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Do you think that Mito having a crush on Ging is cute? Or did 1999 really messed up on that

so, the deal with the canon is that ging and mito are related. they were both the only kids on whale island so mito had no one else to play with, but ging was very elusive and off doing his own thing. it’s implied that mito hid on the island for attention because she was lonely, kind of as if she was playing hide and seek, and ging was the only person who could find her. it was just a childish way of getting him to play with her.

with hxh 1999, the director made them not related. gon’s mother was apparently mito’s sister in this anime?? we’re not sure exactly why this seemingly arbitrary change was made, but someone else previously suggested that it seems the director liked the idea of mito having a crush on ging so he changed their canonical relationship to make it not incest.

so, i definitely DON’T think mito having a crush on ging in the canon would be cute at all. but even in hxh 1999, where they’re not related, i still don’t find it cute. ging is depicted as an irresponsible, selfish man who does what he wants, even if it’s at the expense of others. mito is a very strict, responsible, and diligent person. the director probably thought it was “cute” because mito is the kind of person who would clean up ging’s messes (and she does – taking care of gon herself). i’m not comfortable with the het relationship trope that is “man does what he wants, has a kind spouse who takes care of him and puts up with his bullshit”, which is essentially what a ging and mito relationship would be. also i’m totally in the mindset that the director of hxh 1999 interpreted mito’s anger at ging to be insincere and tsundere-like. “she says she hates him but it’s just because she misses him!! haha!! so cute!!” blehhhhhhhhhh, that makes me really uncomfortable too. (also it’s weird that mito would have a crush on her dead sister’s husband??)

idk, there’s just so many layers of BAD going on here lol, 1999 totally messed up

Ever since I was little,
I played hide and seek,
I was really good at hiding,
The secret was not to speak

I became so great,
That I could never be found,
My friends would all laugh and say,
I was somewhere around

I guess it became a habit,
The way I shut people out,
I was good at being alone,
In my own little hideout

But the thing about the game,
Is you secretly want to be found,
Because the only people who are that alone,
Are 6 feet underground

—  ~ @sidneyfaye

it’s burning up - a kpop summer mix that will get you hyped for: driving with the windows down, destination unknown; short summer days and long lazy nights; happiness; blowing out speakers as the sun beats down; friendship; summer love; sticky-sweet treats; and the potential of never coming home.

01. save me - bts // 02. still lonely - seventeen // 03. hide & seek - astro // 04. touchdown - twice // 05. get down - boys republic // 06. trespass - monsta x // 07. rush - rap monster (ft. krizz kaliko) // 08. drip drop - taemin // 09. i love it - dean (ft. dok2) // 10. sentimental - winner // 11. q&a - ailee and seventeen // 12. home run - got7 // 13. um oh ah yeah - mamamoo // 14. good day - bts // 15. angel heart - knk // 16. me gustas tu - g-friend // 17. love letter - seventeen // 18. i - taeyeon (ft. verbal jint) // 19. heaven - ailee // 20. crooked - g-dragon // 21. i got a boy - girls’ generation // 22. a - got7 // 23. heart attack - aoa // 24. feel so good - b.a.p. // 25. dynamite - vixx // 26. fire - bts

Write me poetry
as my mouth exhales,
as I shut my eyes and
drift away.

Let me know how it feels to lay
in a street that’s sound asleep.
Teach me the right way
to count,
count black sheep.
One, two, three
no, you cannot play with me.
Four, five, six
our team is already complete.
Seven, eight, nine
honey don’t mind them
they are just kids.

Voice your midnight prayers
your irrational fears
in my ear,
whenever the lord above doesn’t seem to hear.

Talk to me, love
does water taste sweeter
at three in the morning?
did the stars let you in
on a couple of their secrets?

Tell me all about that silver mistress
of yours.
Talk to me, love
about her romantic way of dressing night
in charm
just to win over your heart.

Sing to me
the melodies that
blurr your lonely
and put your thoughts at ease.

Play hide and seek with the rising dawn
as you wait
for the weariness to come.

Write me poetry as I dream.
Leave it on my bedside
along with a cup of coffee
and a kiss.
I promise one in return
as soon as the sun has gone back

to sleep.

—  “Lullaby from the early bird to the insomniac” by @ifellinlovewithwords