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I'm an effeminate gay man. I actually think what Russel said (to some extent) about it is true, but he delivered it in such offensive way. I've had hard times being effeminate and god knows how many time I faced rejection because of that, in straight or gay world. It's frustrating and a lonely road. I wish I'm masculine all the time! But, if being masculine makes me lost my sensitivity like Russel, I'd rather stay like this.

Could not have said it better myself.

  • ugh the cats in the neighbor’s barn just won’t stop staring at me with their accusing eyes and pacing deliberately over the spot where i buried the farmhand many winters ago.
  • there are sixteen dead squirrel carcasses outside my front door. the dogs were barking all night but there are no footprints in the snow. where did they come from? where did they go?
  • the billboard just out of town used to read “repent, all ye sinners” but now it just has my name scrawled in blood. I think that might be bad for business?
  • every night when i lay down in bed the rasp of the dead tree branch against my window sounds like the last gasping of a dying man which is totally fucking with my sleep cycle.
  • the baby’s crying in the back room but we buried her in the backyard. think we forgot her pacifier?
  • the skeletal remains of the dilapidated farmhouse across the lonely dirt road from my house mirror the barren ruins of my heart and are bringing down the property value of the whole neighborhood.
  • there’s a strange name on the wind and old joe up on the corner keeps muttering about “the end of days” and honestly I’m a bit concerned – is this about the poor harvest last month?
  • yeah, the pastor’s been talking a lot with old joe up on the corner recently and delving into the archives of the town’s forgotten past. he’s young, but his eyes have begun to be haunted by the ghosts of secrets best left buried. i told him you can get clearasil for that but he just gibbered something about “the bones of the old crossroads” and ran away. can you believe the nerve of some people?
  • the local church burned down for the seventh time in seven months. bad time to be in the fire insurance business.
  • the vulture perched on my windowsill won’t stop cawing the name of the woman i killed but recently he’s started interspersing it with corporate jingles. you can’t get away from advertisements anymore, christ.
Tunnel vision

Now, if he’s just too nice of a guy to tell me to bug off, he should just date me for a couple months.

He could just do the things that annoy me (there are a few), and I’d be over it by the time he broke up with me.

Why don’t men just think these things through? Where’s the risk, you think that unmarried supermodel you’ve always been dreaming about is going to get a flat on a lonely road and you are going to rescue her and live happily ever after?

Let’s face it, that only happens in California.

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