lone roads


072417-Floresville, Texas-010 by Junga

The Lonely Road

The wind was crisp and it chilled Keith’s pale cheeks and he felt the deathly cold that kissed it. The road was a lonely one; desolate, poorly paved, and empty on both sides except for the sprawling emptiness of the rolling sea of grass that swayed like gentle green waves on a dull day.

Keith pulled his coat tighter around himself and he yanked the collar up. His breath fogged up in front of him as he continued to walk down the lonely road alone. Not a single vehicle had passed by and Keith didn’t remember how far it was to the next town or the last one he was in but he continued to walk anyway.

Pebbles crunched underneath the soles of his boots when Keith halted in his tracks. He stared down the long and empty road in front of him whose end stretched on and on until it disappeared in the gray mountainous horizon. Then, Keith wondered to himself what time he’ll get home tonight; certainly late if he’s not able to hitch hike a ride.

But it’s been hours. It’s been very long hours since Keith has seen a soul in this lonely highway. He sighed; Keith will not hear the end of it from Lance for getting back home late. He had a car but had to leave the rusty bucket of bolts at the side of the road when it overheated. He had to make is way back on foot and for some reason, he’d lost his phone too.

Luck wasn’t on Keith’s side today.

Keith tugged on his coat in an attempt to pull it tighter against himself and he rubbed his hands together before he blew into his cupped palms to fight off the numbing cold on his fingertips. Then, he resumed his pace, clueless that his ghost was forever trapped and doomed to endlessly walk the length of the lonely road where he met an accident thirty years ago.

I was looking for a prompt as a writing warm up before I finish my zine piece wip and well, this came up. 

Also posted on my VLD drabble collection, Pieces of the Sky.


I’m not reaching for anyone, if they miss me then come talk to me but actually TALK. let’s have a conversation.

I don’t know anything about my “friends” lifes anymore, they don’t talk to me. I’m sick of being the one getting out of my way to keep people close. I rather be alone than being mistreated.