Would the real Sherlock Holmes please stand up?

More than a century after first emerging into the fogbound, gaslit streets of Victorian London, Sherlock Holmes is universally recognizable. And yet many of his most recognizable features don’t appear in Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories. Sherlock is a cultural text, repeatedly altered over time as each new interpretation becomes superimposed over those that proceed it. This means that Sherlock continually evolves, embodying ideas and values often far removed from those found in Conan Doyle. And after each particular story ends, Sherlock rises again, a little changed, perhaps, with a new face and fresh mannerisms or turns of phrase, but still essentially Sherlock, our Sherlock.

For a peek into the evolution of Sherlock, watch the TED-Ed Lesson Who IS Sherlock Holmes? - Neil McCaw

Animation by Lasse Rützou Bruntse

For fic writers:

Carry On is B R I T I S H people!!

Where is Simon always saying ‘mugged off’, ‘peak’, 'sound’???
Where is Simon being a (not that ironically) roadman af and Baz despairing??

Where is the cheeky nandos dates???

OH MY GOD where is BAZ THE INDIE !!!!!!????
Indie culture is BIG right now and just saying that if you think Baz isn’t an indie then ur wrong.

The brilliant music taste like The Fratellis and The Libertines and Arctic Monkeys and The Kooks ??

Where is university struggles… Like,,, Baz goes to the university of LONDON???
Where is the Brighton pier tales??


Joy Division 8 Feb 1980 Univ of London Union 2012 master (free download)

In August 2006 I was approached to assist with the sourcing, cleanup and mastering of various Joy Division gigs for inclusion in the then-upcoming double-CD deluxe edition reissues.  The in-between story, between first being drafted into the project and then September 2007’s Warner Brothers/Rhino release of the Unknown Pleasures, Closer and Still Collector’s Editions, is boring and not really worth rehashing.
What is relevant is that six years is a long time ago, with regards to my skill set and general knowledge of audio theory and mastering.  I listen to the stuff I turned in to the band and Rhino in late 2006 and essentially cringe.  Not because it’s bad, because it’s not, but with where I’ve advanced to today my 2006 work sounds amateur to these ears.  And while it’s out there for the world to enjoy (and the two sets I did, for Closer and Still, all got great reviews), I can no longer listen without wishing for a mulligan.

I went back to the original raw transfers from Duncan Haysom’s 1980 master cassette tapes, the very tapes on which he recorded the Joy Division gigs that we released.  I started from scratch - essentially, if Warners came knocking today and asked me to master these gigs, I did what I’d do for them with the skills, techniques, secret sauces and magic I’ve either advanced or flat-out learned anew since 2006.

They are spectacular.  Not to toot my own horn, but these now simply crush what was used on the 2007 releases.  Even the most hearing-challenged of listeners can tell the difference, and not just by minutiae.  Cymbals ring, drums go THWACK and not “thwop”, guitars slice through the murk.

If there were any justice in this world, Rhino would pull the 2007 sets off the market and reissue with these masterings.  One can dream…

So we start, chronologically by performance date, with the set used in association with the Closer Collector’s Edition.  Recorded by Duncan, this set from the University of London Union is a stormer.  You get the still in-development Closer tracks (which had yet to be recorded by Martin Hannett) mixed in with stridently-performed Unknown Pleasures and other pre-Closer choices.  You get “Dead Souls” brilliantly leading off the set, and you get “Digital” taking us out.  And thanks to Duncan, it’s magically captured on C45 tape for us to enjoy 32+ years on.

8 February 1980
University of London Union

Mastered in November 2012 by Analog Loyalist, from Duncan Haysom’s master recording

01 Dead Souls
02 Glass
03 A Means To An End
04 Twenty Four Hours
05 Passover
06 Insight
07 Colony
08 These Days
09 Love Will Tear Us Apart
10 Isolation
11 - encore break -
12 The Eternal
13 Digital


15.1.16 Mess is the best sign of productivity! Story of my life. The craziest thing happened! I came out of Liberties and a lady stopped and filmed me answering questions for TV! This morning I made a model of my current project and I’m going home to make a digital one now.
Jewish Students Among Minorities ‘Bludgeoned Into Acceptance of Islamo-Marxist Political Orthodoxy’ at London U’s School of Oriental and African Studies
Jewish and pro-Israel students at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SAOS) at London University have become a persecuted minority at an institution that prides itself on cultural and religious diversity, a British academic said in an op-ed in Life Spectator. Adrian Hilton, academic chairman of the Thatcher Center, contended that that the environment at SAOS has become one in which minorities are “intimidated into self-censorship” and “bludgeoned into the acceptance of Islamo-Marxist political orthodoxy.”

Anti-Israel activity at SAOS does not only extend to its academic boycott of Israel, wrote Hilton. On April 6, when word leaked that the school’s director was privately meeting with Israeli Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev, “[T]he student reaction on Facebook was savage: ‘She knows she brings shame to SAOS’; ‘Regev is an abhorrent racist’; ‘Who the hell meets a vile Zionist terrorist who defends the mass murder of children?’” Hilton wrote. A protest was organized and an angry mob assembled outside the director’s office.

According to SAOS Jewish Society President Moselle Paz Solis, “We are too scared to go anywhere so we walk in a group to the station. People come up to me and say I heard you hate Palestinians.”

“There is little or no tolerance for anyone who objects to the demonization of Israel and the casual visitor could be forgiven for thinking that only one religion is tolerated on campus,” Hilton concluded, calling it “quite sad” that SAOS has morphed into a “regressive institution” that “wallow[s] in… anti-Israel delusions, while turning a blind eye to the world’s most repressive regimes.”

Images of the Flying Spaghetti Monster banned from a London university for being ‘religiously offensive’

Non-religious students at London South Bank University have had posters advertising their society banned for being ‘offensive’. The poster publicising the South Bank Atheist Society (SBAS) depicted Michelangelo’s famous ‘Creation of Adam’ fresco from the Sistine Chapel but with the character of god replaced with the satirical online deity the ‘Flying Spaghetti Monster’ (FSM)

Study in London

For anyone who is thinking about studying abroad..

I would love to share my honest opinion on how it is to study in London from my personal experiences as a student here.

When I came to London I did not know anyone here. I did not know the place, the people, not even to make my own food. If you are in this same situation don’t let that stop you from coming to London cause that isn’t a problem at all.

The university  arranges airport pick-ups for all international students.

You can stay on campus but if you prefer to live off campus there are a number of other options like family stay accommodation where you live with a family, rented apartments where you share a flat with friends, private flats where you can rent a flat for yourself, or international student house which is a mansion exclusively for international students in London.

As I preferred to stay off campus the residential services in my university had sent me a list of places for accommodation close to my university before I landed in London to help me settle soon as I got here. The lovely Irish family I’ve been living with since then helped me in so many ways. They even taught me to cook food!

My top 3 reasons why anyone should choose London as a study destination would be:

  1. AMAZING PEOPLE: The multi cultured friends, teachers and other people I come across everyday. Talking to them and getting to know their culture, traditions, aspects and views on different things in life is very Interesting.

  2. AMAZING PLACE: Living in “THE WORLD’S BEST CITY” has given me the best life’s experiences. Be it food, clothing or anything, London has shops that are very expensive, fairly priced and also very cheap. You can choose whichever works best for you and still live that amazing life you deserve! You just need to know the right choices to make, which I’m sure London will teach you.

  3. AMAZING FUN: London offers a number of events, entertainments and places to visit for free and in great student discounted prices!

    The students are also eligible for free medical services and that is great! Living very far away from home and you never know what medical issues you will come across as its not in your control. We think medical expenses are very high in foreign countries but in London its free! Well, how could it get any better?!

Coming to London has definitely made me a better person. It teaches you to be independent, to stand on your own legs. London has given me both quality education and quality life experience.

It is indeed ‘a home away from home’. I am a 100% happy for having made the right choice by choosing to study in London. I am in love with London!

Okay guys this is really important

It is important because we’re taking about my future.
So, I decided to start university last year (September 2014) here where I was born and where I live (Milan, Italy). I study languages and foreign literatures, where basically I study two languages (I chose English and German) and the literatures connected to them, then the second year you can eventually choose another language to study which is, for me, Russian. But what’s the point of this post? After a long meditation I eventually got to the decision that I don’t want to stay here anymore, I don’t want to finish my studies in Italy. I decided that I want move to London and study there, of course I want to study something that’s similar to what I’m studying here.
The question is: do you know any universities that have programmes similar to this one? Is studying really expensive over there?
I’d like to hear your opinions, so please please please if you read this reblog it so more people will see it and hopefully I will find someone who can help me.
Thank you so much xx

Starting UNI in London, now what?

Now everything! Your fun life will see a huge boost, tons of new friends will “invade” your world, so many places to see and parties to attend.

We’d suggest you give Boris’ bikes a try, many found them to be at least fun if not more - when you ride in groups in the public parks.

Try our museums. Try our clubs. Try our local beers, they’re fantastic. Try independent films in the smaller cinemas, gems everywhere. Try baking for friends. Try jogging more. Try sleeping enough.Try keeping organised and do your homework. Try self discipline, it’s rewarding. Try helping others, you’ll feel extraordinary! Try calling mum more often.

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