loneliness yo

i worry a lot about my future and i always see my future self as being a lone adult and fighting all my own battles, whether it’s paying bills or doing everyday activities or just dealing with personal problems… but then i remember that there’s a possibility that i may find a nice, caring partner? and that i don’t have to be alone in facing all of these things? and just the thought of someone being there for me one day really is a bit comforting


Don’t yall get bored of this shit? They bakin bread off yo loneliness. Why don’t all the sexually deprived meet up and satisfy each other? Did you know its somebody in yo same position, solo dolo on the net scrollin through ass just like you? Why not make an effort to meet these people? What is worse, fear of being exposed or yo repetitive routine? HA! but im crazy…

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How would the hosts react to their s/o becoming upset with them and leaving after the host had been neglecting them for their other duties for a while?

I’m a sappy sap. My gosh…. 

It had been weeks. Weeks, since you held his/her hand in yours, and even longer since you had felt he warm safety of his/her embrace. At first it hadn’t been a big deal. Sometimes people get busy for a few days, even for a week but never a month. And never because they had to entertain other people who would love to take your place at his/her side. The Host club had only been open for mere minute before you stalked straight out of the large oaken doors, allowing them to swing shut before you. You loved him/her, you loved him/her so much, and that is exactly why you had to leave. His/her absence left a frozen hole in your heart, and the sight of the all of those girls just hanging on him/her. It only manged to rip what ever had been holding the hole closed wide open.

Tamaki: He never heard the door close, he never saw you leave. All he saw was the empty spot that you had occupied for months. The armchair that you had waited in for the end of the Host Club each and everyday sat abandoned, without you or your bag to occupy it. Never had he felt such panic as he did in that moment. With wide eyes, e turned back to the girls around him, vying for his attention. Tamaki did his bets to force his face back into a smile, into some sort of expression that wasn’t the absolute base of horror. The very second that he could leave the mass of females he did, leaving them with a soft smile and wave, it took all he had not to sprint for the door. Every second longer he took was another second you were farther away from him. He raced through the school, his feet flying across the tile until he finally found you. Pulling to a stop behind you he wraps his arms around you from the back. “What’s wrong? Please tell me…” He pants. The second he says these words though, the past few week seem to connect for him. “I’m so sorry…” He whispers, fighting the tears that threaten to escape his violet eyes.

Kyoya: His dark gaze snaps immediately from his computer the second the door to the host club slams closed. Warily he looks about the room, looking for the source of drama that had caused the supposed guest to storm out of the club. His eyebrows draw together into confusion as he realizes that everything was fine with the club, curious as to who would have left the room with such…force. It is then that he is drawn to the armchair situated across fro himself. Unoccupied, lonely, just the sight gave him an uncomfortable feeling deep in his stomach. Just minutes ago you had been there, and now, now yu were gone. Calmly he stood, glancing toward the other hosts, checking to see that all was fine before swiftly walking out the door. As he walked the halls of the school, he ran through his mind all of the reasons as to why you could have left with out saying a word to him, and with such anger. It doesn’t take long for him to see the way he had been with you you, or rather, not been with you. His steps gained a new energy as Kyoya became more determined to find you. He had to apologize, you didn’t deserve to be ignored, but you did need to understand the sheer amount of work on him. He needed to tell you he loved you.

Hikaru: With a worried glance at Kaoru then at the door, he asked him a silent question. Kaoru simply shrugged, answering. Neither had a clue as to why the chair you normally occupied was eerily empty, and why you had left in such a frustrated storm. Minutes passed and still Hikaru couldn’t draw his gaze away fro the door. Noticing his brother’s internal struggle, Kaoru gave Hikaru’s hand a slight squeeze, reassuring him that it was fine for him to go. The next thing Hikaru knows he is running through the halls of the empty school, calling your name. as he runs he can’t help but remember the cold look of loneliness in your eyes lately. The look haunting him as he searches fruitlessly throughout the large school. He had never hated himself more. He knew the loneliness of being told yo were loved and being abandoned. How could he have done that to you… His love, and he had let you feel the cold sting of loneliness as well. He had to apologize. He had to make it right.

Kaoru: His golden eyes followed you out of the room, watching as you looked back at him once more before letting the heavy door slam to a close behind you. He saw the tears that threatened to spill, he saw the frozen look of loneliness in your eyes, yet still he sat. Never had he wanted to run out of the Host Club more, yet never had he felt more stuck. Time seemed to pass as though it ran through molasses, the hands of the clock seeming to take hours to pass a few minutes. The very second the Host Club had ended though, he pulled out his phone, dialing your number from heart. He was home before he gave up calling you, the phone hanging limply in his hand as he stared up at the ceiling. he sent you a text then, a last ditch effort to try and get your attention before morning comes. [What’s wrong?] He questions. When his phone buzzes in his hand seconds later he all but jumps out of his skin. As he reads your response, he feels his heart drop further into the pit of his stomach. Within instants of finishing he dials your number again, sitting in the dark of his room, and in his hair. Of course, he had been so stupid. “I’m so sorry.” He croaks as he hears the line pick up. ‘I’m so, so sorry.”

Mori: His dark eyes track your movements the very instant you leave your normal spot, a silent question for you residing in their depths as you pack up, leaving the Host Club room with out a single backward glance. Excusing himself from the table, Mori stands, following you out the door. Jogging he catches up to you quickly, placing one of his hands on your shoulder to stop you from walking ahead of him. His heart had never felt heavier as you brush his hand away, turning to face him with defiant, tearful eyes. His eyes widen at the sight, recoiling a bit in surprise. 

“What’s wrong?” Mori asks, his deep voice echoing in the quiet of the halls. with every word you speak, his heart shatters  a bit more until h would have sworn that there was nothing but dust left in his chest. He had cause you this pain. All he had tried to do was protect you, keep you safe, love you with everything he had. You were so much more than him, and yet you loved his quiet heart, and he had torn your apart. With tears in his eyes, he wraps you in his arms, apologies streaming from his mouth. In that moment he would have promised you the stars, moon and sun if that is what you wanted. Anything as long as it would prove to you his love.

Hani: He knew even before you had stored out that he had been too distant. Though he was busy, Hani felt the separation from you like someone had taken his right arm, incomplete. That’s why he managed to catch you just outside of the Host club, his small hand holding your wrist. The second you had begun to leave he had followed, slipping behind you on silent feet. Tears had already begun to run silent tracks down his cheeks, the guilt for making you feel like this building up inside of him. You were his everything and to know that you had felt like he had theses past weeks was the worst torture he had ever experience. “I’m so sorry ____-chan!! I love you please forgive me!!” He shouts as he launches himself at you. He wraps you in his arms, hugging you as though you would disappear any moment.

Haruhi: She was surprised to see you walk out of the club without a single wave back, a glance even. Thoughts immediately swarmed her head and she didn’t wait to find out the reason why. Giving a quick apology to the girls around her table she rushes out, ignoring the other hosts’ shouts behind her. Haruhi runs up behind you, panting slightly.

‘What’s going on ____?” She asks between gasps, eyes wide. Her eyes only grow wider though as she listens to you explain. Swallowing roughly she nods. “I’m so sorry….” She says, hugging you tightly. Seeing your broken look had broken her heart further than she had ever experienced before. She hated that she had caused you this icy loneliness, and resolved that she would make up for it as soon as she could.