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So I know you did a whole post on what Hellsing/Millennium would be like as romantic partners, is there any chance you would do a post on what they would be like as parents? ;w; I would love to see that!

Oh wow, this was fun! (And thank you for waiting so long for my slow ass XD I really love doing these I have to say! If anyone wants Iscariot, just ask :)

I hope this isn’t too out of character - I have a weakness for family stuff when it comes to headcanons so I got really excited with the cute GIFs. Who knows, maybe deep down, to end the war, we just needed to throw some kids at them

GIF Request: As Parents - Hellsing + Millennium


Alucard is a cautious parent. He’s worried about handling the child and doesn’t want to hurt them. He’s gentle even as they grow older, though, with age, he does provide more diligence and discipline to them. Nevertheless, he’s a sweet father, fascinated by his own child.


Integra is a diligent and demanding parent, but always leaves soft affections here and there to remind her kid(s) that she does care for them and that all of her nagging is done out of love.


Seras is a VERY physically affectionate mother, showering her kid(s) in hugs and kisses whenever she gets the chance. She protects them fiercely as well, making sure that they never go through what she went through. 


I feel like the above GIF says it all! XD He’d be sure to watch his kid, but is still pretty childish himself, so expect lots of shenanigans.


(I am so sorry for the Twilight GIF!!)

Walter is old-fashioned, and thus, is very protective, especially if he has a daughter. He’ll protect his kids no matter the cost, while trying to teach them something along the way. But seriously, if he has a daughter, don’t even look at her…

The Major

Surprisingly, The Major is clingy father, enjoying having his kids around as much as possible. He doesn’t want them to be harmed, but he also wants them around during the war, wanting them to see his accomplishments.

The Captain

The Captain cannot express his love through words, so like, his partner, he shows it through physical means. He adores his children, treasuring his “pups” and protecting them, giving true meaning to a “protective papa wolf.” 

The Doctor

Bedtime is The Doctor’s favorite time since he gets to be close to his kids after a long day at work. He’s busy all of the time, but finds time, usually reading them some medical journal or very inappropriately-grotesque-story.


A very sweet dad who is always up for spending time with his kids and showing how much he cares. 

Zorin Blitz

Zorin is a strict mama, keeping close tabs on her kids and keeping them near out of a strong protective sense. No one touches them. She’s sometimes seen as cold, but she loves them more than she can ever express.

Jan Valentine

Jan cares about his kid(s), but is pretty shitty at showing it. His way is playful, though sometimes he forgets their size and plays a little rough, though acts like it was nothing afterwards.

Luke Valentine

Luke loves his kids, like his brother. However, he doesn’t handle their childish nature very well. He wants his quiet time, but usually gets disrupted constantly. He cares, but really love to be able to get some shut-eye now and then.

Rip Wan Winkle

She would desperately want her children to like her, no matter what it took. Most of the time she’d embarrass herself and/or the kid(s). Nonetheless, it’s out of genuine love.

Tubalcain Alhambra

The ultimate silly dad - playful and full of energy for his kid(s). He doesn’t need to try and be cool, since he already is.

Oh, I had far too much fun with this, haha. I was squealing the whole time from all of the cuteness. I hope it wasn’t too out of character for them. Hope you all enjoyed :)

Io voglio Londra, voglio quella città, la voglio con tutta me stessa. Voglio svegliarmi e fare colazione con una tazza di caffè, mentre guardo dalla mia piccola finestrina, dal mio piccolo monolocale all’ultimo piano, di una di quelle vecchie case. Vorrei poter intravedere quel parco, mettermi qualcosa addosso e uscire. Vorrei camminare per quelle vie, immergermi nella ‘nebbia di Londra’, e, appena uscita dalla metro, passeggiare nelle viette piú sperdute, trovando qualche vecchia libreria, e un negozio di pitture. Osserverei per ore e ore i tetti della metropoli, perdendomi totalmente nell’immaginare il mobilio di ogni singolo appartamento. Mi piacerebbe tornare a casa, quando il sole, mai spuntato del tutto, sta calando, con la pioggia che scende, ma senza affrettarmi, senza troppa gente per le strade tutto è ancora piú magico. Passerei lungo il Tamigi, sicuramente mi fermerei ad osservare la mia cattedrale di st. Paul e cosí via. Poi, ormai tutta bagnata, ma aiutata a tenermi asciutta dal mio impermeabile rientrerei in casa, e inizierei a leggere un libro sconosciuto e vecchio. Poi mi addormenterei nel mio letto proprio sotto la finestra, con le goccie che risuonano ritmicamente sopra il vetro. Oh Londra mia, quanto mi manchi.