1. You’re not going to be working at this shitty job your whole life, it’s just temporary.
2. You only liked that boy because he showed interest in you and you thought he was the only guy that would actually want anything to do with you.
3. When people leave, don’t blame yourself, chances are, they left because they were scared that you’d actually care.
4. You’re only 19, there’s no need to panic everyday about what you’re doing with your life, chill out, seriously.
5. Wear what you want, fuck those who say otherwise.
6. It’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to cry, emotion is okay.
7. The constant feeling of being lonely will pass, someone will come along, soon, just stop looking.
8. Be confident.
9. Be positive, things will get better.
10. Stop sweating the little things, it’s not worth it.
—  Ten things I decided to tell myself so I can finally become a happier person.