ok so today was the last day fr year 12s zip cards in london so i went on all the trains in london i hadnt been on before + trams so here it is. tfl: the Reviews

district line:
the old green ones are 100% better but i appreciate the aircon. the amount of yellow hurts my eyes and im Sure the seats are smaller than they are on the near identicle metro. 
for a nice calming trip, take an old district line train all the way east at midnight and put ur feet up on the chair in one of th bits where they face eachother. itll clear out around elm park so u can spend the rest of the line w ur head out the window at the end of the carriage. equal parts calming and rebellious. bonus: time it right and u can take a c2c back in

hammersmith and city:
basically the same as district lbr. sometimes it turns into a district before reaching barking and thats v nice. also theres this one h&s driver who makes rly funny announcements late at night. the whole train was grinning. what a lad. what a don.

idk what old metro trains was like, prolly nicer than this. BUT they have the seats that face eachother so theyre better. anyway, i vote we rename it the suburban line.

a train for KINGS and nostalgic folx who like small spaces. nicest design, nicest seats, smells like a vintage bus (go smell em theyre in the transport museum and smell like Home and old leather) i would willingly live on the bakerloo line. my only criticism is it never goes anywhere i go so ive only been on it like twice. @sadiq xtend the bakerloo line to barking

jubilee line:
its a nice and modern design, but not so great when its hot. a pretty nice journey w a good view. i only rly use it when the districts out so idk. its the one w the funky stations w the like barriers tho right? sik

piccadilly line:
good ventilation and alright design. its not a great train to take for the heck of it but functionally its really comfortable and practical. also their seats are quite soft.

central line:
ok. like. this line gets a bad rap fr good reasons (crowding and ventilation and noise and that) BUT i really like it, especially in the autumn. it dont have the weird beige walls of the newer trains that make the light so harsh, so theyre p dark and have a kinda old fashioned comfort to them. i enjoy my time on the central line, but its best to get on at the front or back.

northern line:
tbh i really like this lines design. i feel comfortable on the northern line, altho its like maybe the smallest of the tube trains and has p harsh light. it gets double points for going all the way down thru south london. also its so funny taking it north and playing Spot The Emo before they get off at camden.

victoria line:
rly harsh lighting but u can get a nice breeze going and thats rly nice. seats are quite comfy. overall not impressed. also tf is a pimlico

circle line:
ive legit never been on the circle line but ive seen em go past and theyre basically metro trains. the Original yellow train and i resent it for forcing its colour on district

overground (east london):
i aint been on all of these but theyre p nice, comfy, dark in a nice way (im thinking of the liv street to romford one mainly). kinda uncomfortable when theyre full. one of these passes by my old school so i can flip them off from a safe distance

overground (south london but not southern rail):
again i aint been on a lot of these but these trains are buff n i love the orange. 10/10 would ride again

PENG. big comfy seats and obvs dead fast and like? way privater than the tube. u curled up in ur own lil row. i take it out to southend a lot and thats a Nice journey. con: full of rowdy twats late at night.

HOO BOY. i love every dlr line. these tiny trains. these trains for ants. theyre so cute and cosy and u go right inbetween the buildings and theyre such a nice shade of blue. best during comiccon season

trams will never not be cool and the south london trams have a rly cool design esp the new ones theyre 👌 but like. they have that harsh light again so i prefer the old ones for trips after dark

emirates airlines:
i mean. like. its cool. its p fun. but dont rly go nowhere that helpful afaik

aint got a clue bruv i think i walked past one of the station things or w/e once and it seemed cool thats the xtent of my boating knowledge

i mean like where would we be wout buses. esp in south or outer east. bless the buses. God Save The Buses.