London Day 2

Today was a lot more exploring and eating. My parents and I took the typical bus tour, but it was mostly to see where everything is. So I now know where I’ll be going the next few days.

For breakfast (bottom left) I had strawberry crepes with passion fruit honey at L'eto cafe in Soho (it was so cool inside, completely worth visiting) passion fruit honey is very sweet, very strong and probably the fruit equivalent of liquid gold.

Lunch was at the most awesome ramen shop called Tonkotsu (top left) There was vintage manga on the ceiling on the way to the restrooms. They serve you CUCUMBER WATER LIKE HOLY HELL??CucCUMBERS IN MY WATER?YES PLEASE and the ramen was EXCELLENT OF COURSE. It also had a cool atmosphere and interior, very industrial. A guy who looked like Richard Hammond from top Gear came in and I almost peed myself. (It was not him, do not panic)

The rest of our time was spend exploring Chinatown and going in all the huge Asian markets (which we go to back home so this was heaven). We also took a bus tour to get ourselves better accommodated with the area. I took way too many photos because WOW ARCHITECTURE.


Londonpie Day 1.5

Yeah I lied, I’m not done. It’s 7:06 PM over here and my feet are just about done with the day. Send help and insoles.

At around 3:00 we went exploring and got some macaroons and strawberry cake from an Italian sweets bakery. ♥︎

My favorite part of the day holds in the covent gardens marketplace (yes, my entire trip is comprised of eating and drinking) in which I got a pork empanada and split some grilled onions with my parents. HOLY FUCK EVERYTHINg WAS SO GOOD. If you live near London and don’t go to those booths, just,, stop that. It’s too good to take for granted.

As usual, I tried to find a spiritual store and found one. OH AND my mom and I split a beer from a pub so I’m 18 now (the drinking age in Florida is 21 I’m so???) I can’t explain enough how much I love the atmosphere of a pub, especially outside on the corner. I feel as if I could just jump into anybody’s conversation and It would be completely normal.

On a final note (and I’m half asleep here, bare with me,,) I’m so excited to meet maja that it almost hurts. I can’t believe it’ll be only 4 days. Holy. Shit.


London day six outfit. Since anon requested that I list where my outfit was purchased, I’ll start with this one. It’s fairly simple. Shirt was a plain tee from a craft store that I ironed on john’s beta shirt icon, scarf is from a booth in savannah, GA, dark grey tights from old navy, shoes from target, purse is coach, sunglasses from target.