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The more I think about him, I realize how disappointing Naruto as a hero and character is. I can forgive his childish naiveté to a point pre-shippuden, and bit in shippuden (16 isn't the most mature of ages) but as time went on his immaturity irked me. I can't understand why people wouldn't scold him for his behavior. And 75% the time he's literally all bark and screaming "WE GOTTA DO IT". I couldn't understand why people would follow HIS words and not others of more maturity. Any thoughts?

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I’m going to put my following text under “Keep Reading” because of its length.
Content: (5-6 pages)
1) How Naruto’s feelings and experiences may blind our eyes:
- Vulnerability as a tool for empathy
- Minutia as a tool for balance
2) Naruto’s flawed portrayal
- underdog theme
- the concept of fate
3) When characters get framed in favour of Naruto
- revictimization
- black and white thinking

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