no;rtth  ern dowwnnpo;ur (fea t ;crytyping)

Iff a  l,l our life is but 0a drea,m
Fa,ntsa;;tic PPosi..ng greed
Then we should ;feeeyd our .jewe;leery to ;the dsea
Foor ddiamonds do appear to be
Just  ike rboken glas;s ,,tO,, me
AN d   theen she saiid she ,,can..’t believe.
Genius onl y cO;;mes al,,ongg
In. stormms off able df;oreign t..ongu;e s
Tripp.ing ees, a.nd flooded lungs
9Northern do,,wnpoour se,nd its love
He..y moon,, ,pleas,e ..for,get to a,fll down.
Hey mon, ..do.n’t.. yo u go, down

Su  garcane, ,in the easy morniin’’
WE;ather-v.aness ym. one and lonely
The ink  is rlunnning towra d the pag..e
It’s ch[asin’ off the days
LLoo,k bbaacKK ,at both fEe,et,
,And t..ha;;t,,   winding.. kne..e
I miss.ed your ..skin whh  en you wre e,ast
oYYu   clicked,, ..your heel  S ;ndd wlished for me
T,T,,h,,r ough playful   lips ,mae of yaxrn,n
That fragi.ile Capricorn
Unrvaeled w;ords like mothss u,pon ol,d scarves
..I, know the,,e world’s   ,a b,roken bone  
Butt melt your headacghes, ,,call it h,om.e
He yymo,on, please ofrg,,et to fal,l   dow..n
Hey mo.o;;n, don’t ,,you g..o down
SSugarc,ane i;ny  the;; easy  mon  ri,,n’
WWeather-vanes my. one an d lonely
Su  ga..ra,,c,ne  in the   easy m.or,nin’
WWeathe  r-va..ne.s  ,my on.e and lonely

,,Sug,,arca  ne i n ,,the.. easy moonrin’
Weathe-rvanes my onne and lnoely
Su  garc..ane in thee easy mor;nni’
Weat,theerrvane s m,y one, and llonely
,,Sugar.cane ,,n  i; t,he eaas ymorn,nin’;;
Weath;;er-vAnes my o,,ne ;an d l..onely
Sugar,,cane (hy  m,, oon) ni ,,(,,hey omon)
hte  easy (he.y moon) mornisn.’
Weather-vanes (hey moon)  my (hey moon)
;;On e If.. all ..our1r lifyee is but aa D,,ream
Fn  ta,sti..c ,,posing gre,ed
T2henn ,,we   s houl d e.ed o ;;ur jewelery t,o.. the s ea
For d,,i,amon  dd,s;so,d app,ear t8o be
Justl ik,,e broke.n   glasst,, o me
,,An;;;d t..th;,,enn se saa..id she c9an’t  beli  eve
GGenius on;;L  y. coo,,,m  ;es .alo,o n;;g
,In stormDs Of fabled foreig.n tonng  ues  
Trip,,p,,ing ,eye,s;, and f..lo.ode. d .lung,gso,,
,Nor,thenr donwpour sends it,s. l,o;vee
H..ey ..moon, plesa forget o fall do.ownn
Hey m,oon, DoD,,nn,,’,t y;you g owwn
Sugarcan,,;e in th, e;;easy/y mo.,rnin,,’
Weathe,,r,-vanes my   on,,. eand lonel,y;;
The,, in k .i..s r,,unninG ,to,wa,,r d..dthe .p.age
t,,,,I’S chaisn’ ,off ,,the da;;ysL
,o,,o bkkack ,,at\ both   feet
And tha,t.. windiinng.. nee
I mIsss;;d youukr 1ki n,whe;;n  youu; w..,,ere  ,,,,ea..st
Yo  u c,,lick..ed your; hee..lsa n..d.. wi.she.d ,,fo,r me
Thorugh p l..afu..,ll lips ,maed;;o,f yar,n
;;Th,,at ,fragile,, Cap,rico..;r….n5
U.nnr;;avveled worsdsl..k..e ,moths upon old s..,,carv,se
;I know the worl.d d.’s a ;;br;;okne bone
B,,u,t melt y our;;.r;; hheadachees,;,  ca  l;;it .hoMe
He,y m..,ooon ,plase. f,,o,rget, ,,to affll donw
Hey ooo n,,, ,,do;;n ’t you .ugo doown;
Su;;g arcAne inn thE a;esy ,mornin’
Weatt,her-van[e..s mmyy ,,oe and .lonely
gSug;;ar,,;;can,e ,i,,n,, the ,easy fmorn,in’
WWetheravnes;;;m y o  Ne and lon,,oeely,
Su;garcan,,  e,, ,in  ,the e..asy m ornin’
Weather-Van;;Se my one   and ,lo,,Nely
Sugafrca,,ne int he asy ..morni..n’
Weathe-rvAnes m\y on,ea nd;; lonely
ugarcane iin;; t,,,,hhe ea sy;; mron ii .n’
.Weatehr-vane.s ,my; ;;ne..o a,,,nd ,lon  e  ly,,
Sugar,,a.ne,, /;(he,y moo ,)in( h;;e y moo)n
Th..e easy .(heyy. moon) m;;,,onin;;’
WWea,therr-vanes, (he y;moon)f my ;(hey amooon)
OO..en hey. ,m.oon)  an,,d onell;y
He ymo,,on , ple,easse orrge  t .toof aal;;ld o  wn,,
Hey, moon  , ,don’t ,yo ;;go.. down;
Ytzo,,,,u ,,are ;;a  t ,,t  hE;; ,,to.p of;; jmy lungs
Dr,a  wn ,ott he  ones who,, ,,nev..ery .m.wnn
hey mo,onn) andl ,onely
Hey moon,, pell;;ase.. for  ge;t to,, fall  down
Hey mo,,on,,, don’t yo;;u g,o doown
Y;ou are t the t.op of ;;my lun gs
DDrawnn to th..e ognes who never   yawn

Paul *singing* You know how much I love youuuu

John *giggling* tell us about it, Paul

Paul *singing* you know how much I willllll

John: tell us about IT!!!!!

Paul: will I wait a lonel-


Paul: John, it’s..a son-


Paul: John, I was sing-


Sonder: A Solangelo Story

Chapter 4

Ch.3 / Ch.5
Table of contents

This was a one-time thing, Nico had no reason to believe otherwise. He had just accidentally switched with someone (he forgot the male’s name oops) from Kansas and had to fix some of the mistakes the other had made. It wasn’t that big of a deal, right? 

After his call with Reyna, Nico walked over to his closet and sorted through the clothes. Yes, most of the shirts were black. Why? Because he was always mourning and why shouldn’t he? His sister was killed thanks to some idiot who decided it would be smart to plow straight through her. So, he’ll wear black until the day he dies and will continue to mourn her. Within a few moments, he had found what he was looking for, a small red box with Bianca’s name written in cursive on top of it.

“Hey, Sis,” he whispered, tears brimming the edge of his eyes. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here to talk to you today…I was in Kansas, it’s a funny story how I got there.” He laughed a bit, burning hot tears starting to roll down his cheeks. “…I bet you would believe me if you were still alive…It was, kind of nice to be someone else for once” His voice shook as he spoke, the tears continuing to flow down his cheeks as memories of the female ran through his head. The sound of her voice had already faded from memory which had broken his heart. “Im…im sorry, Bianca…I’m sorry I’m not the kind of brother you would be proud of.” his grip on the box tightened as he let out a choked up sob.


“Yes, Yes Ma'am…I’m sorry for my language earlier today…yes I will accept detention tomorrow.” Will muttered apologetically into the headset, his gaze focused on a drawing in his notebooks. “Bye, Mrs. Stoll” He slowly placed the phone down and traced the doodle with his finger, smiling slightly.

The picture was of a brother and sister, their hands intertwined as they walked towards the sun. The drawing was cartoonish but well done as Will immediately recognized the brother as the dark haired boy he switched with. His smile soon faded, the tear stains left on the paper were suddenly noticeable and tore at Will’s heart.

“I’m sorry you lost your sister, I…..I don’t know how you feel but I do know it would break my heart if Kayla died the same way she did.” He muttered quietly, quickly hiding the paper when he heard his door creak open. Soon after, Austin’s head appeared between the opening.

“Will, Can you tell the Stolls that they’re assholes? I’m not prepared to deal with their bullshit.” He said, his voice strained as if he was trying to hold his anger back.

“What did they do this time?” He asked, raising his brow a bit and crossing his arms.

“Lie and say the meteor shower was this Friday instead of next just so I would ask a girl out.” He grumbled, glaring when Will laughed a bit. “Anyways, can you tell them I’m not speaking to the two of them until then?”

“Yeah, sure,” He said with his signature grin, causing Austin smile back before leaving the room. “As soon as I’m done trying to remember who drew this.” his gaze going to the picture’s hiding place.


Nico had finally placed the box back in its hiding place, his eyes completely bloodshot and his hair a bit of a miss. No words could accurately describe how much he missed Bianca, for six years he had been existing. He had let life pass him by and he knew that Bianca would’ve hated that, but he didn’t know how to get back to feeling alive. He was as close to being dead as you could get without actually being dead.

In a few moments, he slowly stumbled up and rubbed his eyes a few more times before walking towards the kitchen. They had leftover Chinese right? He could attempt to nuke that for a few minutes, it wouldn’t be good from a nutritional standpoint but at least it’s edible. Starving just does more harm than good in Nico’s opinion, plus his sister wanted him to be alive.

After setting the orange chicken and fried rice to two minutes, Nico carefully poured himself a glass of soda and drank it. He wondered what the other male was doing? Maybe he was cleaning his room? For some unknown reason, the name of the blonde had quickly faded from Nico’s memory. Wasn’t there an S? Or a W? He couldn’t quite recall and just shrugged it off, the beeping of the microwave startling him. 


Meanwhile, Will was googling information about schools in New York and trying to figure out which one the emo kid was attending. He wanted to meet him one day because you don’t just switch souls with a person and forget their existence completely,  only their name apparently. After a bit he started to softly yawn, checking the time. 

“Hmm….he might already be asleep? Well then, goodnight emo dude…maybe we’ll meet soon. I have enough money to go out for a day and come back the next morning if you ever wanted to meet.” He mumbled in a sleepy tone and pulled off the Batman shirt he was wearing. He figured the other had picked it out because it was one of the few black shirts he owned. He realized that the two of them would most likely not meet again and he would quickly become a fading memory. No, no, no, he couldn’t get so pessimistic, he quickly thought of all the talks they could have once they met while trying to pull on a pair of space pjs.

His bed felt a bit large for once, the blankets and pillows not being enough for him. What if he got a bunch like the New Yorker did? Then he wouldn’t be as lonel- why was he thinking he was lonely? He had his rough and tough, but also a giant teddy bear brother, plus a sister who wouldn’t take crap from anyone. So why did he feel alone? Maybe it was a pure delusion? Or maybe he wanted someone to see the glow in the dark galaxy he made! Yeah…that wasn’t it, that wasn’t what he wanted.

It took a while but the answer finally surfaced, he was longing for a close friend. One that he could tell everything to and feel as if they had an inseparable bond. 

“Maybe…maybe you’ll be that to me?….I hope you are, I don’t really have close friends only people I chat with. We share the same interests but none of us go into our life stories.” He mumbled, his eyelids growing heavy while he quietly wished to meet the beautiful black haired boy again. “I wish to hug you, to make you smile naturally on your own….I wish to make you happy wherever you are” So, he fell into a gentle slumber and his hands carefully gripped the dusk blue sheets.

The fighter and the lover

Allegro & Staccato part 2- Annie celebrates 700+ lovelies


Warnings: ANGST - it’s called the break-up for a reason.

Word count: 3.217

Summary: The second part to the followers celebration. Bucky has to make a tough decision and makes the wrong one. Based on this song.

A/N: This is also a part of the song challenge as hosted by @mrs-squirrel-chester and a special tag goes out to @justareader because I promised I would tag her :)

Part 1: the chance encounter

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anonymous asked:

So I've just spent the last 1.5hr binging your drabbles and have come to the conclusion that you are 🎉🎉🎉🎉AMAZING🎉🎉🎉🎉!!!!!!! May I request one? You reblogged a prompt list a while ago and there's a prompt saying 'it's lonely here without you'. Can you do one for me & Marco 😍 Bug hugs xx

Aw you’re the sweetest thank you 💕💕


You got a call at 8 in the morning with groggy eyes and ringing in your ears. Except the ringing was your phone and Marco on the other side.


“It’s lonely here without you.” He was awake, tried sounding seductive on the other end.

“It is 8 in the morning.”

“But it’s lonely here without you….”

You sighed. “I can hear you from downstairs you know.”

“But it’s lonel-” You hung up. Not this early.

i'm lonel

lmao so i need new friends and i’m sad and in a pickle and would like someone to talk to
tbh i could go to craigslist and find someone to listen and be buds with but this seems more appropriate since i can talk to buds about voltron!
i hope someone responds? please?



Today at the circus, Gillian had his Lonel costume on, and so, also was acting as he did while in this costume. Outside the main tent, he entertained the guests by acting like a lovesick fool. He picked at invisible flowers, kissed hands, and swooned at random things. It was unlike himself, but all of his characters were unlike himself. His main goal was to have a meal for that day, and he wouldn’t get that by acting like himself. 

Today, while usually his outfit was mostly monotone, there was a flower crown on his head instead of the usual hat. A witch had come by and given it to him, and since the guests had seemed to like it so much, he kept it on. It was after the show now, and the guests were starting to thin out, while the performers were milling about, some going to their tents, others cleaning up for the next show, and some even now mingling with the leaving crowd. Gillian’s job was not usually over until everyone was gone, so he was still out, wandering around the front of the circus tent.