lone wolf

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“ I Knew I Loved You” 

Everything about him was badass, he was the Lone Wolf. He never was around anyone. He was alone until you came along into his life. 

You gave him light to his days, offered him love and comfort.

One day, he asks you, “ When did you first knew that you loved me?”

“ I knew I loved you from the moment you let me in. You put your trust in me, you let me break that shell of yours” 

He smiled taking your hand in his, “ You will never be the Lone Wolf again, I promise you that”


How #MikeBrown was represented in the media vs. how a white terrorist is represented #PlannedParenthood, #CharlestonShooting

Some things never change. Blacks will always have some criminal background that will allow them to be blamed and accused, whites will always have some excuses. That’s how the planet spins around.