Something Like This

I have always wanted to write a love poem
about how your eyes can steal the stars
or you know, something like that.

Something like how we are snows falling
to your bed, melting through the night
only to be seeped by your sheets.

Something like how your kisses are sparks
exploding aimlessly to my dusky mouth,
granting me a newborn morning.

Something like how we are clouds floating
above the city, embracing the pink skies
with the flushness of our smiles.

I have always wanted to write a love poem
about how we are vivid hues gleaming
through the wonders of the seasons.

Something like how we are both here,
watching the autumn leaves confetti
instead of disastrously falling apart.

You were my drug of choice that night. Your body pressed against mine. Heavy breathing and skin touching, as we rocked back and forth, pleasuring each other. But of course, it was only for one night. Always just one night.

-C.M. (via @destructivepoetry)

SW Rebels Mando Fun Fact

Clan Rook is seen in the scene where the True Mandalorian clans pledge themselves to Bo-Katan. Did you know Clan Rook is also in Star Wars: The Old Republic and was originally a clan made of pirates and slavers masquerading as a Mandalorian Clan to hide that they were a criminal enterprise who would kill anyone who threatened to publicise that fact? But did you also know that the smuggler companion Akaavi Spar’s clan was refused help from Clan Rook which ended in her whole clan being slaughtered besides her. They did this to get a favourable contact in the Sith Empire which were also the people who slaughtered her clan, hence why she is a Republic character companion. Even though the Mandalorians were allied with the Sith Empire at that time, she refused to ally with them because they were a factor in the destruction of her clan. Eventually Akaavi found out about that and that Tayari Rook had refused to send help in the Sith Empire’s attack on her clan which lead to her killing Tayari Rook and any member of Clan Rook that didn’t escape. To make matters worse, Clan Lone had been disgraced and ended up joining Clan Rook and Akaavi’s lover was a part of Clan Lone. The survivors of Clan Rook were originally members of Clan Lone who were smart enough to retreat when Akaavi attacked. 

What happened in the few thousand years between Star Wars The Old Republic and Star Wars Rebels to do with these clans is unknown, but it is clear that Clan Rook becomes a legitimate clan, presumably thanks to the Clan Lone survivors who would have kept the Clan Rook name after their clan was disgraced. Eventually they would have taken the symbol of a snake which symbolises a rebirth or transformation. A nice touch by the animators of Star Wars Rebels.