no;rtth  ern dowwnnpo;ur (fea t ;crytyping)

Iff a  l,l our life is but 0a drea,m
Fa,ntsa;;tic PPosi..ng greed
Then we should ;feeeyd our .jewe;leery to ;the dsea
Foor ddiamonds do appear to be
Just  ike rboken glas;s ,,tO,, me
AN d   theen she saiid she ,,can..’t believe.
Genius onl y cO;;mes al,,ongg
In. stormms off able df;oreign t..ongu;e s
Tripp.ing ees, a.nd flooded lungs
9Northern do,,wnpoour se,nd its love
He..y moon,, ,pleas,e ..for,get to a,fll down.
Hey mon, ..do.n’t.. yo u go, down

Su  garcane, ,in the easy morniin’’
WE;ather-v.aness ym. one and lonely
The ink  is rlunnning towra d the pag..e
It’s ch[asin’ off the days
LLoo,k bbaacKK ,at both fEe,et,
,And t..ha;;t,,   winding.. kne..e
I miss.ed your ..skin whh  en you wre e,ast
oYYu   clicked,, ..your heel  S ;ndd wlished for me
T,T,,h,,r ough playful   lips ,mae of yaxrn,n
That fragi.ile Capricorn
Unrvaeled w;ords like mothss u,pon ol,d scarves
..I, know the,,e world’s   ,a b,roken bone  
Butt melt your headacghes, ,,call it h,om.e
He yymo,on, please ofrg,,et to fal,l   dow..n
Hey mo.o;;n, don’t ,,you g..o down
SSugarc,ane i;ny  the;; easy  mon  ri,,n’
WWeather-vanes my. one an d lonely
Su  ga..ra,,c,ne  in the   easy m.or,nin’
WWeathe  r-va..ne.s  ,my on.e and lonely

,,Sug,,arca  ne i n ,,the.. easy moonrin’
Weathe-rvanes my onne and lnoely
Su  garc..ane in thee easy mor;nni’
Weat,theerrvane s m,y one, and llonely
,,Sugar.cane ,,n  i; t,he eaas ymorn,nin’;;
Weath;;er-vAnes my o,,ne ;an d l..onely
Sugar,,cane (hy  m,, oon) ni ,,(,,hey omon)
hte  easy (he.y moon) mornisn.’
Weather-vanes (hey moon)  my (hey moon)
;;On e If.. all ..our1r lifyee is but aa D,,ream
Fn  ta,sti..c ,,posing gre,ed
T2henn ,,we   s houl d e.ed o ;;ur jewelery t,o.. the s ea
For d,,i,amon  dd,s;so,d app,ear t8o be
Justl ik,,e broke.n   glasst,, o me
,,An;;;d t..th;,,enn se saa..id she c9an’t  beli  eve
GGenius on;;L  y. coo,,,m  ;es .alo,o n;;g
,In stormDs Of fabled foreig.n tonng  ues  
Trip,,p,,ing ,eye,s;, and f..lo.ode. d .lung,gso,,
,Nor,thenr donwpour sends it,s. l,o;vee
H..ey ..moon, plesa forget o fall do.ownn
Hey m,oon, DoD,,nn,,’,t y;you g owwn
Sugarcan,,;e in th, e;;easy/y mo.,rnin,,’
Weathe,,r,-vanes my   on,,. eand lonel,y;;
The,, in k .i..s r,,unninG ,to,wa,,r d..dthe .p.age
t,,,,I’S chaisn’ ,off ,,the da;;ysL
,o,,o bkkack ,,at\ both   feet
And tha,t.. windiinng.. nee
I mIsss;;d youukr 1ki n,whe;;n  youu; w..,,ere  ,,,,ea..st
Yo  u c,,lick..ed your; hee..lsa n..d.. wi.she.d ,,fo,r me
Thorugh p l..afu..,ll lips ,maed;;o,f yar,n
;;Th,,at ,fragile,, Cap,rico..;r….n5
U.nnr;;avveled worsdsl..k..e ,moths upon old s..,,carv,se
;I know the worl.d d.’s a ;;br;;okne bone
B,,u,t melt y our;;.r;; hheadachees,;,  ca  l;;it .hoMe
He,y m..,ooon ,plase. f,,o,rget, ,,to affll donw
Hey ooo n,,, ,,do;;n ’t you .ugo doown;
Su;;g arcAne inn thE a;esy ,mornin’
Weatt,her-van[e..s mmyy ,,oe and .lonely
gSug;;ar,,;;can,e ,i,,n,, the ,easy fmorn,in’
WWetheravnes;;;m y o  Ne and lon,,oeely,
Su;garcan,,  e,, ,in  ,the e..asy m ornin’
Weather-Van;;Se my one   and ,lo,,Nely
Sugafrca,,ne int he asy ..morni..n’
Weathe-rvAnes m\y on,ea nd;; lonely
ugarcane iin;; t,,,,hhe ea sy;; mron ii .n’
.Weatehr-vane.s ,my; ;;ne..o a,,,nd ,lon  e  ly,,
Sugar,,a.ne,, /;(he,y moo ,)in( h;;e y moo)n
Th..e easy .(heyy. moon) m;;,,onin;;’
WWea,therr-vanes, (he y;moon)f my ;(hey amooon)
OO..en hey. ,m.oon)  an,,d onell;y
He ymo,,on , ple,easse orrge  t .toof aal;;ld o  wn,,
Hey, moon  , ,don’t ,yo ;;go.. down;
Ytzo,,,,u ,,are ;;a  t ,,t  hE;; ,,to.p of;; jmy lungs
Dr,a  wn ,ott he  ones who,, ,,nev..ery .m.wnn
hey mo,onn) andl ,onely
Hey moon,, pell;;ase.. for  ge;t to,, fall  down
Hey mo,,on,,, don’t yo;;u g,o doown
Y;ou are t the t.op of ;;my lun gs
DDrawnn to th..e ognes who never   yawn

Paul *singing* You know how much I love youuuu

John *giggling* tell us about it, Paul

Paul *singing* you know how much I willllll

John: tell us about IT!!!!!

Paul: will I wait a lonel-


Paul: John, it’s..a son-


Paul: John, I was sing-


The fighter and the lover

Allegro & Staccato part 2- Annie celebrates 700+ lovelies


Warnings: ANGST - it’s called the break-up for a reason.

Word count: 3.217

Summary: The second part to the followers celebration. Bucky has to make a tough decision and makes the wrong one. Based on this song.

A/N: This is also a part of the song challenge as hosted by @mrs-squirrel-chester and a special tag goes out to @justareader because I promised I would tag her :)

Part 1: the chance encounter

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I’m glad you like my terumob ;-; 

And yeeess don’t worry you’re not the only one, anon!! I’m sure there’s more terumob shippers out there…somewhere… ;v;)  

(you can talk to me about terumob anytime, i’m lonel y)

Here’s a terumob for you!! Have a good day <3

Sorry for being fairly inactive and not getting to a lot of translation requests yet… I have all of them saved but it’s taking me a while to get to them aaaaa ;a;

This one I came across was cute so I wanted to share. It’s semi-doujin length (10 pages) so hopefully this makes up for my slacking hehe.

Artist: おくの
Pixiv Link: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=56753197

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[It seems that]

Atsu: Matsuno,

Atsu: I like you.

[Atsushi-kun has feelings for me,]

[As a love interest.]

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Decode (Dark!Luke): Chapter 3

∵ ∙ ∴ ∙ ∘ ∗ ∘ ∙ ∴ ∙ ∵

Holland’s POV

Letting out a long breath, I unlocked the door to my apartment, before turning to face the tall blond behind me, crossing my arms and locking my gaze with his.

“Before I let you into my home, you need to tell me your name.” I demanded, quirking my eyebrows at him expectantly.

“Luke.” he said slowly, digging his hands into the pockets of his jeans as he held my gaze with equal fervor.

“Luke…Luke what?”

“Luke Hemmings…you done now?” he quipped impatiently, his expression one of annoyance.

Shaking my head, I turned, stepping aside to let him in first before I followed after him, shutting the door behind me with a soft click.

Flicking on the light, I quickly tugged off my shoes, setting them down on the matt next to the door before heading to the kitchen, where Luke stood, leaning against the large island in the middle with his hands still dug into his pockets, blue eyes flashing with mild interest as they glanced around the room, before they flickered to meet my own.

Looking away, I padded towards the plain white cupboards situated above the sink, feeling his gaze burning into my skin as I stood up on the very tips of my toes, opening the cupboard and reaching for the first aid kit.

Grasping it with my fingers, I pulled it down, placing it on the counter and opening the drawer next to the sink to get out a washcloth.

With increasing nervousness, due to the harsh gaze of a certain blond standing in the middle of my kitchen, I ran the cloth under warm water with shaky hands, wringing it out so that it was damp before turning off the tap, picking up the first aid kit, trudging towards where Luke stood, and placing the items on the counter beside him.

I pulled out a chair from beside the island, gesturing for him to sit, and watching as he complied, his eyes now trained on my face.

Tentatively, I placed my hands on his knees, the fabric of his jeans harsh against my fingers as I slowly pushed his legs apart so I could stand between them.

Snatching the washcloth from off the island counter, I gently grasped his jaw in my right hand, trying to ignore how much I enjoyed the rough feeling of his stubble on the pads of my fingers as I used my left hand to gingerly dab at the blood on the side of his face.

It was when my eyes involuntarily glanced down at his mouth, that I noticed that he had a lipring. A little black ring that curled perfectly around the left side of his pink bottom lip, and in that same second, I realised that I desperately wanted to feel the cold, hard material of the piercing against my own mouth, as he kissed me until I couldn’t feel the tips of my fingers, and my toes.

Continuing with my ministrations, I felt my face heat up as he relaxed his legs, his knees pressing against my sides and trapping me against him.

Jesus Christ.

Letting my nerves get the best of me, I dropped my shaky hands from his face, and shut my eyes for a moment, allowing myself to breathe deeply in an attempt to calm myself down.

“You’re nervous,” Luke stated quietly, breaking the silence, before he continued, a smirk evident in his voice, “Why?”

I didn’t answer right away, instead, I let out the breath I’d been holding, and re-opened my eyes to stare straight into his vaguely amused ones, my cheeks still blushing furiously.

“I-I don’t know,” I responded, shaking my head and letting out a shy laugh, before bringing my hands back up to his face.

“Yes, you do,” He murmured back almost cheekily, the arrogant smirk he had adorned now a breath-taking smile, dimples in his cheeks prominent, “do I make you nervous?”

“No.” I snapped, annoyed at his cockiness. Yes, he did make me incredibly nervous, but I wasn’t about to admit that to him. He didn’t need the extra boost to his ego.

“Whatever you say,” he chuckled, winking at me with his uninjured eye and moving his hands so they rested on my sides, just above his knees that were still trapping me close to him.

Internally groaning at his actions, I succeded in ignoring him with slight difficulty as I finished cleaning his cuts, and started to apply the anesthetic, subconsciously tugging at my bottom lip with my teeth as I avoided his gaze.

“You’re awfully touchy,” I commented, voice breathy as I relaxed a little. He remained quiet, his hands wandering up and down my sides, causing me to let out subtle shivers every now and then, and I suddenly found myself craving more of his touch.

“I have a question,” he murmured slowly, his pink tongue peeking out to to run along his lower lip.

“Uh-yeah-um, what is it?” I stuttered, furrowing my brows at him as I let my hands fall, awkwardly letting them rest against his thighs.

“Do you live in this place all by yourself?” He proposed quietly, cocking his head a little bit, subsequently causing a tiny lock of blond hair to fall across his forehead.

I nodded once, eyes locking with his beautiful blue ones, my teeth tugging at my lower lip while I held his gaze, waiting for him to say something more.

“A pretty girl like you shouldn’t be here all alone.”

I shook my head, frowning at his disturbing comment and raising my hands back up to his face to continue as I failed to reply.

A moment passed before I spoke again.

“So are you gonna tell me what happened?” I asked hesitantly to distract myself, tilting his head more to the side so I had more access to the cut there, frowning when I discovered another small one, cutting through his eyebrow.

Instantly, his mood changed. His hands froze on my sides, and his expression changed into a more defensive one, lips pursed and eyes wary as he stared at me.

“Why do you care?” he spoke slowly, pulling his hands back to rest them on his knees.

“I don’t know, maybe I’m just curious as to why you showed up to the shop so late with bloody knuckles and a black eye.” I snorted, now inspecting my handiwork as I tilted his face from side to side with my hand.

“Well don’t be. This was clearly a bad idea, so from now on, just fucking stay away from me.” Luke snapped, jerking his chin from out of my hand and standing up, the stool he was sitting on scooching back with a loud shriek at the abrupt movement.

Speechless, and slightly hurt, I watched as he opened the door, stepped outside, and closed it behind him with a loud bang, leaving me in the middle of my kitchen, jaw dropped in shock as I stood there alone.

∵ ∙ ∴ ∙ ∘ ∗ ∘ ∙ ∴ ∙ ∵

“Holland, you need try this.” Casey grins at me, placing a shot glass filled with golden liquid down on the counter in front of me.

After I had told Casey that I had the next few days off from working at Sunrise, she had immediately begged me to let her take me to a local club with her boyfriend, Tristan, and his friend, Kyle, which I had reluctantly agreed to, and now, here I was, sitting at the crowded bar counter with her, downing my third shot after she handed it over to me.

I was sporting a tight-fitting black dress that ended a few inches above my knees, and tall black heels to go with. I had left my hair as it was, the naturally straight, dark brown tresses reaching to just a couple inches under my breasts.

“Do you like it?” Casey prompted impatiently, watching in anticipation as I downed the shot in one gulp, the liquid leaving a satisfyingly burning trail down my throat. It tasted fruity and sweet, lacking the bitterness that alcohol usually consisted of.

“Yeah, it’s good, what’s it called?” I giggled a bit, running one of my hands through my soft mane of hair, and shifting in my stool.

The alcohol was definitely taking it’s toll on me, as the edges of my vision were becomig blurry, and the noise of people talking and the music seemed to be much louder than it had been since I first walked in.

When Casey failed to respond to my question, I turned towards her, opening my mouth to repeat my question and then stopping when I realized that she wasn’t even looking in my direction.

Following her gaze with my own, my eyes landed on a group of men seated at a table situated not far from where Casey and I were, and almost immediately, my eyes zeroed in on a familiar blond, sitting with three other guys who I presumed were his friends.

It was Luke. And they all seemed to looked like they were in the middle of a serious discussion, Luke’s hands clasped together tightly and his arms resting on the table as he listened intently to what one of the guys were saying.

“That’s Luke right?” Casey questioned, turning back to look at me.

“Yeah,” I mumbled absentmindedly, brows furrowing subconsciously as I comtinued to stare at him. What was he even doing here? He didn’t seem like the type of guy to go to bars and clubs, but then again, maybe he was; it’s not like I knew him very well.

Right then, just as I was about to tear my gaze away, almost like he knew I’d been looking, he glanced up, and stared straight in my direction, his gorgeous blue eyes boring straight into my plain brown ones. I felt my breath hitch in my throat, and almost instinctively, I offered him a weak smile, which of course, he didn’t return.

Instead, he frowned deeply, his previously blank expression hardening into one of annoyance.

I frowned back, quirking my brows at him inquisitively. Why was he being so cold? I haven’t seen him since he stormed out of my apartment about a week ago, and it’s not like I ignored his request for me to stay away from him. He hasn’t even shown up at Sunrise, and even though I wasn’t expecting him to, I couldn’t help but glance up at the door every five minutes in hopes of seeing his broad figure walk through the door.

“-Hey Holland.”

Startled, I let out a small gasp, my right hand snapping up to my chest to somehow slow down my now racing heartbeat as I ripped my gaze away from Luke-who was now back to talking to his friends-to stare up at Kyle.

“Jesus-hi Kyle,” I breathed, closing my eyes for a moment in order to calm myself down, “I think I just had an aneurysm.”

Kyle chuckled airily, pulling out the stool Casey had previously been sitting on and taking a seat beside me.

“Sorry, you just looked lonely sitting here by yourself. A woman as hot as you deserves a little company from a man like me.” Kyle smiled, dark eyes flicking over my body while he spoke.

I winced, silently refusing to reply to his cringe-worthy comment and keeping my lips shut tight.

“Where’s Casey?” I spoke after a moment of uncomfortable silence, eyes warily scanning the crowded club for her and avoiding Kyle’s gaze.

Kyle paused before he answered, hopping off his stool as he replied, “I’m pretty sure I saw her head towards the back to look for Tristan, since I left him there by himself.”


I stayed seated on my stool, sighing impatiently and pulling out my phone to check the time, and sighing again when the clock on the screen read 10:09PM.

“I can help you look for her if you want,” Kyle offered, causing my head to snap up so I could peer at him.

“Sure,” I mumbled, climbing off my stool, “lead the way.”

Kyle wrapped his fingers around my wrist, tugging me behind him as he headed straight into the mass of sweaty bodies on the dance floor.

The music seemed to get louder as we wove in between people, the heavy, thumping, bass vibrating through my body. I felt Kyle’s fingers tighten around my wrist, stopping us from getting seperated as someone tried to break our hold apart to walk in between us, causing me to wince slightly at his hold.

Finally, we reached the other side of the club, a little less people seeming to be milling about on this side. Some people were at the pool tables in the corner closest to us, loud cheers escaping their mouths everytime someone got a ball in while they played. But none of them seemed to be Casey or Tristan.

Confused, I looked around, and seeing absolutely no familiar faces in the few that were there, I felt myself becoming annoyed, gritting my teeth and whirling around in my heels to snap at Kyle.

“Jesus, Kyle I swear to lord almighty if you fucking lied to-”

I was cut off as Kyle gripped my wrist again, and in one swift movement, tugged me out a door and into the back alley that was situated behind the club, slamming the door shut with a clang and shoving me roughly against the concrete wall.

“What the fuck?! What are you doing!?” My voice raised in shock, twisting my wrists to try to loosen the grip he now had on both of them. I could feel my stomach churning with increasing fear, and I managed to yank them out of his hold, only for him to grab them again and pin me back against the cold concrete wall.

“You’re really fucking stubborn, y'know that?” Kyle sneered darkly, his face close to mine while he switched my left wrist into his left hand, both my wrists now entrapped.

“Get off me!” I yelled, voice cracking in dismay as I writhed frantically in another attempt to get him off me.

“Not until you give me what I want, sweetheart,” he laughed coldly, brown eyes boring into mine, and I flinched as his right hand came up to caress my face, “let’s make this easy, shall we? You stay quiet, I get to fuck you, you don’t say a word, and I leav-”

I didn’t let him finish his last sentence, instead, quickly bringing my knee up to jam harshly into his crotch with all the force I could muster. I felt a tiny spark of relief as he yelped in pain, the fingers loosening around my wrists, allowing me to wriggle out of his hold, and step away from him.

I squinted through the darkness for the door while Kyle was hunched over a few metres away from me, a relieved smile appearing on my face as I saw the outline of the metal frame a little ways along the wall from where I was standing.

Just as I was about to take a step towards it, I felt something cold press into my back, right in between my shoulder blades, and I froze, my heart practically stopping in chest, lips parting and breath hitching in my throat in fear as I recognized the sound of a gun cocking.

There was a gun, pressed into my back. If Kyle pulled the trigger, the bullet would sear straight through my chest, and I’d be dead within a heartbeat. There’d be nothing else. I’d just be gone.

“Now I have an excuse to kill you.” Kyle spoke softly into my ear, his right hand tightly gripping the top of my arm.

I could feel panicked tears welling up in my eyes, and I willed myself not to cry as he turned me around, the hand without the gun moving to tightly grip my neck and shove me back against the wall, my breaths increasingly shallow as I struggled to breathe in air.

Kyle then pressed the gun against my jaw, his fingers moving from my neck so his hand could grope my upper body.

I froze completely as it stopped on my right breast, squeezing it painfully. I squeezed my eyes shut, struggling to hold in a sob and failing as it tumbled past my lips, my hands moving to wrap my fingers around the arm that was pressing the gun into my jaw.

“Please don’t do this Kyle,” I begged weakly, eyes shooting open again, wet tears now blurring my vision.

“Shut the fuck up-”

Once again, Kyle wasn’t able to finish his sentence, before a hand gripped his shoulder and whipped him around in one swift motion.

I watched the gun clatter to the ground as the hand pulled back, and then snapped forward to collide with Kyle’s face, causing him to let out a loud yelp and collapse to ground, clutching his face in agony.

I cried out in shock, eyes wide and tiny sobs still heaving from my body as I stayed huddled against the wall.

“Fucking worthless piece of shit, didn’t your mother ever teach you to treat women with respect!?”

My eyes flickered up, recognising the angry voice immediately; and I could tell that he was furious, livid, almost, by how the way his jaw clenched, and how the muscle twitched, and by how his blue eyes flashed with rage when they met mine.

Luke grabbed Kyle by the collar of his shirt, picking him up from off the ground as if he was merely a ragdoll, and slamming him against the wall next to me.

“Touch her again, and I’ll kill you. In fact, look at her ever again and I’ll kill you.” He growled lowly, before letting go of his collar and taking a step back, watching his body slide down the wall to land in a painful heap on the ground.

Luke turned towards me, expression solemn now as he stepped closer. He grabbed my wrist, his fingers wrapping around it like Kyle’s had been not long ago, except gentle now as he tugged me towards him.

I fell into his firm body, fingers hastily gripping the soft fabric of his shirt as I buried my face into his chest, seeking comfort.

My sobs had diminshed into sniffles and occasional hiccups, his oddly delicious scent wreathing around me as he held me to him.

I felt my body flood with gratitude as I realised what he had just done. He had saved me. If it hadn’t had been for him, I might’ve been killed.

Vaguely, I could hear more voices in the background, talking amongst each other whilst I stayed clinging to Luke. It felt kind of odd, to be this close to him, especially since we didn’t know each other, but in this case, I ignored it, eyes closing as I enjoyed the warmth and comfort he was supplying. I was sure my mascara was staining his shirt, but I really didn’t care.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?” Luke spoke quietly after a moment, pulling back a little so he could catch a glimpse of my face.

I nodded, stepping back and sighing shakily as I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand, “Yeah, I’m fine.” I croaked, offering him a weak smile.

Luke nodded slowly, brows furrowing before he spoke again, “C'mon, let’s get you home.”

∵ ∙ ∴ ∙ ∘ ∗ ∘ ∙ ∴ ∙ ∵


i think this chapter was r e al ly bad like seriously i jus/tsl32$#@>_?!!

everything may seem like its going really fast but its not i swear just keep reading lmao i hope none of you are confused but if you are just send me an ask !! idk when i’m updating again bc the last time i updated this was on January 20th, which was over a month ago and i kind of have writers block but you guys give me motivation so i’ll try and get the next chapter up as soon as possible 

in the meantime i want to write a couple preferences and a Surfboy!Luke smut ooPS

oh yeah and i got my masterlist up so go take a look !!!