It’s amazing how far reaching music is, how easily it seems to transcend borders, distance, and even time. From the psychedelic rock movement of the mid 60s to early 70s in the UK and the US to the rebirth of that same eclectic style with desert rock during the early 90s in California. Modern bands have so many great influences to draw from and styles of music to mix like audio alchemists and French expatriates turned Londonites, Bright Curse, concoct an interesting potion with a strong psychedelic rock base and a dash of sludge influenced brooding basslines all wrapped up with a healthy dusting of desert rock riff grooves. Romain Daut delivers an outstanding showcase of guitar talent switching expertly from bluesy riffs to cutting solos all while infusing a solid dose of wailing vocals. Coupled with Max Ternebring’s doom heavy bass and Zacharie Mizzi’s pulsing drumwork the trio create a dark world that is a headbanging good time to journey through. The crew even manages to blend in some jazz elements in “Northern Sky” showing a great variety of sound, it will be exciting to see them build on these more experimental elements as their sound continues to evolve. “The Shore” is another stand out track, and I feel it is the strongest song on the album with groovy laid back riffs and soft bass/drum support during the verses allowing Daut’s vocals to shine, leading into a truly rocking chorus that sees the whole group go all out. With a well received self-titled EP already under their belts, Before The Shore is a strong step forward for these up and coming psych rockers from across the pond. Hopefully we’ll see them touring state-side soon, I know these guys would definitely put on a show I would want to see.   JARED BONN

London mehi hullutamas

Mitte et ta muidu meeste päid sassi ei ajaks, kuid sellel korral valis ta Erose asemel kohaks hoopis Plan B, kus ta kohe ei kellegi muu kui Stanley Hayesi rajalt maha tõmbas. Tegelikult ma üldse imestan, mida Hayes klubis tegi, sest mulle on pigem jäänud mulje, et ta ei käi sellistes kohtades. Tuli üksi naistesse? Kes teab, ehk on tal tõesti selline pool ka, kuigi ma ei näinud, et ta ise mõnele neiule lähenenud oleks. Hoopis London oli see, kes temaga flirtima hakkas, ning mees läks sellega lihtsalt kaasa. Korraks õnnestus Londonil Hayes isegi tantsuplatsile saada, kus nad enam kuidagi käsi teineteisest eemale ei suutnud hoida ning pärast ühte jagatud suudlust üsna kiirelt kadusid. Enda õhtu lõpetasid nad Hayesi uhkes villas, kust London kohe järgmisel õhtul otse Erosesse tööle läks. Seda ma juba tean, et see kohtumine ei jää neil kahel ainsaks, aga kindlasti tahaks nüüd näha Stanley nägu, kui ta Erosesse läheb ja Londonit seal näeb.