I don't do post-mortems || Lestrade & Rory

Rory stood patiently in one of his hospital’s elevator, hands in his blue plaid sweater, still clad in his scrubs as he tapped his foot patiently waiting for his floor. Normally the centurion would be getting ready to head home, but this night was one of the rather unpleasant ones. Every so often one of the staff would call in sick, and someone would have to cover for them later on, since the hospital was short staffed lately, this meant Rory would occasionally have to do post-mortems.

The nurse washed his hands and stepped into the morgue, prepping the victims body for examination, sighing as he did so. After all his travels with Amy and the Doctor, he still wasn’t comfortable around death like his valiant friends seemed to be, although the rift incident has forced him to see more of it then usual. Just as he began to jot down some notes briefly on his clipboard, the door to the morgue opened and a familiar face walked in, “He– Wait, Lestrade?” Rory asked with a tilt of his head, blinking at the man he hadn’t seen since way back in Stonehenge.

International Affairs || Lestrade + Coulson

Phil was given minimal information about the mission. Just that there were some unusual occurrences… well, occurring in the London area of England. Fury thought it would be a good way to get Coulson out of sight of the Avengers (as they still hadn’t been allowed permission to know he was alive) if he went on a solo mission out there.

On the plane, he read over the file. All it really amounted to were a few disturbing and unexplained disappearances. The victims didn’t have much in common. Along with a few other inexplicable crimes in the area, the collection of activities was enough to land on SHIELD’s radar.

When he was done reading over the file, Phil took a nap. When he awoke, they were landing in London. Some of the local police force would be there to greet him, and he could use that opportunity to inform them that he was taking over the case.

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trigger happy - londonoutofyourlungs [yes hi! I would like to do something with you...]

Put “trigger happy” in my ask and I’ll react to your character putting a gun to mine’s head.

             ”Huh… Right… So it’s come to this, has it? Which thing, was it, that’s made you snap? My showing off, the way I’m always pushing my way into every interesting case their is and showing you up? There are a slew of things, really. Tell me which one it was —”

             ”— Or, maybe it was how I keep messing up your name…” Graham. No. Gavin. No. No. No. Gary. No. No. What was it? Greg. Yes, that’s it.

Greg. Greg. Greg. Greg. Why couldn’t he make that stick? Maybe because he didn’t look like a Greg.

             ”… Well, go on, tell me, or pull the trigger, but make it quick, I’m bloody busy.”