how it feels to take a fall

Fandom: Free! (RinHaru)
Rating: General
Word Count: 2783
Summary: “How fast can you fly, Haru?”
“My wings are made from wind,” Haru says by way of reply, and Rin nods as if he’s satisfied.
Notes: Written for londontiss, who requested Free! wingfic. 
Also on AO3

Haru grows up with tales of wanderlust burrowing in his bones, licking fires under his skin that fuel the heat between his shoulder blades until the tender age of six. His mother sits with him at night, when the flames are at their worst and the stars wink down at him with promises of a future he will one day come to posses, and she whispers the tale of Icarus into the shell of his ear like a prophecy. 

Icarus, the boy who flew too close to the sun with wings made from wax, who fell from the sky and drowned in the sea. 

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Now, I don’t know if you know this but there are some pretty amazing people here on Tumblr. I like to think I follow some of the best, because really, my dash is always filled with perfection and flawlessness. 

My Girls:If you don’t know how amazing I think you are, we don’t talk enough. 


I will stalk you to the ends of the earth she says trying not to sound creepy. 

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I know there are so many that have slipped my mind! So, here is my BLOGROLL because everyone I follow is perfect. And I’m very sorry if you have slipped my mind; my brain likes to just cease to function every once in awhile. 


teen wolf genderswap superhero au  The Pack → The Guardians

Dericka Hale → Alpha/Wolf-Force One; Scottie McCall → Skywalker; Allen Argent → Hood

Stiles Stilinski → Hawkeye; Isabel Lahey → Luna; Eric Reyes → Fang

Verona Boyd → Wolverine; Jackie Whittemore → Blondie/Spike; Lyndan Martin → Kindle

bonus hacker!Dani Mahealani → Oracle

“Wait, why are you Hawkeye?  You use a freaking halberd.  Remember that time you almost shot Scottie in the face with my crossbow because you had no idea what you were doing?”

“Okay that was one time, Allen, and it was years ago!  Besides, I took a personality quiz that said I was most like a hawk.  Quick-thinking and cunning.”

Dericka snorts.

“Shut up, Wolf-Force One.”

Her snort turns into a growl.  “That is not my superhero name.”

Lindsey’s Favourite Blogs (part 1)

These are some of my personal favourite blogs I follow and I urge you all to follow these wonderful people because their blogs are fantastic

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I have a lot of favourite blogs, simply because there are a lot of awesome people on tumblr. So I will most likely make more of these in the future 

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In celebration of reaching 500 followers, I decided it was time to show off who has helped make this blog the way it is, and who have also made my tumblr experience just downright awesome.

The people in the image are my friends, though there are a few that I thought I needed to include because they are just flawless people. So, without further ado, here they are. 

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I love everyone in this bar!

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*I am sooooooo so incredibly sorry if I forgot you (I feel like I’ve forgotten so many of you sflksjfsldj) but just know that even if you aren’t on here, to all the 400+ people I follow, I seriously seriously LOVE your blogs. 

excelsoire  asked:

i don't care for adam (supernatural) at all, i don't know why the fandom is so cut up about him


i don’t feel that much for him. but i idk i think everyone is very fond of a potential third winchester brother and what that could do to the show.