As I’ve been telling most of you, it has been absolutely gorgeous here the past month.  This whole winter has not been bad at all.  But the past two weeks, it has suddenly become spring.  Today was our class make-up day (because we will be missing a Monday class due to holidays during spring break), so the class I normally have Mondays (Reporting the Arts, with Kit, Steph, and Emma) took us to Hampstead, an area of London that’s known for its “heath”–this beautiful green hilly area.  Plus, the town itself is cute and old and historically significant (along with everything else in Europe).  Today was the perfect day to go, sunny and breezy and just beautiful.  It was nice breathing fresh air all day, and not being stuck in a classroom.  Here are some pictures of me on Hampstead Heath:

Look at the rest of the pictures I took today.  I love you all.  Sorry if I’ve been bad with the phone calls; expect some tomorrow.  Too tired right now.  Went out last night–Kit, Steph, Teddy, Spencer, and Eric (and myself)–had a really fun time.  We’re a fun group.  And tonight I’m not sure exactly what the plan is.  Opted to stay in London this weekend, especially since I’m going to be traveling nonstop starting next Friday, for two-and-a-half weeks.  CANNOT WAIT!  Love you all, and sending special love to my Ben who is working hard in Chile at the moment.  – Holl xoxo