Just one person

Sometimes I just want to end it all.
I don’t think my life is that important I can easily be replaced like I was never there at all. It wouldn’t matter if I did nobody notices me.

I’d be nice if someone would notice the absent me, but who would?
The people I know or thought I knew are gone or just to far away, the people who are my family see a smile but not the tears.

I wish someone out there would help me and see that I’m not okay. I’ve never been okay and nobody notices, nobody cares, nobody asks.

So tell me what’s the point of living in a world that doesn’t care, but im not asking for the world to care I just want one person to care, just one that’s all I want.

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Orihara Izaya, reborn!

Orihara Izaya

Do you ever get tired of sitting behind a screen every day?

Orihara Izaya 

I half-wondered when I logged in if maybe you’d died of boredom or lonelines without me.

Orihara Izaya

But I see now that you’re unfortunately still alive, and sending me idiotic messages.

Orihara Izaya

I would have been expecting a miracle to think you’d have changed at all in the span of a few short months.

i so old..

when i was 14 nobody loved me

i was already like 6yrs out of feeling happy with anyone

i don’;t like my grandparents

they so old and weird

my aunt and uncle i afraid

cuz they speak dialect english

they don’t speak east coast english

i am alone alone

at 15 to 17…

like 2.5girls like me maybe a little

ten from 17 to like.. 21… maybe 5 mroe? 

just a tiny amount

and often liking me for things 

that it is not really nice feeling to be liked for 

(like “ic an control this man”)

(”i can undermine this man’s self-confidence and get more from him”)

(”i tink this man will be nice to me even if i am rude to him”)

stuff like tat

i feel like a little girl in an edna saint vincent millaypoem

knowing my lonelines syear after year

running to embrace romantic love…

23 Photos That Sum Up Being A Single Lesbian On Valentine’s Day

23 Photos That Sum Up Being A Single Lesbian On Valentine’s Day

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We’ve all done it; become that hopeless romantic for Valentine’s Day.

We”ll, that is until we experience what it’s like to be one of the many sad, Valentine-less singles out there.

Yep, Valentine’s Day seems pretty great when you’re head-over-heels in love with someone, but once you miss out, things go downhill pretty quickly.

Suddenly, this lovely holiday just makes you feel extra lonely.


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Lonelines ...

People are lonely since they born, till they die. They are sometimes meet someone on their life path, but time goes one, world is changing and after all they are alone once again… Alone with their emotions, thoughts with they dreams about better life with someone near they, with someone who care.