.  She swears.  She throws stones into the void and Mahariel prays that for once, just this once please please, they listen.

Tonight’s Art Moment is “The Lonely Tower,” an etching by Samuel Palmer from 1879. Palmer was deeply pious and experienced a mystical beauty in nature. This late work shows two shepherds guarding their sheep as they watch a distant tower. To the left, a lonely traveler ascends a path with his cart. Palmer’s work is notable for his nuanced approach to the night sky, which includes the constellation of the Great Bear and the waning moon on the horizon. The etching was inspired by the poem “Il Penseroso” by John Milton (1608-1674), which describes a lonely poet working in his tower. Palmer wrote of his aim in this work to convey “mysterious suggestion. More meant than meets the eye….” From the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art’s Facebook page.

anonymous asked:

Hi there I'm 17 and my dream has always been to be a doctor Thing is, I'm not the smartest person out there I'm doing a degree of Biomedical science as a pathway, but maybe I should just do nursing. Do you think it's possible for an average person to do medicine? I dont know whether to give up or not...

Hi. I have a secret- I’m not the smartest person either. There are many people with average intelligence in med school- the difference not intelligence alone but hard work, determination, compassion, drive. It comes down to personality and willingness to go the extra mile just as much as it does intelligence.

Now you do need good grades to get into a good school.  But you do not need strait As, you can even have a C and be okay.

Here’s my advice for you personally anon- you are young, you have time to explore medicine and see where you would fit in best. Medical Training is a long and lonely path, so if there is something else out there that you would be equally happy doing- do that instead. But if you want to be a doctor with everything you have- you will be able to become a doctor.

As an aside- if you go into nursing you will never be just a nurse. Please never think nurses are in any way less than doctors because they have less training. Many times the nurses are more important in patient care- they are the front lines of patient advocacy and compassion. Nurses change lives in meaningful ways every day they go to work. Nurses and doctors have very different jobs, but they are both  wonderful and noble professions. 

Ice Ice Baby chapter 3: A Not So Lonely Path

Summary: Juvia has started a journey that she’s always wanted. A journey to become a mother. But can she really do it by herself? What will she do when an unexpected blizzard changes everything?

Ice Ice Baby will post every Sunday

NOTE: Gray will be a little OOC for a few chapters. But this is an AU, so yeah, he’s not going to be his moody self. But that part will come, I’m already there in my writing so I promise. This won’t last long! – Also! In this universe, the song Ice Ice Baby does not exist.

Previous Chapters: All | 1 | 2

Apparently, Gray’s father had used the same speech on Gray’s friends as they grew up, especially girls, to embarrass Gray. Natsu was in on it from the beginning, and still did it to this day.

“You’re horrible,” Lucy mumbled as she gave Natsu the burger patties that were ready for the grill.

“Oh, come on. I just got beat up,” he did, his right eye was starting to turn purple, “you should make me feel better.”

She glared at him, “You deserved it.”

Natsu pouted, he went out to the backyard where his grill was smoking with his head hung low, trying to make her pity him.

“Not going to work,” Lucy went to organize the condiments on the kitchen island, completely ignoring his whine as he slammed the back door.

On the other side of the kitchen, Juvia was putting plates on the table when Gray walked into the room. He smiled at Juvia before telling Lucy, “Thanks again for letting me stay.”

“No problem,” Lucy was placing the fresh tomato slices in a neat pile on her watermelon plate, “We’re happy to have you. And sorry again for-”

“No. Don’t apologize,” he shook his head, his hair swooshing from side to side, “I’m honestly too used to it to care and should have seen it coming.”

“OK, good,” she nodded, walking around to put the fixings on the table, “go on and sit down while we wait. You too, Juvia.”

“Let Juvia help,” the blue haired woman puffed out her cheeks. Lucy wouldn’t let her do anything.

“No. You’re our guest too, sit!”

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This path is a lonely path...

So don’t be surprised when a time comes when you become a stranger among people you thought were strangers like yourself.

The longer you remain on this blessed path, the more the people will see you as someone who baffles them because a person who chases this dunya will always find ambitions for the aakhirah strange.

This path is a lonely path.

You will never be understood. Not by your family nor by your friends. But you must remain firm, because this is the era of those who remain firm.

This path is a lonely path.

Because the lovers of the dunya have nothing to do with it. It is shunned by most, out of fear of losing the temporary while they don’t realise how they’re ruining their eternal life. It is not sought after except by those rare, few, blessed ones who seek the Face of Allah ﷻ more than anything this worthless world has to offer.

You will be mocked, misunderstood, considered a foreigner in your own homeland, considered a stranger amongst your own friends and family.


Know, O beloved, that you aren’t the only one who feels this staggering bite of loneliness, and you certainly aren’t the first.

This is the path, where Rasulullah ﷺ was rejected by his own family and tribe, the path where Yusuf عليه السلام was thrown into prison for a crime he never committed. And the examples are many.

Know, O beloved, that you have chosen this path knowing all the hardships, and so you must bear them with patience and walk upon this path with a smile on your faces. Because this is the path for which the Sahabah رضي الله عنهم gave their lives. This is the path of the few, blessed, chosen servants of Allah. So strive to be from amongst them.


“The path of truth is solitary. Those who traverse it are lonely; they are not wanted, nor their aspiration. Leisurely do they travel, with resolution. Of what they seek, people are heedless, for, about the truth, most are careless.”

— Ibn Rajab al Hanbali, Journey of the Strangers, pg 37.

“This path is paved with torn-off limbs, irrigated with blood, surrounded by trials. Its tribulations and fitnah waylay you on this path. But as long as you know your goal, and the way is clear to your sight, pursue your journey whatever the case is.”

{Shaykh Abdullāh ‘Azzām تقبله الله}

The Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf is a majestic creature
It stands independent of any pack
It does not need an Alpha to guide its path

The Lone Wolf is not afraid of other wolves
It even visits other packs from time to time
Lingers for a little while, until they move on to another location

And the Lone Wolf is on its own once more

The Lone Wolf does not mind
In fact, it prefers its own company
Where there is found peace and quiet

But the Lone Wolf does not always want to be alone
Even a Lone Wolf desires a pack that won’t leave it behind, even a pack of one or two
Even a Lone Wolf desires the company of a mate, but it will search very long until the right one is found

The other wolves do not know these things
They admire the Lone Wolf who is so brave and independent
They wish they too could be lone wolves

But alas they are too afraid to venture far from the pack

Some of them pretend
They will say “Look at me, I am a Lone Wolf!”
To their friends who only shake their heads

The Lone Wolf does not seek attention for being what it is
The Lone Wolf seeks recognition for what it does
The Lone Wolf also desires praise for a job well done

Sometimes the Lone Wolf is sad
And it will stand in the rain
So the other wolves cannot see its tears

This is the Lone Wolf’s greatest disadvantage
The other wolves are so busy believing in it’s courage
They do not realize that Lone Wolf’s heart can also be broken

And they will never know

The Lone Wolf will stand in the rain
Until the storm passes
And the tears have run dry

It will pick up the pieces of its own broken heart
And put them back together one by one
Perhaps it will even learn to be happy again

That Lone Wolf will again roam the fields and forests
The Alpha of a pack of one
Content with its own company

Under the light of the moon
The Lone Wolf sings
Beneath the blanket of stars
It makes its bed

The summer wind caresses its fur
The grass tickles its whiskers
Sleep, Lone Wolf

Do not be afraid
You are never alone

✧・゚yoonkook fic recs (pt. 2)・゚✧

Hello, it’s me again! I have brought you more sugakookie recs. Again the *** show my personal favorites. Also if you love bangtan or sugakookie, how about following me on twitter, i use it 1000x more than tumblr

The Sound Of Winter

Yoongi has a lot on his plate, but when his pack discovers a small pup in their territory, he finds that he’s about to have a lot more.

Capturing Passion***

Min Yoongi was a simple guy living the simple lifestyle in university with his relatively normal friends. However, his simple lifestyle wasn’t enough to pull him out of his artistic slump, which was dragging him down a dark and lonely path.

Of course, this is all until one drunken evening and he comes across a beaten kid, and decides to take him in for the evening.

In his drunken state he didn’t notice the pair of tall, soft black ears that came from the top of the kid’s head, and he certainly wasn’t sure what to do when he woke up next to them the next morning.

the nights really were for saying things you can’t say tomorrow***

“you know, the fact that my rap puts you to sleep should be insulting,” yoongi says wryly.

all your curves, and all your edges

Tumplr prompt:

In which Yoongi is a traveller who collects memories of people. Up until he meets a boy who makes him realise that this time he wants much more than a simple journal entry.

future tense**

Jeongguk was born with wings of blood and bone, broken beyond repair. It was Yoongi who had stitched feathers to the seams, promising that they would fly away from here, as far as they could possibly go.

I got a feeling (got a feeling, got a feeling) about you**

Min Yoongi is not sure about a lot of things, but if there’s one thing he can be sure about, it’s definitely: he wants to spend the rest of his fucking life with a certain Jeon Jeongguk.

Cerulean and Malachite***

tumblr prompt from anon: “You said you take requests on here on your ao3 and I’m here with a request! How about a SugaKookie soulmates. After that, you can do whatever you want with it, but if you could add some smut, that would be nice. :) Thank you!”

bless you, precious sugakookie anon.

Ever since Jungkook could listen, he’d been watching. Watching the streets, the crowds, watching the people pour on and off the trains. Jungkook had watched for the flash of color that was said to indicate the instant when one found their Soulmate. Under normal circumstances, in everyday life, an aura would be invisible to the eye; but when two Soulmates found each other, it was said that they would see the color of each others’ auras. Jungkook spent his entire life with his eyes wide open, searching around him, waiting; watching and waiting. Jungkook became impressively good at observation.

the collection

a collection of all my tumblr shorts and prompts!;

(my notes: all of these are amazing but #22 is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL)

Distance makes the heart grow fonder (said by someone stronger than me)*

“He had no clue how long he stood there, waiting for a single foot to step out the gate. All he was aware of was people moving around him and his legs turning to jelly underneath him. His heart pounded and his knuckles turned white from the strain of his grip on the roses. Yoongi had never been this nervous in his life. The pain of being far from his love was hard before, but now it was unbearable. His boyfriend was on that plane, getting off of it right now, and those minutes of waiting were absolute pain. He had half a mind to rush onto the plane and kidnap the boy right then and there, but he had a feeling that it wouldn’t go over well.

When the first person stepped out of the gate, he found it harder to breathe. The people began pouring out of the gate, painstakingly slow, families pushing past Yoongi and talking animatedly to each other, somehow not hearing the thunderous beating of his heart. It was torture, standing there waiting for a sight of the boy he’d been thinking about for months. It wasn’t until the stream of passengers died down that Yoongi caught a glimpse of fluffy brunette hair and doe eyes, and suddenly, Yoongi couldn’t breathe.”

off the record

“Hyung, I think you might actually be fucked.”

There’s a phone being held offensively close to Yoongi’s face, opened on an article with a bolded title: ‘POP IDOL JUNGKOOK ENLISTS THE HELP OF UNDERGROUND HIP HOP PRODUCER MIN SUGA FOR UPCOMING ALBUM’. There are a multitude of pictures beneath it, one of him and Hoseok from two or three years ago at university, and an equally unflattering and familiar one from outside of his own studio.


five moments between slytherin house sixth year min yoongi and third year transfer student jeon jungkook.

(five long drabbles according to the words spell, potion, spirit, fantasy, and witchcraft.)

You Stir Up A McFlurry In My Heart

Jungkook is completely and utterly screwed the moment he develops a crush on the voice behind the McDonald’s Drive Thru speaker.

what’s in a name?

Yoongi’s mind is racing with thoughts of bills and lack of money and want of something better and his heart is in the hands of a (freshly turned) nineteen-year-old who is currently at his parent’s for a rare weekend of family bonding and ignoring his inquiring texts of how it’s going and driving him crazy.

(part 2 of the tattoo au I’ll never fully write)

kiss me, kiss me

Jungkook normally exudes an aura of maturity, always fighting his youthful image to make sure people treat him with respect. He works out consistently, puts his heart and soul into dancing and never complains about pulling late nights and early mornings. But sometimes he’ll say things like “I want kisses” and it’ll remind Yoongi just how young and innocent Jungkook really is.


(part 3 of the tattoo au I’ll never fully write)

( ✓ read 10:18 p.m. )*

 By the time Suga got back to him with the name of the sample, Jungkook was sitting in class. He’d never been an in-class text-er. He listened well. He followed rules. He gave professors the attention they deserved. But if Min Suga texted him, Jungkook always found himself texting back, attention 100% on his phone. Maybe it was because messaging the stranger felt as informative as half of his classes. Suga gave good advice. He’d caught himself thinking over the weekend that maybe he actually did owe Jimin some coffee.

hello, maintenance calling

 it’s completely fine to call for maintenance about once every two weeks… right?


 yoongi has been into sweaters lately, jungkook notices.

read 04:46 a.m***

 "tall americano to go, please.“

kkt (5 new messages)**

 [jungkookie] [00:08] keep me company?

semantics ***

 semantics is the study of meaning; it focuses on the relationship between words, phrases, signs, and symbols and what they stand for.


so far away (don’t fall away)

 “The spare to the heir, Joon-ah,” Yoongi drawled through the buzz of two glasses of whiskey he’s already admitted to having before Namjoon showed up. “That’s what I am. The spare. Married off.”

"Elizabeth II was a spare, you know.”

(arranged marriage sugakookie that no one except me asked for HAAHHA)

if i could (for just one day)

Yoonkook Week, Day 2: Favorite AU (½)

Harry Potter AU (~2k words)

witches petals

 "is there anything i can help you with?“

(or: yoongi has an affinity for cute witch florists)


you and me are like peaches and cream

 where jungkook is the new employee at the ice cream shop where yoongi works, and yoongi really, really didn’t ask for any of this.

(or, jungkook is pretty and yoongi is weak)


fools (fall) ; a collection

a collection of drabbles from a canon point of view about falling in love.

seven: wrong/right

wrong is a five letter word. so is right.

(or: yoongi is whipped. jungkook might be, too.)


 tumblr request from peach-blossoms: It’s for Sugakookie (yeah I’m a hardcore shipper now): In which Jungkook is a tattoo artist who barely makes ends meet but still continues his line of work because he loves it (most of the designs are original, unless the customer brings their own), loves the drawing, the technical aspects, the myriad characters that enter his store, their varying reasons for getting a tattoo(s), not always disclosed but some are more prone to talk than others. Yoongi comes in as a customer one day, his reason for getting a tattoo simple but embarrassing (for him)–to give his image an edge, to make people stop underestimating him for his small frame and slightly feminine cat-like looks.

It’s a man, he realizes, his hair a muted shade of mint, like the pebbles that rest at the bottom of the water fountain outside of Taehyung’s dorm. He’s not the tallest, but people seem to give him space, so he’s easy to observe, despite his black on black outfit, a t-shirt tucked into tight denim.

Why Jungkook Won’t Leave Yoongi Alone *

The members of BTS have never been shy about being affectionate with one another. They hold hands, hug, and just generally touch each other a lot. It’s all innocent, really, except that recently Jungkook won’t leave Yoongi alone. Even the other members have started to notice. At any opportunity to embarass his hyung, he takes it. Any opportunity to praise him - mock him - argue with him - honestly, it’s all getting a little tiresome. But this is Yoongi, the non reactionary member of BTS who will not be so easily defeated. Herein lies the problem.

not just (pretending)

Yoongi agrees to a fake relationship with Jeongguk to get Jieun’s attention. It doesn’t go as planned.

Fucking Date Me

On his birthday, Jungkook messages Yoongi:

i’m eighteen

fucking date me


Yoongi agrees to go on a blind date with That Guy from Jimin’s English class. When he develops a crush on him, it’s strictly between himself, Jimin’s unwilling ears, and apparently Jungkook, when he’s pretending to be asleep.

most of all

beauty is beauty in whatever form it happens to take.

scraping the skies with our fingertips

Yoongi gave Jungkook his leather jacket and it all went downhill from there.

Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer

It’s not that he thinks Jungkook is attractive…he just really wants to have the weekend off.

—In which Yoongi has been friends with Hoseok for years, so he should have known this bet would be stupid.

(part 2. Jungkook is good at a lot of things, but flirting is definitely not one of them. Thank god he’s got Taehyung and Jimin feeding him advice through an earpiece…)

too sober for this

after they finally get a night off, the members are at a lost of what to do with all their free time, and resort to drinking. even that doesn’t help, but after some brainstorming and turned-down ideas, they settle on truth or dare. jungkook was expending it to be more fun than it was.

‘til the stars come out

he came in once a week around midday, always sat in the same booth by the window and always ordered the same thing.

let me love you

jungkook lets out a breathy giggle, “what was that for?”

“shhh…” yoongi hushes him, shakes his head. “let me love you.”

Just Missed It

In which everyone seems to know about Jungkook and Yoongi before Jin

when i think of you the sun comes out

Yoongi ends up taking Jungkook back to his apartment– not because he’s feeling generous, but because there are no fucking buses at four o’clock in the morning and the kid doesn’t have any money, doesn’t even have a wallet on him. It becomes evident that he’d been mugged by the guys that decided to use him as an impromptu punching bag.


Yoongi learns that stealing isn’t always so bad

It’s February 13th

Jungkook is 14, not stupid. He understands the basics of Valentine’s Day, Step 1: Buy a card, Step 2: Confess your feelings. How on earth is he screwing this up so badly? Maybe because his crush is Min Suga, also known as his best friend who’s been living with his family since they were kids. Yeah, that can be an issue.

Sweater Weather

"Yoongi being cute in oversized sweater and Jungkook being overly possessive”

bunny boy

Somehow, they both ended up with animals tattooed on their wrists without even realizing it.

(i guess that we did it) on purpose**

in which yoongi and jeongguk work at a pet shelter and are bad at feelings.

Hand Holding and Misconceptions

Grabbing Yoongi’s hand in both of his Jungkook pulled him towards his door. “Come in for a while, hyung?” He swayed back and forth with a soft and eager smile on his lips. He wasn’t up to anything mischievous he just wanted to spend more time with his boyfriend. The blank expression was back but Yoongi shift his gaze and Jungkook couldn’t see it anymore. After a moment of silence, Yoongi took his hand back and put it in the pocket of his leather jacket. “I don’t think-“ His face fell immediately and dropped his arms by his side. “What did I do?” This got Yoongi’s attention and he looked up at Jungkook and shook his head. “Nothing.”

Letting out a scoff, Jungkook’s eyes hardened as he stared at the one person who wasn’t supposed to lie to him no matter what. “Don’t lie to me. I saw your expression when you stopped by the studio, the same one you gave me just a minute ago. I’m not dumb, something is wrong.” Before he could stop himself he reached out a hand to Yoongi but the elder flinched just enough for Jungkook to notice. That was more than the last straw. He didn’t know previously how to approach his boyfriend about the issues he’s been having but now he was forced to.


This hurt.

the little things

the little beauty spot beneath jungkook’s bottom lip becomes one of yoongi’s favourite places to kiss.

Red Pt. 4 [Jason Todd x Reader]

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A/N: I’m so happy with the positive responses from ‘Red’ Part 3! Honestly I was nervous because of that one scene. I don’t want to unintentionally trigger anyone. Read safely everyone! Also this was unintentionally long…

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, amnesia…

Word Count: 1938

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 



A door was just an accessible barrier between two spaces. The one in question was made out of wood and painted white. It didn’t have a life of its own. It was an inanimate object that couldn’t hurt anyone unless that person was particularly unintelligent.

Yet a door still managed to frighten Jason Todd.

The door was the only thing keeping him from you, his best friend. He should be happy that you were back, and safe at last. He should be overjoyed to see your face again. He should be rushing in the room, slamming the damn door open, and embracing you so tightly you two would both be afraid he broke a few ribs.

Instead, Jason stood outside, a hand pathetically hovering over the doorknob.

There were just too many unanswered questions that swirled in his mind, so many demands and too much confusion. He wanted to know the answers, yet he was frightened of what he may hear. 

And how could he face you? How could he face you again when he had failed you so miserably? He didn’t deserve to look into your beautiful [E/C] eyes, nor did he deserve anything from you. He felt nothing but endless shame, more shame than Enobarbus had felt when he betrayed Mark Antony. 

He didn’t have the ability to look at you without being reminded of how he had failed you, his best friend, the one woman who walked this dark and lonely path by his side and never faltered a step. The woman he had came to love so dearly. No matter how much he wanted to see you, you were better off without him.

But Jason was a selfish man. Although he told himself to walk away, to leave you for good, he still found himself rooted in front of your door.

He took a deep breath and told himself to turn the damn knob and get it over with. He had faced countless criminals, been through near-death experiences and died for fuck’s sake! He could face you, even if it was to say goodbye. 

When he finally mustered up the courage to open the door, he was greeted with a bland, white room, only colored by the flowers that sat on the end table beside the bed. Even the furniture–the sofa and chairs–were white. 

Jason caught sight of your sleeping figure on the bed, and he felt as if someone punched him in the guts.

You were so still and pale, anyone could’ve mistaken you for a dead person if there wasn’t that steady rise and fall of your chest. The paleness of your skin made the bruises and scars that littered your body more noticeable. You were covered in bandages, and you had too many IV lines connected to you, supplying you with all the nutrients and who knows what else that you’ve been derived from the past few months.

You were still asleep much to Jason’s relief. He could just admire you for now. He could feel you and know you were alive and well without having to face you, because he knew it would break his heart if he did. He knew that when that time came, there would be no familiarity in your eyes when they met his. They wouldn’t be able to see through him and into his broken soul. They wouldn’t be able to analyze and understand him. 

There would be no recognition at all in them.

Jason didn’t know what to feel. He was incredibly happy to hear that you were found, and that you were alive. He was furious at the fact that you were taken and gone for over six months. He was disappointed and ashamed that it took so long, and that he wasn’t even the one that found you in the first place. He was frightened of facing you, knowing that he had fucked up so bad.

Most of all though, he didn’t believe a word Dick said when he was told the news. He had to see with his own eyes.

He entered the Batcave, where the rest of his family, as well as Roy and Kori, were waiting. They all surrounded Dick and bombarded him with questions about you. Everyone loved you, either as a great friend or as another sibling, or in Jason’s case, as something more.

But despite the chaos, Jason noticed you were nowhere to be seen. That made him furious.

“Where is she?” he asked, finally showing himself to everyone. 

“Jason–” Dick approached him with a steady hand, but Jason slapped it away.

“Well? You call me telling me you found her, and she’s nowhere to be seen!” he yelled, his emotions getting the better of him.

“She’s in a private hospital, one with a strong partnership to Wayne Enterprise. She’ll be fine!” Dick reasoned, “but–”

“Then why are we here?” Jason demanded, already rushing to his motorbike. “We should be by her side right now–”

“Jason, stop.” The tone of Bruce’s voice sent a wave of uneasiness through Jason’s body. He glanced around at everyone and saw their solemn expression. Even Roy and Kori refused to meet his eyes.


“Jason… she doesn’t remember who you are.” Dick said gently. 

Those words sent Jason’s world tumbling down.

Jason played with the petals of the flowers on the end table. They were his gift to you, though he sent it through Roy. Though he sent it only two days ago, it was already wilting. 

He couldn’t help but think that everything beautiful would die eventually. This world was cruel, and it always made beauty last for the least amount of time. Maybe it was the reason why you were like this. Maybe it was the reason why his relationship with you was destroyed so easily, but was his relationship with you beautiful?

It was full of tears and frustration, full of lies and deception and pain. It was more broken than this world, yet it was also full of sleepless nights together on the roof of your apartment building, drinking and talking about anything and everything. It was full of late night visits and scolding, teasing and friendly banters. It was full of you tending his wounds and bailing his ass out of jail. It was full of arguments, but it was also full of apologies and promises and warm embraces. It was full of laughter and smiles and genuine happiness.

And through thick and thin, you stayed with him.

Jason decided he’d buy another batch of flowers for you, but this time he’d have to deliver them himself. Roy wasn’t very happy about his decision to stay away from you ever since you’ve been rescued. He wasn’t very keen on relying on his family either, and Kori was out of the question since she’d be on Roy’s side.

“She needs you right now!” Roy yelled angrily. It was rare to find the archer’s anger directed to his best friend.

“She can survive just fine! She doesn’t need me!” Jason exclaimed loudly, throwing his hands up in exasperation.

“Stop being such a coward and give these to her yourself!” Roy threw the bouquet of flowers to Jason, who caught it carefully. “She’ll be happy to see you.”

“No, she won’t.” Jason stated, “and you know that too. Stop trying to sugarcoat the situation Harper.”

“Things won’t get better if you sit here feeling sorry for yourself!” Roy shouted firmly with crossed arms. He looked like a mother scolding a child.

“They won’t get better with me being with her either!” Jason protested, trying his best not to throw the flowers in anger.

“Look man, she’s known you her whole life. If there’s anyone she needs by her side, it’s you–”

“She doesn’t even fucking remember me!” Jason snarled, saying the words that have been on his mind the whole time. “Shit, she doesn’t even know who she is! How is she suppose to know who I am?!” 

Jason lifted his gaze back at you, and he was shocked to see you staring at him. You were wide awake now, and sitting up. How could he not have noticed? Was he so lost in his pool of memories that he didn’t see or sense movement?

“[F/N]…” he uttered, staring at you. For a moment, the fact that you had amnesia slipped from his mind and all he could think of was the fact that his best friend was right there I front of him.

“That… is my name…” you said slowly, sounding a little unsure. The words slapped Jason back to reality and reminded him once again of your condition.

“Do you… do you know who I am?” he asked softly, searching your eyes for any sign of recognition even though deep down, he knew it was hopeless.

“You’re… Jason. Dick talked a lot about you.” You smiled slightly. “He gave me an… accurate description.”

Jason swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded. “I’m sure he did.” He glanced at the flowers and asked, “what are your favorite flowers?”

“Um… [F/F]… I think.” you answered, “the same ones on the table.”

“And… do you remember your favorite color?”

“[F/C], if I recall correctly.”

“And your favorite animal?”

“I… [F/A]?” you sounded less and less sure the more you answered.

Jason sighed and averted his eyes away. He was unable to stand the confusion on your face. You looked so frightened, and he wanted to embrace you so badly but he knew it would only scare you away.

“T-They told me… that you and I have known each other our whole lives.” you said carefully.

A ghostly smile crept onto Jason’s face. “Yeah, that’s true. We’ve been together since we were children.”

You hesitated and said, “I-I’m sorry.”

Jason frowned and turned back to look at you. “What for?”

“Well… I feel like I’m supposed to know you but I-I can’t remember anything. I feel as if I let you down.” you said sadly, your voice cracking.

Something inside of Jason broke seeing your tear-filled eyes and frightened expression. You were so lost and helpless, and Jason didn’t know what to do or how to help you, no matter how badly he wanted to. You were always the stronger one, firmly keeping him in check and bringing him out of insanity whenever he was plagued with nightmares or Pit Madness. Now it was his turn but he found himself unable to do a single thing.

He reached out to grasp your hand, an action that was meant to reassure you. However, you jerked the hand back and held it to your chest.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to–” He pushed himself back, keeping his distance. Inside though, he was being torn apart. You had never once denied his touch, so to see such a reaction from you startled and pained him greatly.

“I think… it’s better if I go.” Jason said hastily, standing up and hurrying out of the room. The weight on his chest was getting too heavy to bear.

“W-Wait!” you called out. He stopped but didn’t dare to look back. He didn’t want you to see the tears that threatened to fall. “I’m sorry.”

“No.” Jason said in a tense voice. “I’m sorry, for everything.”

He slammed the door shut behind him, and the tears finally spilled out. This time, he didn’t bother trying to hide them or wipe them away. It was futile.

He leaned against the door and slid down to his knees, burying his face in his hands.

That’s when he broke down completely.

The Maid : Part 10

Summary : Lucy was a 24 years old lone survivor, in her path of survival and escaping death , she stumbled across The Saviors who took her to The Sanctuary, where she found shelter and food. But what she didn’t know was that the girl who always hated and bullied her at school, is one of Negan’s wives (Frankie ) and is about to turn her life into a living hell all over again!

Pairings : Negan x Lucy

Type : slowburn

Warnings : language

Dedicated to @negansmainwife


That night ,Lucy sat in her room crying, after she made sure to lock the door so nobody would disturb her. She lost faith at that moment and she always gets angry with her maker when something bad happens to her. But this was the worst of all worse things. As if her life wasn’t meant to be on the right path. She kept losing people who where close to her, who loved her and sincerely cared about her.

Keep reading