In honor of my little love’s first week of Pre-K…..my being a neurotic and disastrous mess……and my avoidance of writing part 3 of This Love…..you get a Hiddleswift drabble.

Milestones – A Hiddleswift Drabble

He wonders how much longer he can do this, the frequent travel, the being away from his family for days on end.  It was easier before, back when he was the only person he needed to answer to, the only person he needed to take care of.  Now he finds that each time he leaves the desire to stay home gets even stronger.  

His sister laughed when he told her, joking that he was getting old.  Forty one isn’t old, he had scoffed.  And it’s not, at least not for him.  He feels more alive at forty one than he did at twenty.  He knows he has her to thank for that.   For igniting his soul on fire when he met her at thirty five to making his life complete when she made him a husband at thirty six and a father at thirty seven.  

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