Do you remember what Callie advised me about her fav place Dalston Superstore ? She guided me there. This place mixes good music, retro kitsch decor and perfect meals together. It’s a cozy bar for any occasion, especially awesome as nightspot. Have a tasty Chili Cheeseburger loaded with crunchy chips and you will definitely not be disappointed. The proportion is the right size as are the price and the quality. Be sure to stop by and visit Dalston Superstore !

Dalston Superstore, 117 KINGSLAND HIGH STREET - Dalston Kingsland Station


Here it is, the big open-market. In such a small area, it has everything; Camden is a mix of colorful shops and quirky items filled up with crazy tourists. And don’t worry, you don’t have to walk kilometers to find something, this place has a huge amount to offer.

On ne la présente désormais plus, Camden Town est à la tête du classement des endroits must-see places. Si l’on fait abstraction des touristes qui s’y nichent, intérieur comme extérieur, ce marché regorge de surprises, aussi étonnantes que détonnantes. Stands exotiques pour les foodies, vêtements et accessoires excentriques pour les shopaholics, rassurez-vous, il y en a pour tous les goûts. Avis aux oreilles sensibles, la musique (quelque peu cacophonique) bat son plein !

Camden Town Station - Northern Line


Burger, burger, burger, here’s the hymn. But when it comes to make a choice, what would you be yours? While you can enjoy a briochey bun from Byron and some real french fries, you could eat a juicy burger and nice crisy chips. Some people say Byron burgers are simply better than any other mass-produced (and obviously mass-marketed) burgers. And they do such amazing milkshakes. But how could you really compete with the cheesiness from Shake Shack burgers? Burger, burger, burger, well, it’s always a tough decision. 


Queens of Hoxton - Rooftop time

Refresh your routine, get a jug of Pimms and have a seat. Off-duty, there’s nothing better than chilling at a rooftop on a London summer evening. So if you’re looking for a nice spot to come with friends afterwork, Queen of Hoxton is evening’s easy answer. Their rooftop overlooking Shoreditch is a largely trendy space where hotdogs will make good finger food while chatting with fellow and enjoying the laid-back vibe. It’s time to have a last drink on a roof before hibernation, so check out for upcoming special nights!


On a random Thursday off work I visited L’eau à la Bouche on Broadway Market, a really nice shop full of tasty things where there’s a delicious spread of food and drink to tempt you inside, whatever you feel like doing.

You can find a wide range of authentic French products such as good wines, cheese and meats and some yummy cakes too! The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is really cosy… It seems to be the perfect place for a long and lazy lunch. So take a seat and pass the time with amazing treats, it’s well worth a shot!

ALWAYS BE CURIOUS - Marketing rule

So what’s going on in London? What is the exciting news? By exciting, I mean really cool, stonking, because we all know about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy parade style.

Well, today is Royal Ascot Opening day. I know that you’re actually into the sneakers trend but this time, you should stow them away. Pair your stilettos with a no-easy-to-wear dress and put on your chapeau. The bigger, the better. All-smiles you are, you can hit the place.

If cheesy-glamourous events are not your things (that’s kind of how it feels, right?), you may be much more into designers ones. Lucky you, London Collections Men week is upon us. Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Paul Smith, Tom Ford, do you really want me to mention all those names ? I think you definitely aim to remember. #LCM is the key to be sure you don’t miss a thing.

You can also swap men for women. I mean, girls. This is the way how Marc Jacobs thinks Cara Delevingne, calling her “a dwarf. She seems to be too small for being legally part of his shows. Who knew Marc could be sooooo mean? What is not to love Cara Delevigne? She is truly the best on every level. Everbody loooooves Cara.

So fresh fashion news are popping up. Much more than you expected and in case you feel tired of them, just go for a run, be bikini-ready when the sun comes out. But what’s the rush with your body, slow, relax and enjoy healthy snacks with Graze. Get your guilty-free box

Just to remind you, Wimbledon and Glastonbury are coming. We all know Wimbledon means tennis and Glastonbury goes with music, but it’s not only what’s going on the court or on the stage. You have so much to see during the tournament, off the court indeed. Keep en eye on them, and catch all the fashionable people who stopped by those events. Visiting Wimbledon this year or heading to festivals? It’s almost time. Let me know ;)

See you next London Rendez-vous *


Heading to a charity event? Don’t try too hard. The whole point of those nights is to raise awereness and funds for a cause, mingle with people and not be worrying about what you’re wearing.

Emily chose the best laidback look. She paired a grey jumper with a skinny jeans. Match them with your favorite tote bag. Then stow away the stilettos, and follow the trend of pairing Converse with just about any fashionable outfit. Here it is, high-fashion twist!  

  • So where do you go in London, any must-dos Emily? “Go to Birthdays and pick a burger to eat. You won’t regret it” 


Oubliez les top imprimés, les pantalons pastel et autres funny fantaisies. Il est bien bon parfois de renouer avec les classiques. Vous participez à une soirée de charité? Take it easy, faites comme Emlity. Laissez vos robes de diva au placard (il est préférable à vrai dire, à moins que vous ayez envie de ressembler à ces princesses de Walt Disney, robe en satin et cheveux soyeux), et optez pour un look décontracté. Un pull chiné, un slim, votre cabas favori, quelques accessoires et le tour est joué. Et comme la fashionista qui est en vous finit toujours par reprendre le dessus, accompagnez votre tenue cool par une paire de baskets. 

Défiez la morosité-vestimentaire-soirée-de-charité !

  • Prochain London rendez-vous? On se retrouve très prochainement du côté de Birthdays pour sympathiser avec les burgers dont Emily nous a parlé