how it feels to take a fall

Fandom: Free! (RinHaru)
Rating: General
Word Count: 2783
Summary: “How fast can you fly, Haru?”
“My wings are made from wind,” Haru says by way of reply, and Rin nods as if he’s satisfied.
Notes: Written for londontiss, who requested Free! wingfic. 
Also on AO3

Haru grows up with tales of wanderlust burrowing in his bones, licking fires under his skin that fuel the heat between his shoulder blades until the tender age of six. His mother sits with him at night, when the flames are at their worst and the stars wink down at him with promises of a future he will one day come to posses, and she whispers the tale of Icarus into the shell of his ear like a prophecy. 

Icarus, the boy who flew too close to the sun with wings made from wax, who fell from the sky and drowned in the sea. 

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Now, I don’t know if you know this but there are some pretty amazing people here on Tumblr. I like to think I follow some of the best, because really, my dash is always filled with perfection and flawlessness. 

My Girls:If you don’t know how amazing I think you are, we don’t talk enough. 


I will stalk you to the ends of the earth she says trying not to sound creepy. 

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I know there are so many that have slipped my mind! So, here is my BLOGROLL because everyone I follow is perfect. And I’m very sorry if you have slipped my mind; my brain likes to just cease to function every once in awhile. 

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i don't care for adam (supernatural) at all, i don't know why the fandom is so cut up about him


i don’t feel that much for him. but i idk i think everyone is very fond of a potential third winchester brother and what that could do to the show.

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/post/42852314902 - can make a tutorial, or if you're tumblr-lazy like all of us, post a psd of the colouring? basically how you colour, it's so subtle, like you didn't even colour at all, but you can see that you did. it's beautiful. if you could just show the basic steps of what adjustments you use, which you don't use and how much do you use - if it's fine with you :X

Well, first of all, thank you! :) When it comes to picspams i usually follow the same steps.

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hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2 hannibal season 2

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what's pacific rim about? i'd google it but sPOILERS

i could not do it justice, but i’ll give it a go (it’s not really spoilery but i’ll try and explain you know the set up

ok so the world is being attacked by these monster from below the pacific rim (hence the title), they are kind like Godzilla type thingys who like to fuck shit up all over the world, not just in Japan. But the world (and i mean the world, not just america) wasn’t going to just sit there and take it. So they build these giants robots called Jaegers to kick the kaiju’s asses. The Jaegers are piloted by 2 people but they have to be drift compatible so they have to have a strong bound. They become one with the machine and control it and basically kick ass. They start to win against the kaijus, everything is going so well… but the kaiju adapt and start killing the Jaeger and their pilots.

one of the jaegers that is attacked is gypsy danger and they have 2 brothers inside, only one survives and he goes off to siberia to build a wall. The Jaeger program is shut down and giving like 8 months left of funding.

But Idris Elba does a Nick Fury and is like “I recognise the council has made a decision, but given that it’s a stupid-ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it.” so he and his boyfriend Herc scramble up the remaining jaegers (which is only like 5) and try to close the rim in the pacific (?) where the kaiju come from. Idris also goes to the wall and gets the gypsy danger guy back to help pilot again. but he needs a partner to help pilot the jaeger..dun dun duuun.

basically they then proceed to try and save the world with the help of a lot of awesome side characters including other jaeger pilots, awesome scientists and a bulldog called max and mako “im a motherfucking HBIC” mori

ps. this movie will make you cry

  • Thanks for the suggestion :)
  • It’s been different for every show I watch so I don’t have a definite answer for you, sorry. Hopefully they’ll put us out of our misery soon, though!
  • Well I do think most of the time that people could get an answer much faster if they read the other replies or googled it, but if people are patient enough to wait for me to get to their question, I don’t mind answering it.
  • See the first ask in this post! :)

  • Thanks for the info! I know quite a lot of people have been watching it live and then on hulu the following day too. Plus I think Hulu is the place a lot of people who are behind are getting in to the show.
  • We don’t know yet, NBC hasn’t said a thing about renewal one way or another, but in an interview this week Bryan Fuller said NBC has told him they’re “happy with where the show is going” so…WHO KNOWS?! And like I said in another reply, I think a lot has been affecting views lately. It’s not really had the easiest start and being up against Scandal and Elementary doesn’t help either.
  • Not yet but I can make some when I update the icon page :)
  • Thanks! And yes, I’m sure they will.