A selection of pages from the Lone Sloane comics by Philippe Druillet. I’ve been re-reading my old Dragon’s Dream collection of these comics and I’m pleasantly surprised at how well they hold up. Visually, the art remains stunning, which is no surprise at all, but even the narrative is sound and bizarre and wonderful. Druillet sometimes get a bad rap, with his stories described as incomprehensible and clunky. I honestly don’t believe that to be true. The Lone Sloane stories in particular have the structure and tone of myth, which to me is the best kind of story.


Pages from Phillipe Druillet’s Lone Sloane, as reprinted in Dark Horse’s Cheval Noir #1-#6

I first saw Druillet’s work on movie posters for Jean Rollin’s vampire films like Le Vampire Nue. I bought these issues of Cheval Noir specifically for his work and it didn’t disappoint. Part Michael Moorcock, part Jack Kirby, very much of a piece with Heavy Metal/Metal Hurlant weirdo sci-fi in general, but with jaw-droppingly intricate art and really unique arrangements. I’ve never really seen anything quite like it and I’ll definitely be on the hunt for more. I’d especially love to find the comic he did with Jean Rollin, but I suspect that would be next to impossible. At least there are plenty of pages available on the internet.


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Writer/Artist: Philippe Druillet
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A cosmic game has begun. And Lone Sloane is the pawn they all want to play.

Traveling alone in the cosmos, Sloane, a solitary interstellar explorer has become imbued with mystical powers. He finds himself escaping one power-seeking madman only to be captured by another. Follow Sloane through six unpredictable Lovecraftian journeys from space pirates, dragons, to ancient Gods.

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- “Mind-Expanding… Some Of The Most Gorgeous Design Work In The History Of Comics!” - Paul Cornell

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