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140429 D&E Sapporo | part 2
  • Before teenage dream Donghae took off his jacket and he was in just a white t-shirt and HIS NIPPLES. Donghae would occasionally stick his hand into his pockets and noooooooo that shouldn’t even be legal
  • So when Hyukjae showed the last picture of ‘handsome Donghae’ he said younger children should close their eyes. In the picture you could see a bit of Donghae’s chest sfshdjsmdkdnd anyway when Donghae came back from changing they started talking about having age restriction for the next tour. Hyuk: only fans above fifteen can come. Hae: it should be for fans under fifteen. Hyuk: we should do for ages seven and younger, we should change oppa oppa to appa appa..
  • Hae said everyone needs to dress up like a kindergartener for that tour, he wanted to say dress code but forgot the word (?) so he went over to Hyukjae and used his mic to say ‘dress code’ Hyuk said why did you come all the way over here just to say that and Donghae said ‘because we were far apart and I felt lonely’ Hyukjae just laughed
  • Anyway Donghae said that there should be a dress code on the next tour and he said the dress code he really wants is… wedding dress. Hyuk said ‘the dress code I really want’ he became shy and was like never mind and we were like tell us and he said lingerie in a small voice. They kept talking about lingerie after that (I don’t remember much) but when it was time to introduce oh no Hyuk said OH LINGERIE HAHAHAHA
  • Hyukjae was doing this thing (?) to calm himself down and Donghae told him that he was the one that needed to calm down lol when Oh No was about to start Donghae was on the floor laughing his ass off and they kept laughing during the song too. The part in Oh No where they go backstage to get their speakers Hyukjae acted like he was fixing his bra and Donghae did it too…during Oh No Hyukjae looked so embarrassed he ran around the stage for no reason and Donghae laughed and punched him for it
  • During Oppa Oppa, Donghae said ‘I say Donghae you say oppa’ and then ‘I say Eunhyuk you say lingerie’
  • Last night EunHae went to eat with the staff. They played bingo and there were about thirty prizes. Donghae wanted the electric toothbrush since he loves brushing his teeth. He got a bingo and he drew a raffle to decide on which gift he would get. He accidentally grabbed two so he asked Hyukjae to pick and he got the electric toothbrush just as he had wished \o/ before Donghae explained the pictures he said ‘let’s go to sleep. Close your eyes and push out your lips (like a pout)’ we all kept our eyes open and watched Donghae do this, saying awwwww. He said ‘why aren’t you closing your eyes!’ he got embarrassed and couldn’t stop laughing. Donghae also said if you turn around I will back hug you all.
  • When Donghae was explaining the first photo which was of EunHae brushing their teeth while shooting for the vcr the screen zoomed up in Hyuk, Hae said ‘Hyukjae looks like choco doesn’t he?’ but then got upset saying ‘why don’t you zoom up on me : c’
  • After ‘Ten Years’ Hyukjae asked us to sing. He thought we sang ‘ten years ago’ though the lyrics were ‘ten years after’ and he was like eh? You got it wrong, Donghae then said ‘it’s okay, we are human and we all make mistakes, you have me to help you’ Everyone was touched by how sweet Donghae was lol he made us sing again and said we were very good! Hyukjae was sulking and then left the stage saying bye
  • Hyukjae’s throat wasn’t well today and didn’t do so well during 君が泣いたら so after Donghae asked him ‘is there something stuck in your throat?’ Hyuk said his throat hurts today but Hae didn’t accept that as an answer, saying ‘you told the fans that they didn’t do well singing but you made a mistake as well’ Hyukjae was like but my throat hurts, Hae kept on bullying Hyukjae. We were asked if we could sing 君が泣いたら better than Hyuk. When everyone answered 네~! Hyukjae looked a bit hurt lol after we sang, Donghae praised us saying ‘elf are pretty and can sing well’ Hyukjae said ‘I had always thought pretty people couldn’t sing well’ Donghae then replied by saying ‘that’s why you should be able to song much better!’ OTL
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