Am i the only one with this problem?

Me: *laughs at joke only the fandom would know*

Friend: whats so funny?

Me: *gets excited and tries to explain it*

Friend: ……

Me: *sighs* never mind you wouldnt get it anyways.

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This is for the confession about skins, I think Cassie was the loneliest of gen 1, she was alone so often, it seems that nobody had time for her until she tried to kill herself, but right after that she starts getting more and more lonely.


Here’s to one of the best, most impulsive decisions of my life.
I woke up yesterday planning to sit around my house, and ended up second row for R5. They put on an incredible show. You spend a lot of time seeing people like this as almost fictional. It’s unbelievable to suddenly be 10 feet away and making eye contact with them!
Thank you for a wonderful night, Lynch family. I won’t forget it!
Also a HUGE thank you to fandomandpearls for being so sweet and making my night a lot less lonely and a lot more fun! I’m so glad I met you!

lonely no more // a john darling/john smee fanmix
listen here 

i. i’ve just seen a face - the beatles
ii. love at first sight - the brobecks
iii. first day of my life - bright eyes
iv. jane doe - nevershoutnever
v. enchanted - owl city
vi. i can’t help falling in love with you - the fleet foxes
vii. honeybee - steam powered giraffe
viii. it’s tough to have a crush when the boy doesn’t feel the same way you do - ok go
ix. hopelessly devoted to you - darren criss
x. the only exception - paramore
xi. the music that makes me dance - paramore
xii. seven wonders - aaron tveit + kerry butler
xiii. life less ordinary - carbon leaf


I don’t want to jinx myself, but I’ve been nailing the Moscow Metro– I’m starting to think I have some sort of subway sixth sense, either that or after the T everything seems manageable. But the museums have been one fail after another; either I can’t find them, or I can and they’re closed, or I sort of can but then can’t figure out where to buy the ticket or what I’m supposed to do once I do, or I have plenty of time in one but it’s not as exciting as I’d hoped, and then not enough time for one I really liked. Today was comprised of a slight letdown museum, followed by a race across town to a closed one, followed by a guy bugging me on the Metro while I was headed to explore a large souvenir market and what Lonely Planet says is a more хипстер part of town. I was unnerved by the guy but he finally left me alone and I emerged from the Metro to hear the above group playing, and it totally lifted my spirits. Wish the video was better (it’s just a short excerpt)– there’s actually five people in the group. I really enjoyed them and they had an enthusiastic crowd of all ages. When they took a break I went off to find the market which OF COURSE was closing.

not to be fake deep but i’ve become friends with so many amazing people just because of a mutual interest in one direction and i’m so thankful that 1d exists because i’d be so much more lonely without them

luke was quiet when he opened the door, careful not to disturb you. you and your best friend decided to have a “bonding day” and you kicked him out of the lift over ten hours ago, kissing him in the cheek and telling him to be back no sooner than 10 pm. he’d managed to spend time with calum all day but now he just wanted you.

he smirked when the smell of weed hit his nose, knowing that you were always extra cuddly when you were stoned. he went to shut the door, ready to make a dumb comment, but he stopped right before it clicked at the sound of his name. “he’s so great,” he heard you say, your voice gravelly. “it’s like.. not like any relationship i’ve had. he actually cares about me and what i have to say. plus he’s amazing in bed. where do you find that?”

your best friend snorted. “send a clone of him my way then,” she said.

he heard your giggle, a warm feeling filling his chest. “i would if i could. he’s my person. i think i might actually love him, you know? i could see myself with him for a long time,” you explained and he practically heard your smile,

he finally shut the door, announcing his presence. walking into the living room, he found you cutely leaning your head back over the couch, your eyes wide with curiosity. his eye dropped in a quick wink, closing the space between you guys. he grabbed your cheeks, keeping your head leaned back so he could press his lips to yours. “hi baby,” he murmured, the words i love you fighting to roll off his tongue.

you blinked slowly, a dazed look in your eyes once he pulled away from the borderline deepened kiss. “what was that for?” you asked, your mind reeling from his lips.

he shrugged, pressing his lips to your chin. “just missed you, s'all,” he responded. “ready for bed?”

“i shouldn’t just leave-” you cut yourself off, seeing your friend passed out. you smiled, standing on the couch and climbing over the back. “yeah, i am.”

you let him lead you to your bedroom and he helped you into bed, always worried about you when you weren’t sober. you laid there, curled up as you watched him strip. he caught your wandering eyes, your teeth clamping your bottom lip as he shimmied out of his jeans. “see somethin’ you like?” he teased.

you hummed. “yeah, a lot,” you replied honestly.

he laughed, climbing in bed behind you, pushing a leg between yours as he maneuvered his arms around you. “good,” he whispered, kissing the spot below your ear. “‘cause i see something i love every time i look at you.”