lone tree on hill


Good Morning from Scotland

Loch Tay Dawn by Angus Clyne
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Nice bit of sky this morning…

keideonseu  asked:

Okay so if we were dating, our very first date would be at a park / playground. It's my firm belief that on the first date, you have to show your girlfriend that you're fun af. I'd probably push you on the swings and trap you on there, making you go high and screaming at me to stop. :') Our second date would be on a grassy hill with a lone tree, a blanket spread out on the grass with a picnic basket. I'd feed you watermelon and finger sandwiches, and I'll probably wipe frosting off (continued)

of a cupcake and smear it all over your face. Our third date, if you’d grant me one, would be at a fancy restaurant, so that you can see my romantic side. I’d treat you to the finest food because my girl deserves only the best. I’d tease you throughout the evening and show you how much I adore and appreciate you. After dinner, I’d take you for a walk by a quiet river, with trees hanging over the water. I’d then stop, take one of your hands shyly while the other brushed a few locks of (continued)

hair behind your hair, and then lean in and place a chaste yet meaningful kiss against your lips. :’)

Can..we like date now? This is just so perfect. Imagine how fun and loving our relationship would be, omg