lone wolfin'

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Cinder lets out a heavy sigh, wincing as he aggravates an old wound. It’s been a week now, medbay said to take two but he couldn’t just sit there all antsy. So he made the mistake of doing what he’d assumed was a simple patrol. He was wrong, very wrong, but he made it out alright and only a little injured. He takes some painkillers for his wounds, chasing them with a mouthful of water and turns his attention to his knives. He checks each over, setting the ones deemed ‘okay’ on his left on the balcony, and the ones deemed ‘in need of care’ on the right. 

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Cinder groans as he comes to. The blow to his head was definitely avoidable he just, well he didn’t avoid it. Thankfully, whatever hit him - that fucking Exile captain - hadn’t stuck its blades into his chest and killed his Ghost, oddly enough. He pushes himself to his elbows and immediately reaches for the sidearm at his hip at the sight of a cursed thrall ambling about far too close to him. 

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Maybe one of the Tower’s balconies wasn’t the best place to tinker with his cybernetics. Given the state of his quarters though, Cinder didn’t really have another place to mess with them. Besides, he needed to familiarize himself with the mechanisms in case he had to do any field maintenance. Field maintenance, he snickered to himself, flipping open panels on the half hand that almost seamlessly meshed with what flesh remained, More like ‘shit’s broke’. He looks to the set of footsteps he hears near him, raising his other hand in greeting. “Mornin’ hunter.”