“There were two moons in the sky, a small moon and a large one. They were floating there side by side. The large one was the usual moon that she had always seen. It was nearly full, and yellow. But there was another moon right next to it. It had an unfamiliar shape. It was somewhat lopsided, and greenish, as though thinly covered with moss.”

– 1Q84, Haruki Murakami 

Ana and Jack are living together in cool ruins and tracking Gabriel


Do you know how warm my heart is knowing Jack is now living with one of his best friends after 6 years of crippling lonelines, free of demand and duty, just doing good in the world on their terms. 

Only one thing feels off. 

Gabriel should be there. 

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How was drarry in cursed child? Do you think it's still a possibility(not canon wise but just the idea of it) during or post cursed child? Thank you.


Yes, TCC definitely has it’s Drarry moments.
They don’t get along much at first, there’s definitely tension there but they get closer as the play progresses.
After Harry announces that his scars hurting, Draco becomes furious (because that will enhance the rumours about Scorpius) and basically goes off on him in front of all the press.
After Harry forbids Albus to see Scorpius due to a prophecy, Draco visits him and they end up dueling. It starts out as aggressive but later turns in to an almost playful antagonism. Harry even uses the tickling hex on Draco. They start teasing each other, Harry says something about how Draco has improved and Draco says ‘or you’re getting rusty old man’, then Harry says they’re the same age and Draco replies by saying he wears it better.
They eventually stop on their own and the Ginny walks in, exasperated with them both. They all end up talking about Albus and Scorpius, Draco talks about his lonelines and jeaousy when he was a kid, he tells that to Harry to help him see how keeping Scorpius away from Albus is bad. After Draco’s talk Harry decides to go see Albus.
They have another scene where Draco consoles Harry by making a joke after walking in on him crying. They attempt at small talk about what Draco wanted to be when he was a kid, then move on to talk about more important topics.
Draco also usually approaches the golden trio + Ginny through Harry. Harry’s the one gives the time turner to as well.
Draco’s one of the main characters so there are lors of other scenes, like he has this line i can’t recall fully about something along the lines of how Harry had been a thorn on his side for years, which really made me laugh.
I mean, i obviously live my life wearing my Drarry goggles, but seeing them on the same side and bonding over their sons was really nice for me. :)

Distance is hard, but every time I see you I’m reminded that you are worth all the travel time. You are someone who teaches me about myself. You make me want to express my deepest vulnerabilities without being expected to. You’re someone I want to build something with. Celebrate victories with and be crushed in defeat with. You’re someone who makes me feel so understood and puts my entire life into perspective and context.

You are the understanding that no matter what, someone is thinking about me. At the peak of my lonelines you are the reminder that on the other side of the world someone is sharing my pain. That whatever tragedy or hardship I face will be met with an equal force of love and support to remind me I’m cared for. So thank you.

Distance is hard, but I would do it as long as it took if it meant I got my little eternity with you at the end of it all. You are worth every mile, every hard night, every long distance charge and every flight. I love you with all of my heart. I can’t wait to see you again.