lone costume

  • Cartoonz: you fucking furry
  • Delirious: I didn't come here to be slandered like this

i sorta have bad past halloween experiences, like getting chased through the streets by a grown-ass man in a michael myers costume as a kid, or being purposely abandoned two or three (or maybe four, even, i don’t remember) different years by a certain person who emotionally battered me the entire 13+ years we were friends, or this girl at a friend’s halloween party who kept dead-naming the host and being all ‘i don’t like that’ every single damn time i enthused about ANYTHING AT ALL

Seokjin Scenario: Lonely Hearts Club.

The Costume Party Series

Genre: Fluff

Jin stared surprised at Yoongi’s back when the latter walked away from him with a deep frown furrowing his brows. Or well, not that surprised in fact. Yoongi pulled at his girlfriend’s forearm muffling what seemed like nonsense to Jin and left him alone with his thoughts. He knew this was going to happen, Yoongi wasn’t really feeling like going to the party and Jin was the one doing half of the convincing, but now he was alone and the rest of his friends were all scattered around.

Seokjin released a sigh and took in the sight of people chilling to the loud music and the drinks, but he didn’t really catch a glimpse of the boys so he walked calmly towards the stage, surfing between the moving bodies to a safer and maybe loner place if he was lucky enough. 

Actually, the one convincing him about coming here was Hoseok, who went away to park his car and seemed to be lost in the way because he never came back. Now standing at the opposite side of the crowded stage he felt somehow awkward, but tried to shrug that feeling away, not everything could be so bad right? 

He spotted a table and decided to pour himself a glass of soda and maybe grab some snacks. Once in front of the table he assessed his options and picked a few cookies, shoving one inside his mouth. After that, his hands instantly went for the Coca-Cola bottle but when he tried to open it, the cap was so hard he struggled. 

-You’re not getting away from this - he murmured under his breath kind of annoyed and pulled the Coca-Cola close to his torso, gripping the cap more firmly this time. He was oh so ready to fight that bottle and he was putting his heart to it, so deep into the task that when he moved a step forward due to the struggle and got closer the table, a little scream made him jump back, the Coca-Cola bottle fell noisily to the floor and he stared down. Peeking from underneath the table’s cloth was… a hand?

Seokjin was staring at it at a loss of words, the hand was lean and delicate and he had just stepped on it, but he didn’t have much time to think about it before that same hand got a good grip of the edge of the bright blue pants from his Super Mario costume and started to pull him down. 

-What the…- Jin had to kneel and was starting to freak out before a girl revealed her face from under the white cloth, her hand still with a deadly grip on Jin’s pants, her eyes were big whilst staring at him expectantly and her free hand was pressing her index finger against her lips motioning for Seokjin to be quiet.

You looked at him  and then back to the party’s crowd, freaking out for having to come out of your little hideout.

 -Please don’t scream- this time you grasped his arm. He stared at you, mouth hanging widely open and you ignored the aching of your hand to pull him towards you. -Come, come. Quickly!-

Your voice was all anxious and Jin stared back to the party, so you thought he was getting back to it. But he didn’t, and even if he thought you were being a total crazy, he followed you. You held the cloth up, enough for him to slid next to you under the table and take part inside your little hideout. You took the forgotten Coca-Cola bottle quickly and let the white cloth fall again, leaving you alone under the table with the handsome boy that had just stepped on your hand.

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Got my junkyard armor all done! I made the deathclaw crossing sign myself, and weathered the stop sign and license plate. My boyfriend did all the metalwork, such as drilling holes and making rivets, as well as mounting the armor onto the straps for me. The stop sign is even hinged so that it moves with my arm. I’m so grateful for his help, I dunno how I would have done it without him!

I’m still wanting to add thigh holsters for my guns, a leather bracer for my right arm and maybe a leather knee pad or elbow pad. But I’m getting closer to completing it, and I can’t wait!

*collapses* I’m finally done…I can’t do this anymore QAQ. Curse my lack of art skills!

Anyways, I know I’m a little late to the party, because I’m a slow drawer and wasted 2 hours because my computer decides to shut off on me because it hates me, but better late than never I guess XD

Happy Halloween everybody~