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bellarke +ark au


After Octavia turns eighteen and is pardoned, she’s recruited by engineering where Jake Griffin takes her under his wing. Bellamy’s not too pleased about the high and mighty of the Ark taking such an interest in his little sister, but he can’t bring himself to be too pissed about it when he knows Jake Griffin had a lot to do with Abby Griffin’s vote against floating Octavia. 


It gets weird when she’s invited to dinner in the Griffins’ quarters on Alpha Station, though. The invitation is extended to him, and after a bunch of yelling he finds himself sitting across from Clarke Griffin, princess of the Ark, over rations about a billion times better-tasting than the soy packs most of them have to survive on. 


Abby Griffin is quiet, though pleasant when she does speak, no doubt remembering him from the day they floated his mother. In spite of that memory, to his surprise, the dinner is nice––Jake and Clarke banter back and forth about sports and history and literature, drawing the Blakes into conversation little by little until he’s in a lively debate with Clarke about the influence of the creation of the atomic bomb on modern society. 


He doesn’t notice the way his sister grins, or the way Abby gives him a considering look, but two weeks later he’s reassigned from the janitorial department to the education system. There’s a note on his desk (his desk, because holy shit, he’s not a janitor anymore), and it’s from Clarke. Good luck, Mr. Blake.


Bellamy realizes his shifts teaching end about fifteen minutes before Clarke’s shifts in medical do, which is just enough time to make it there just as she’s leaving. The first time he’s there waiting for her, she looks surprised, like she never expected him to seek her out on purpose, like she didn’t realize Bellamy Blake has no control over how much he actually likes the princess of the Ark. But he gives her an awkward smile, and the grin that spreads across her face is blinding. 


Thirteen walks home later, she’s the one to kiss him first. 

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Operation Vixen: The Force, the Fetish, the First.

This is a (late) birthday present for one of our favorite human beings, @londonrainings. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!

Madge pouts and slumps back against the kitchen counter. “We’re going to the pub again?”

It’s December 26th—St. Stephen’s Day in Ireland—and Madge is certain she’s running on eggnog and pure sexual tension at this point. She’s stayed over at Gale’s childhood home not one, but two nights in a row, and she’s woken up next to his twelve-year-old sister Posy each time. And while Madge absolutely adores everyone in Gale’s loud, affectionate, and gloriously Irish family, she’s itching to have her brand new boyfriend all to herself right now.

Alas, alone time is not forthcoming. “We promised the lads,” Gale reminds her, slipping his hands under the hem of her sweater. “It’s Stephen’s Night.”

His hands are still damp from the washing up, and they’re cool and slick on her skin as they come to rest on her waist. “You’re not helping,” she chides him.

He really wasn’t. She’s lost count of the number of times they’d come thisclose to jumping each other whenever they had a moment to themselves. On the couch. In the bathroom. Right here in the kitchen.

“I’d rather not go, either,” Gale murmurs into her ear. “But it’s Bristel’s birthday, too. You know how put off he is that it’s so close to Christmas. We’ll just excuse ourselves early, like last time.”

Madge swallows back a moan as his thumbs start tracing circles on her hipbones. It’s taking all of her willpower not to rip his clothes off right now. “All right.”

It’s going to be a long night.

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Day From Night

I was tagged by littleevilisa with the prompt: Everlark tutoring. It’s not a drabble, it’s…just a touch longer…oops?

I challenge jeeno2, londonrainings, and chele20035 with the prompt Evelark + another of your fandoms

As she pulled up to Abernathy’s, Katniss nervously played with the edge of her braid. She and her roommates found this little hole in the wall bar a few weeks ago for District 12 College’s first football game of the season and by now were generally well-liked by the other fans who filled the tiny bar. District 12 was one of those small but powerful schools when it came to football and the fans were always loyal to one another.

She lucked out getting the roommates she did. Madge and Delly both went to 12 for their undergraduate degrees. They were the girls who were always decked out in their game day outfits and were likely to get caught on ESPN at any given time. Johanna loved football in general but didn’t have a favorite college team, so she easily melded in with the others. Katniss was more than just a fan of the D12 Miners. She was born and raised in the heard of D12 country; if you cut her open, she bled black and gold. Her mother hand-knitted D12 blankets and hats and socks for her when she was born because her father refused to have anyone in the household not in uniform.

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Canon prompt: trying to get the toast babies to sleep.

“Peeta,” I whisper as loudly as I dare. He glances up from the sketchbook he’s been hunched over for the past half-hour. I widen my eyes and look in the direction of the doorway, hoping he’ll understand what I’m trying to tell him. Luckily, he does.

“Dilly,” he says quietly, putting his sketchbook and pencils gently aside. As he moves to get up, there’s a quick shuffle from the hallway as Dilly scrambles in a vain attempt to hide. It’s clear we already know she’s there, and hiding is useless. But at four, that concept hasn’t quiet sunk in yet. Peeta catches up with her in no time, and scoops her up.

“Why are you still awake?” he asks her.

“I’m thirsty,” she says. “I had a bad dream.”

“Okay,” he says. “We’ll get you a glass of water and tuck you back in. I’ll check your closet again for monsters.”

I see her blue eyes peek over his shoulder at me. “I want mama to sing to me,” she says.

“Mama can’t sing,” Peeta explains. “She just got Ri to sleep.”

Dilly gives a scowl that Peeta always says reminds him of me. “But I need mama!” she insists.

Peeta glances back and briefly meets my eyes. “Why mama, Dilly?” he asks.

“Because she’ll shoot them," 

Peeta is trying to conceal his amusement as he looks back at me. I give them both a small smile. “Okay,” I concede. “Come over here.”

Father and daughter cross the room, and as he approaches, Dilly wiggles to free herself from his arms. He bends over to let her go, and she runs over to the couch and climbs up next to me. “Careful,” I tell her, because she’s moving a lot as she settles in. “You don’t want to wake your brother. Why don’t you lay your head on my lap?” She does, and as Peeta joins us on the couch, she stretches her tiny body so that she’s draped across both of us.

"Daddy, can Mamma and Ri and me visit you at the bakery tomorrow?” she asks once she’s made herself comfortable.

Peeta places on hand securely on her back. “Of course. As long as mama is up for it.”

Those blue eyes twist around to look up at me. “Mama, can we?”

“If you go to sleep now,” I tell her, but I can’t help smiling. She snaps her eyes shut and  quiets immediately. Peeta and I exchange a grin at how well that worked. Balancing my baby boy who lays with his head nestled against my shoulder in one arm, my free hand moves to her head where I gently begin stroking her hair, smoothing it back. I can feel her relaxing under my touch, until finally her breath evens out and I know she’s asleep. I turn to Peeta to ask if he’ll carry her back to her room, and find him staring at me with a dreamy smile on his face.

“What?” I ask.

“Nothing,” he says. “Just… you’re a natural at this.”

I smile, and look down at our little girl sprawled out over us. “She sounds like you when she sleeps,” I say.

Peeta raises his eyebrows. “What are you saying, Katniss? That I snore?”

“No. You’re just a heavy breather,” I say.

He rolls his eyes. “I’ve never heard you complain before,” he says.

“Who says I’m complaining?” I smile at him. He gives me a skeptical look, but it soon melts into a grin of his own.

“Okay,” he says. “I’ll take her upstairs.” He maneuvers himself carefully so that he can lift her without waking her. She stirs, but just sighs and rests her head against his shoulder.

As he gets up, I scoot forward to stand up myself. “Why don’t we go to bed, too?” I say. He smiles and nods. Grabbing his sketchbook for him, I follow him upstairs. 

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I WANT TO TALK ABOUT WICK'S FEELINGS FOR RAVEN. He's so, so into her and yet he's still so cautious because he doesn't want to push her, but at the same time he's not going to get drawn into something that's maybe real/maybe not real. I live for the day when Raven turns to him and is all "Okay, I'm in. For real," because that's what my beautiful angel Raven deserves.

HE IS SO, SO, SO INTO HER. And he’s never done that stupid “pigtail pulling” shit that writers love to use. He’s literally been like “u r smart, u r kind, u r important” from day one. And when he was like “Okay, this was too much,” I wanted to DIE and also SING MY LOVE FOR THAT LINE from the mountaintops because you can tell that he was a bit upset, but that he was also like, being a grown up and an adult about it and trying to see things from her perspective and UGHHHHHHH LEMME ROLL ALL AROUND IN MY WICK FEELS.

I need ALL the non-smutty hurt comfort fics, or smutty slow burn fics for them, but basically all the fics of Raven leaning on him emotionally and him being very firm about not playing games but STILL being there if she needs to like, talk/cuddle/have a hug/vent/whatever.


For the DVD commentary, Rebel, chapter 7, when Katniss goes to Peeta’s cabin during the storm.


I do love talking about Rebel and first kisses, so thank you for this!

Well, I should start by saying that the cabin scene wasn’t meant to be the first kiss. I originally wrote it into the previous chapter when Peeta takes Katniss on his motorcycle. At the end of that night, he was supposed to drive her back to the farm, then ask her if she’s ever felt passion, and then pull her to him while he leans against the bike. But when DustWriter got a hold of that scene, she said that it felt way too soon for Katniss. Getting on the bike alone was an extremely different experience for her, so the kiss might be overload.

DW was right. So I decided to move that kiss to the moment when Peeta’s painting in the cabin, which was easy. That was one of my earliest visions for this whole story, of a bad boy brushing color onto a wall while Katniss is in his lap, discovering passion alongside the juxtaposition of the wet brush strokes. It just struck me as sexy.

The thunderstorm is another thing. I’m admittedly in love with rain scenes, and anyway I needed a good reason for Everlark to be alone in an intimate setting. Hence, I broke an Amish neighbor’s leg and sent Prim (the healer) and Mr. Everdeen on their way. And I created a harsh downpour that would prevent them from getting back home that night.

The storm was also a thematic way to enhance those wild, untethered emotions between Everlark. From their confessions and bonding over their parents (anger, hurt, rebellion…) to the moment Peeta tilts her head toward his, it’s like the rain is a soundtrack to everything. Perhaps it’s even an enabler, the way it drives them together, allowing them to unleash.

When Peeta shakes his head, curses under his breath, and kisses Katniss again, it’s him realizing how deep his feelings are. He’s never been with a girl he actually cares about, he’s never shared a meaningful embrace, one that actually mattered. It’s as much an emotional and sensual awakening for him as for Katniss.

Damn. I miss these two all the time.

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bellarke: I think I'm in love with you and I'm terrified.

Clarke wakes up before him, curled up on her side and tucked into his chest, Bellamy’s arm slung over her to keep her close. Her nose is pressed against the hollow of his throat and she can smell him, salty like the ocean water they’d rushed into yesterday afternoon.

She pulls away just far enough to get a good look at him–his cheeks are red and peeling, having burnt quickly in the sun without the protection of the forest, and his hair is wild, curls thickly matted from sleep.

“Hey, Bell–” Octavia’s head peeks into the makeshift tent, freezing when she sees Clarke. Her eyes narrow, taking in the sight of the two of them twined together. She takes a slow, heavy breath, not speaking.

Clarke licks her lips nervously. “What’s up, Octavia?” Her voice cracks with sleep and nervousness.

Octavia scowls. “Looking for you, actually,” she says stiffly. “Luna’s people sent an emissary, and we couldn’t find you.” She purses her lips in a frown. “Thought maybe you’d run off again.”

Clarke winces, sitting up completely. “No, I’m still here.” Octavia looks skeptical and she wonders if she can hear what she’s trying to say - and I won’t leave. Not again.

The brunette is clearly unimpressed. “Lucky us.” Clarke sighs.

“We’ll be out soon,” she promises. Octavia leaves without another word and Clarke groans, flopping back down on the makeshift pallet. When she looks over, Bellamy’s eyes are open and he looks amused.

“That went well,” he teases. Clarke elbows him, trying to hide how grateful she is that the talk of her leaving again didn’t even seem to phase him. His trust has been hard won, but is unwavering once again.

Bellamy wraps his arms around her again, tugging her closer before stretching. When she shivers, he looks pleased, pressing a quick kiss against the crown of her head.

“Better hurry up before she comes back with a machete,” he mumbles, the words muffled by her hair. He sits up to pull a shirt on, the muscles in his back disappearing under the faded blue cloth.

I think I love you, she realizes, so suddenly that it makes her breath catch in her throat. And I’m terrified. Bellamy’s dark eyes meet her and he frowns, smoothing his thumb over the crease in her forehead.

“It’s gonna be fine,” he assures her. “Lincoln is positive Luna’s open to an alliance.”

She nods uncertainly. “It’ll be be,” she agrees, heart beating faster at the way he smiles.

She’ll tell him later, she decides.

A continuation of the laundromat drabble for LR’s birthday.

Gale hasn’t done laundry in about two and a half weeks, and his laundry basket is full to bursting — swear to god, it’s not because he’s avoiding Madge Undersee. Except, it’s totally because he’s avoiding Madge Undersee, and he breathes out a heavy sigh of relief when he steps in to the laundromat at quarter til eleven on a Sunday night and finds it blissfully empty save for one haggard looking mother washing an alarming number of cloth diapers and the gurgling infant she has strapped into a baby bjorn. She gives him a cautious side-eye as he crosses the room to an empty washer but after he pulls out his Snuggle fabric softener she seems to relax.

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Okay, this most recent chapter is PHENOMENAL. I mean it. Simply, utterly brilliant. My favorite bits: the parallel stories, Katniss' awesome grandma, and PEETA!THANKSGIVING. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and while I love cooking for it I'd HAPPILY let Peeta cook for me. DANG. (Also, I love runny eggs and toast too. So I liked that bit a lot.)


Thank you so much for all of this! :D I’m especially glad to hear your love for Granny Ashpet, since OCs are always a touchy subject (I tend to dislike them myself!). I originally only planned on that first reference to her having been a huntress and then her reappearance as the cougar in Katniss’s dream, but she just kept creeping back in and developing a richer backstory, and I’m a little in love with her now. :D (Like, there may be an Asa and Ashpet oneshot some day…or an Ashpet and Jack oneshot, only of course she’ll call him “Jackie”… *grins like an idiot*)

You know, when I originally started writing the feast scene, I was trying to not make it TOO Thanksgivingy (in a conventional modern American sense - cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, etc.), but there really are only so many foods/kinds of foods available in Twelve in early December, even for a Victor - and why not? It was, after all, Katniss’s own personal Harvest Festival. And it made for great opportunities (acorn bread, etc.) to mention BOTH sets of grandparents! (I’m kind of attached to my personal headcanons for these families, if you hadn’t guessed. :D) I’m sure Peeta would be MORE than happy to cook for you too, my dear, or at least make you a hearty batch of Grandma Lydda’s famous spiced wine!

Oh, and there’s the slightest chance that the next chapter may fall over New Year’s. The *slightest* of chances, mind. ;D With absolutely NO promises of Christmas-but-not-because-it’s-Panem type squee. None whatsoever.

External image

Let’s see, where was I…? ;D Runny eggs and toast!!! While there’s something a little squicky (to me) about soft yolks, there’s an equal (if not greater!) comfort factor to cancel that out. (My dad often made his eggs that way, and of course you get to dip your toast in yolk! How awesome is that??) And it fit in the context of both Katniss and Peeta’s childhood experiences, which made it even more adorable (in my humble opinion). I genuinely loved writing that little scenelet - such a lighthearted bonding moment, complete with yolk-bubbles to pop and eat with cheese buns!:D

Love you, lady! Thanks for this!! Come back and geek out more soon!

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Put on the Red light, chapter 1, this scene: "The man's eyes widen and then he laughs again. "I love your candor," he says, sounding pleased."

Peeta is fascinated by Katniss from the onset— he likes her abrupt manner and the way that she doesn’t pull any punches when she talks to him. He’s used to people kissing his ass due to his success and authority, or even worse, tip toeing around his disability. Then here comes Katniss, blazing in with honesty and making jokes at his expense and calling him annoying, and it’s just a fresh of breath air for someone who has people telling him what they think he wants to hear all day. He’s already pretty certain that he knows what Katniss’ profession is at this point, and he’s completely intrigued by her. 

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Personally, I think/am hoping that the Lady Stoneheart reveal won't be until the end of next season. THINK OF HOW MANY MINDS WILL BE BLOWN.

I hope they save it too (but I don’t think they will).

Until last week I would have disagreed with you and wanted it now.  Mostly because I have the patience of a five year old.  ;)  But before last week, I also expected Jon’s betrayal to happen next season.  Given what *else* happened in last week’s episode, it just felt… a little much, to ALSO include Jon’s defection.  And it made it into a much less powerful set of scenes, IMO, as a result.  

If Lady Stoneheart happens next week I feel like the audience will be on absolute overload.  But I still think it’ll be next week, for no other reason than it would be the world’s most perfect season-ending cliffhanger.  

I still hope they hold off though, and perhaps let us know what’s going on in Kings Landing this week instead (which was totally absent last week).  The audience needs a breather for sure.

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If you become super famous once your book is out and you make like, millions of dollars, what's the first IRRESPONSIBLE thing you'd do with the money? (No paying off bills/debt/mortgages or anything boring like that).

No joke, I’d get one of those ice machines that makes pellet ice. Because pellet ice is the greatest but they are ridiculously expensive, like 4 figures expensive.