The hello and goodbyes

Hey I was jus wondering if I could see you sometimes

The beginning of the end of my sanity.
Because you actually drove me insane.
With just one sentence my whole existence has change and wrapped around you

Love was the word I would like to use even tho I doubt that would be the case
However in a sense I was in love
But love is an action that supposed to be displayed and returned
You didn’t return it.

Who am I to you?

The end of my emotional stability.
I was stable until you came in with your lies and deception like a hurricane and shook me all up.

You never told me You was mines but your actions told me I was yours
But I was thinking my heart belonged to you
And you were thinking I was juss another body
The miscommunication
Actually not miscommunication jus my mind thinking love did exist instead of facing reality

Don’t text me no more

The end of my heart being whole
Cause you shattered it oh so effortlessly
It was so easy for you to drop me
But you were my bad habit and in order for me to get over you I had to check in to rehab
And go thro withdraws.
Checking my phone to see if you had maybe thought you made a mistake and texted me your sorry
Checking your social media accounts and realizing that I was juss a body cause you had a whole nother female on there.
Crying for days on end
Hating life working to forget

Finally realizing that I didn’t need you
Finally realizing that I am a catch
That I am somebody that deserves love

Hey long time no see

The moment I forgot all of what I learn and fell right back in your trap again