shawl berbulusss ni dah bertahun beli. kalo tak silap dari tahun 2006.. dengan harapan nak bawak ke negara sejuk.. akhirnya. 2013 baru dapat bawak ke sini. macam tak percaya pulak.. my dream come true. ;) #instaweather #instamood #instadaily #nurulainzulkarnaind #dream #freetrip #london #paris #londonandparis #Lovely #topbeautilicous #topagentura

Hi guys!!

Just wanted to let you know that I am in fact in London, England!! We spent the day one a tour of London and whatnot and then I had lunch in a cafe inside St. Paul’s Cathedral. And now we’re taking a break before heading on a tour of the Tower of London!

Anyway just thought I’d update you all on why I haven’t really been on.

Idk when I’ll get wifi again, so I hope you guys have a good day and I’ll talk to you soon!!!

Byeeee!!! -Molly