lonely poems

it is another kind of prison,
the way that the need to be touched
cages you in, skin too tight 
in the places that it remembers 
warm hands on cool nights

you just need someone,
anyone at this point, to be there
beside you, to stop all the wanting 
and all of the voices that get so loud 
when there is no one else breathing
into the silence of this lonely room

—  Lonely as a prison guard || O.L.
Little Purple Clouds.

And so, in the pouring rain, his body slowly turned to face her, exposing his bloodstained eyes..
“What is then? What does ‘Love’ mean to you?”
Her tears running races with the rain drops as they hit her face.. she paused, knowing her answer was simple.
“.. would you stand with me, intertwining our fingers in serene silence, knowing the entire world was burning down behind our backs? Would you come kiss me in a sea full of deadly creatures just because I ask for one more? Would you still fight for me on my worst days after I’ve already ripped your entire heart out and let me piece it back together? Because I would find a thousand daisies for you in a field of roses.. That’s what it means for me. I’ll love you until the world burns cold.”

C.B -I’ll write a book one day

Fifty years from now, if you knocked on my door and told me that you needed me, I would still drop everything I had to help you.

Fifty years from now, if you knocked on my door and told me you were ready to try again, I would be ready to try again.

Fifty years from now, if you knocked on my door and told me that you loved me, I would love you back.

I know that I will want you for the rest of my life, so I’m hoping that in fifty years from now when you knock on my door, it will only be because you misplaced the key.

—  I’ll want you forever. (via @sinfulessentials)

Don’t ever fall in love with someone that cannot be yours. I promise you, it’s better that way.

Because if you do, it’ll consume you, devour you to the point where you can’t breathe.

It’s heartbreaking, knowing that person will never belong to you.

But what hurts the most is…

Watching them love someone else that isn’t you.

—  S.V//@Sempiternal.poet on Instagram
Quote from an unwritten story that needs to be written soon.
You say you like me and you love hanging out with me and that everything is fine but my mind is so full of broken thoughts from past friendships that i know at some point, you’re just gonna leave me behind, i’ll be left in the dark wondering what i did wrong again, missing you because you were the only one who cared, and thinking about how short lived we were.
—  spitefully unaware
What if someone who is so constant suddenly disappears out of your life? Maybe that’s why, I don’t like getting attached. I don’t like the idea of giving someone the power to destroy my heart by choosing to walk away. I want to guard my heart. I want to save myself.

You had asked me
“What did I do to deserve you?”
And I simply smiled
Telling you that it was a discussion
For another day

And that night
I wished that I had told you

That you were the one
Who hung the stars
And painted the sky
You guided the wind
And calmed the sea

That you were the one
Who grew dandelions
In your heart
And raised walls
Around them

That you were the one
Who taught the birds
Their captivating melodies
And created a symphony
For mother nature

That you were the one
Whose love was as deep as the ocean
As raging as the red flower
As wild as a hurricane
And as infinite
As the universe

That you were the one
Whose face is my favorite sight
Whose voice is my favorite sound
Whose lips are my favorite taste
And whose touch is my favorite feeling

That you were the one
Created by Grandmother Earth
And the waves became
Your golden tresses
And the soil became
The temple
That I worshiped

That you were the one
Who sheltered me
Within your open arms
And listened to me
With an open mind

That you were the one
Who saved me
From drowning in the abyss
Of my thoughts
And breathed life
Into my dreary lungs

—  A poem, for the one I cannot love

yes you
the figure of self harm and hurt
my every thought channeled through you

you’re a tall dark figure
that’s broken just like me
but you’re destructive
and you destroy me

i see you at night
with your beating white eyes
and the face that has no emotion
and the lengthy stares that won’t stop

i see you during the day
while i’m with my friends
you tell me they don’t like me
and that i only need you

you’re over me as i write this
surrounding me
haunting me
trying to stop me

please leave me alone
you’re nothing to me
but you’re everything i see
and i cry every day because of you

you don’t have a name
you’re not real to anyone else
but you’re real to me
and i call you it

because that’s all you are