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Aqours 2nd Love Live! HAPPY PARTY TRAIN TOUR in Nagoya, Day 2 Setlist

Day 1 setlist can be found here!

Notable changes from Day 1:

  • Todokanai replaced Pops Heart
  • BD bonus subunit songs (P.S., TUNING, GEF) replaced subunit 2nd single A-sides (Kinmirai, Galaxy, Kowareyasuki)
  2. Todokanai Hoshi da to Shitemo

    MC 1 (Intros, Call & Response)

  3. Shoujo Ijou no Koi ga Shitai
  4. Sora mo Kokoro mo Hareru kara [Sailor-style dresses]
  5. Waku-Waku-Week! [Some other kind of pretty dress]
  6. G Senjou no Cinderella [FANCY DRESSES]
    MC 2 + Intermission PV
  7. Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM [Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM costumes]
    MC 3
  8. Daydream Warrior
  9. ThrillingOne Way
    Intermission PV

  10. P.S. no Mukougawa [Kinmirai Happy End costumes]
    CYaRon! MC
  11. Kaigandoori de Matteru yo

  12. LONELY TUNING [GALAXY HidE and SeeK costumes]

    Guilty Kiss
  14. Guilty Eyes Fever [Kowareyasuki costumes]
    Guilty Kiss MC
  15. Shadow gate to love

  16. Aozora Jumping Heart [Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai? costumes]
    MC 4
  18. Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai?
    Intermission PV

  19. Sunshine Pikkapika Ondo (feat. Uchicchii!) [2L Happi and Nagoya T-shirts]
    TV Anime Season 2 CM
    MC 5 (Closing Comments)
  20. Taiyou o Oikakero!
Vocaloid Song Master List

EDIT: This has been updated! …Again! As per the usual I’ve gone through and added all the new songs I’ve happened to stumble across and ended up liking. I’ve put stars next to the new songs in case you wanted to look at only the added ones! I hope you enjoy!

Seeing as this is only months after the last time I updated, there aren’t as many new songs as last time. The last time I updated it had probably been around a year since I last touched the list, so…yeah. Not as much new content this time, but I figured it would be good to update this before it became to tedious to do so ^^’

I actually made this for my good friend Blacklands, but I figured, hey, if you guys want some good Vocaloid tunes to listen to and don’t know where to start, here you go! Now you know all the stuff I jam to on a daily basis.

Inspiration for everything I do usually comes from listening to Vocaloid music. Hollah.

IMPORTANT: Sooo tumblr is being stubborn and refusing to show all of the links I spent hours putting together, so I decided to put this whole word document in my stash on DeviantART. If you’re lazy and don’t want to go through the effort of looking up these songs, my stash has all of the links attached. This time I didn’t go through and check all of the links to see if they’re broken or not, seeing as that’s like 200-300 songs I have to go through…a very, very long process. So! If you click on a link and it no longer works, please let me know and I will fix it ASAP.
Here’s the link: http://sta.sh/079mmjr50yr

Well…here we go, then!

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  1. How long have you stanned them?
  2. How did you find out about them/get into them?
  3. Who’s your bias?
  4. Who’s your bias wrecker?
  5. Lonely or Fireworks?
  6. Hide & Seek, Breathless, Confession, or Should’ve Held On?
  7. Astro Project or OK Ready?
  8. Your Love or Innocent Love?
  9. Do you call it Puss in Boots or Cat’s Eye?
  10. Favourite era?
  11. Favourite MV?
  12. Favourite song?
  13. Favourite performance?
  14. Favourite cover?
  15. Favourite VLive?
  16. Favourite fansite?
  17. Most underrated member?
  18. Most underrated song?
  19. First impressions?
  20. Who caught your eye first?
  21. Favourite rapper?
  22. Favourite vocalist?
  23. Favourite dancer?
  24. M2K (Rocky, Moonbin, MJ) or VJewels? (Sanha, Eunwoo, Jinjin)
  25. How long did it take to memorise names/faces?
  26. Which of the members would you want as a brother?
  27. Which would you want as a best friend?
  28. First MV your saw?
  29. First song you listened to?
  30. Top brotp?
  31. Kesempuraan Cinta (Indonesia), Hatenai Sora (Japan), คืนที่ดาวเต็มฟ้า (Thailand), or 告白氣球 (Taiwan)?
  32. Rap line singing or vocal line rapping?
  33. What group do you want Astro to collaborate with most?
  34. Favourite outfit for Winter Dream/Autumn Story/Summer Vibes/Spring Up
  35. Do you prefer Jinjin’s hair up or down?
  36. Do you own any official/unofficial merch?
  37. What has Astro done that you are most proud of?
  38. Has Astro ever done anything that made you want to un-stan for a second?
  39. Are you a member of their fancafe?
  40. Favourite picture? (Group or single member)
  41. Favourite choreography?
  42. Vivid Plum or Space Violet?
  43. Do you call them by their real names or their stage names?

An SNL Digital Short, “The Shooting AKA Dear Sister”

To say, “It all began here” would be inaccurate. It actually began here, when Marissa Cooper shot Trey Atwood in order to save her boyfriend (Trey’s brother Ryan) from being killed in the second season finale of The O.C, the bullet triggering the “Whatcha say?” middle eight of “Hide and Seek.” And yet, the Saturday Night Live sketch is where it all began. “Hide and Seek”’s placement in that episode’s climax was no different than any other musical placement on the show. In fact, “Hide and Seek” had already appeared earlier in the same episode. Furthermore, the “The Shooting AKA Dear Sister” works even without the reference. The joke is simple – each gunshot starts the song and a melodramatic death sequence – and played up to absurdity. The sketch came at an interesting time; the Digital Shorts were still a novel feature to Saturday Night Live, an interesting way to break up the string of live sketches. Additionally, during 2007, the Digital Shorts team of Andy Sandberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone were focused more on basic, low-budget premises that were a far cry from later, large-scale productions of The Lonely Island such as “I’m On a Boat” or “I Just Had Sex.” Given this, it’s not surprising that “Dear Sister” worked so well for its time.

The joke soon became a meme, and participating was about as easy as making an image macro today: simply splice the portion of “Hide and Seek” onto a death scene, and you’re done. This was one of my first experiences with a viral sensation, and in the early days of YouTube, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I believe the Lion King version made me laugh the hardest. Though the meme is harder to track down today (many videos were probably removed, when YouTube was more stringent about copyright issues and the fair use doctrine was still a new concept), there are several iterations of the meme, all involving that small portion of “Hide and Seek” that would become recognizable enough to later be sampled.


Last year, Billboard and Nielsen caused controversy when they announced that YouTube streams would count toward Hot 100 rankings. On first blush, this made sense; the rise of Vevo and single releases via audio- or lyric-video meant that people were beginning to consume music differently. The controversy arose from the timing of the methodological shift, which coincided with the “Harlem Shake” virus. Thanks to the new rules, Bauuer’s woozy trap song spent five consecutive weeks atop the Hot 100, even though what was pushing it there were videos that only featured thirty seconds of the song. The brief flurry over “Harlem Shake”’s reign and the new rules broached important issues regarding how we see the Hot 100 and its implications, the tension between viewing No. 1 status as a mere statistic (“This is the most consumed song in the country this week”) or as a trophy (“This is the best song in the country this week”).

Though perhaps its exposure was on a smaller scale (given YouTube’s nascency at the time), I wonder how “Hide and Seek” would have benefited from the new system. Also, because (like the “Harlem Shake” videos), only a fraction of the song was used, I wonder whether its hypothetical success on the charts would have caused the same stir that “Harlem Shake” did. Most importantly, how would it have affected Imogen’s career? The “Dear Sister” meme, like most memes, had simultaneously positive and negative effects. The positive, obviously, was that a whole new audience was hearing “Hide and Seek” for the first time. The negative was that the “Whatcha say?” verse became a punchline, an overly self-serious moment that had little function other than the comedic effect of its discord with a clip of Mufasa being thrown off Pride Rock. The sobering reality of memes is that they don’t care either way what they do for songs like “Hide and Seek” – they’re only in it for the LOLs.

Luckily, there would be another way for Imogen to benefit from this sudden windfall.


In 2009, American artist Jason Derulo released his first single, a J.R. Rotem vehicle titled “Whatcha Say” that sampled the “Dear Sister”-famed portion of “Hide and Seek.” An inoffensive slice of Autotune-heavy R&B, the song finds Derulo pleading his ex to come back. Imogen does not play the role of that ex; she’s more like a Greek chorus, echoing Derulo’s aches: “What did she say?” It’s an appropriate use of the original, since both songs attack their subject in those lines, demanding an answer for a wrongdoing. “Whatcha Say” hit the top of the Hot 100 and was certified three times platinum in the US, Derulo’s most successful song until “Talk Dirty” began its radio takeover this year.

So what does Imogen have to say about all this? She approves! An unfortunately common reaction to a pop musician’s sampling of a more underground song is that the sampler has sullied or ruined or destroyed the song’s reputation. And while I don’t care for “Whatcha Say,” Imogen’s attitude toward her music – that once it’s out in the open, it’s free for anyone to use and interpret as they like – is refreshing, both from a business standpoint (I’m sure she doesn’t mind the royalties) and a creative standpoint. Another notable line from Imogen’s linked interview is that she finds the use of “Hide and Seek” in “Whatcha Say” much more creative than those “rubbish house remixes, like ‘untz, untz’ all the way through it.” My question is: what remix could she be referring to? My guess is Tiësto’s.

Ever since I was little,
I played hide and seek,
I was really good at hiding,
The secret was not to speak

I became so great,
That I could never be found,
My friends would all laugh and say,
I was somewhere around

I guess it became a habit,
The way I shut people out,
I was good at being alone,
In my own little hideout

But the thing about the game,
Is you secretly want to be found,
Because the only people who are that alone,
Are 6 feet underground

—  ~ @sidneyfaye

it’s burning up - a kpop summer mix that will get you hyped for: driving with the windows down, destination unknown; short summer days and long lazy nights; happiness; blowing out speakers as the sun beats down; friendship; summer love; sticky-sweet treats; and the potential of never coming home.

01. save me - bts // 02. still lonely - seventeen // 03. hide & seek - astro // 04. touchdown - twice // 05. get down - boys republic // 06. trespass - monsta x // 07. rush - rap monster (ft. krizz kaliko) // 08. drip drop - taemin // 09. i love it - dean (ft. dok2) // 10. sentimental - winner // 11. q&a - ailee and seventeen // 12. home run - got7 // 13. um oh ah yeah - mamamoo // 14. good day - bts // 15. angel heart - knk // 16. me gustas tu - g-friend // 17. love letter - seventeen // 18. i - taeyeon (ft. verbal jint) // 19. heaven - ailee // 20. crooked - g-dragon // 21. i got a boy - girls’ generation // 22. a - got7 // 23. heart attack - aoa // 24. feel so good - b.a.p. // 25. dynamite - vixx // 26. fire - bts


HI I DID A VOICE MEME FOR SHUUENPRO because no one was doing it cries
It’s the first time I’ve done something like this so I’m sorry if it’s super lame ahhh

  • How did you get into Shuuen no Shiori Project?
    Translated Lonely Hide-and-Seek and then it just happened
  • Who’s your favorite character (including the 5 new kids)
    Did you even have to ask I mean A-ya ofc
  • What’s your favorite ship and why
    CA or AC (that sounds like i’m talking about air-cons www) i think A-ya topping is amazing
  • Favorite song in the series?
    From the ones uploaded on NND, Lonely Hide-and-Seen because it was my first song yeah…From Re: After-School, I’d say Own Observation Diary I was really sad that it didn’t appear in the later album…and from Re:write i think probably Re: Missed Call
  • Are you scared of the occult or are you A-ya
    I love occult but I’m no where near A-ya level but I still love it but at the same time I’m really scared of it I have conflicting feelings.
  • Which character can you relate to the most
    Probably A-ya because we kind of have the same dark atmosphere and like not really noticed + sit in the back of the classroom alone…but if someone really died I’d probably be more like B-ko haha I’m not crazy like A-ya gdi

YEAH that’s the end but!! if you want to do it please please do I’d be so happy www