I’d love to see people sharing posts about prayers for Manchester and the like the way they do for attacks on larger cities such as London, Paris, Berlin, New York, etc. I don’t think people are fully comprehending what a major event this is. Manchester is the second largest city in the U.K. after London, the last major attack on the city was the 1996 IRA bombing, over 20 years ago. This is on par with the 2005 London Underground attack. 22 people died. It was a soft target. It was a concert. It targeted women and children. Please pay attention to this and what has happened. I lived in Manchester, I had a life there, I have friends there, so I am very personally invested in this, but I want everyone to care about what has happened. I want them to actually care. Take a few moments out of your day to think of these people who lost their lives, these children, simply because they wanted to go to a concert.

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Pray you don’t run into the screaming woman of King’s Cross.

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