Last week the Oakland based R&B artist, London, posted his 7-track album, THE BEDROOM. I am just now finally getting to listen to it and I can’t imagine it being called anything but THE BEDROOM. Three songs in and I’m already imagining (let’s not get too x-rated here, Margaux) listening to this album during some intimate time with a sessy man. Mom, Dad, sorry if that was too much info for you but oh well. The smooth but deep bass beats by ShoNUFF were perfect with London’s sensual voice and lyrics. I actually love how the lyrics are just repetitive. Not much to explain but it speaks words!!

Personal fave: Track 6 “Feel So Good”. The snap sounds of the camera is a great touch and I really like the tempo changes.

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Sneak peak of the new London and Erkthajerk album produced by Shomari “Shonuff” Wilson (GOURMET CLUBSMEN) recording in the historical Cubby Hole #ACTION!!!


London (@LondonLand) “Body” video shot by me @ BET Music Matters tour SF