Video: A Day in the Life of the London Underground by Will Gallia

Mesmerising stuff. One dot equals one person’s journey. More details on the project here.

Neon Subway Maps by Petr Koll

Really nice work here. What I love most is that these aren’t just neon copies of the official maps (that’s London above, not really looking like Beck’s map at all) but are the artist’s own interpretation of each system. Click on the image or my source attribution below to go see all the other systems on the designer’s website – he’s made installations based on many cities, including Paris, New York, Tokyo and others.

Side note: shame on the so-called design websites that literally took every image of this project from Petr’s website and posted it on their own, giving readers little incentive to explore the original source of this remarkable work.

Source: Petr Koll’s portfolio website