Proof that Jim was on Tarsus IV in the reboots

Or at least my interpretation of said “proof.”

*cracks knuckles*

So, because I love making things as angsty for Jim as humanly possible, I’ve found a kernel of proof that Jim did in fact experience Tarsus.

Granted this kernel literally lasts a couple of seconds, but it counts. That’s why it’s a kernel.


In the Daystrom scene when they higher ups are discussing the London attack, the first thing they have up on their screens is John Harrison’s bio. We know from interviews and such that the bio information on that screen is the same as the bio information in the STID app. This app has the following information:

‘John Harrison’ was born in 2228 in Dover, Great Britain, Earth to Richard and Sara Harrison. Harrison was one of nine survivors of the attack on the colony on Tarsus IV in 2246, where both of his parents were killed in the attack. He graduated from the London School of Economics in 2250.

After graduating, he was appointed associate researcher, Starfleet Data Archive (London), East Annex in 2255. He was tasked with collection, organization and analysis of declassified data received from Starfleet commissioned starships and from Federation member states.

Obviously the important part is in that first paragraph.

Now, when everyone is in the room and first has access to this info when Marcus is starting the meeting, we are shown a second long (or so) shot of Jim looking at his screen. He double takes at the information, then looks up, immediately seeking out Spock.

Spock is already looking at him. Not at Marcus. He’s looking at Jim. As if Spock has read the information on his own screen, knows about Tarsus IV and Jim’s connection to it, and is looking to Jim in question, asking if John Harrison’s information is truly accurate. And by the look on Jim’s face, something is wrong, and they both look away, waiting to hear more information.

This assumes that Spock somehow already knows that Jim was on Tarsus IV, but I don’t think this is very far-fetched. When Spock choked Jim on the bridge, there was skin-to-skin contact. Imagine what was going through Jim’s mind in that moment. Imagine if that wasn’t the first time in his life he’s been strangled, or more generally, close to death. Imagine that Tarsus IV was on his mind and Spock picked up on it. Imagine that after the events of that movie, they talked about it, and that’s how they started forging their path to friendship.

Am I assuming a lot here? Abso-fucking-lutely. But I think it’s pretty good reasoning and tbh there’s nothing to explicitly refute it.

And I gotta have my Tarsus IV fix ;)

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I guess at the back of our mind, we all knew it was only a matter of time, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little freaked. I’ve walked by that exact spot on Westminster Bridge so many times. But I’m so heartened by how rapid and organised the emergency response was. We’re gonna keep doing our thing, London. 

I don’t want you (Part 2)

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Jace Wayland x Reader ( Previous chapter )

Warnings : cursing , Pregnant!Reader .

Part 3

     You arrived at London and the first thing that you have done was to search for someone from the Down World to tell you where the Institute was but as nobody told you , you had spent a few days at a motel.

So now after 4 days in London finally someone told you where the Institute was . As you walked quietly to the Institute you thought about a credible story to tell so the shadowhunters will let you in . As you passed trough the gates you know that they will come out to see who tried to get in the institute and they were shocked when they saw just a mundane .

     “ Hi !” you said as you walked closer to the shadowhunters and they were somehow shocked that you could see them . “ Can I please talk to the leader of the Institute ?” you said shyly as their gaze was fixed on you and it was very intimidating . 

     “ You can see us ?” a girl with dirty blond hair and brown eyes said and you nodded . “ I have the sight .” you said and they lead you into the Institute to the leader , whom was a very beautiful man , with piercing green eyes and dark brown hair , his name was Blake and he was really young as you expected the leader to be older , like Alec and Izzy’s parents .

     “ Why did you brought a mundane in the Institute ? Are you crazy ?” He yelled at the blond girl and the red haired boy that followed her . 

     “ I asked to talk with you , I’m (Y/N) , I’m a mundane but I have the sight from when I knew myself . I came here because I’m in danger and you’re the only one who can help me , you and your people .” you said and Blake looked at you stunned by your beautiful (Y/e/c) eyes , he made a move with his hand , and the boy and the girl got out , Blake looking into your eyes trying to figure it out if you are laying about needing help or not .

     “ Well how can my people help you ?” he asked intrigued by your person .

     “ Right now I’m a target for all the demons around .” you said and he looked at you motioning for you to continue talking . “ I got pregnant with a shadowhunter , but he died , he never told me from which Institute he came ,and back in my city everybody knew what happened it was clear that demons were going to find out soon so since I didn’t knew where to go I came here . I know that you’re not forced to help me so if you don’t want to I understand , I’ll just leave and find another Institute .” you said and Blake tried to process all the things that you were saying .

     Normally that he was going to help you , right now you were extremely valuable for all the Shadow World , because you carrying a shadowhunter meant that they are going to regain their forces as the new generation was being created .

     “ You don’t have to worry , you’re under the London Institute and the Clave’s protection , no one is going to hurt you .” Bake said and approached you , his hands rubbing your arms softly trying to comfort you .

     “ Also I want to became one of you , I’m strong , I did martial arts for 6 years and kick-boxing to , for one year I did wrestling , I know that I can do it and I have potential of becoming a shadowhunter , I read the Codex for more than ten times , I know the oath , and I know I can do it. So will you please talk with the Clave about turning me , please ?” you said and Blake was even more mesmerized by you . 

     “ If you can take me down , I will talk to the Consul and ask for turning you next week .” Blake said and you smirked as you knew that you can take him down , and this is how your plan of revenge started . 

     You changed in some proper clothes for training and headed to the training room . You let Blake begin and try to get to put you down so you could observe his moves and it was a very good thing because now you had Blake at the ground your feet lightly placed on his neck . 

     He was amazed and couldn’t tear his gaze from you . “ I can’t believe that you actually put me down !” Blake said as you two were walking back to his office .

     “ Well I have had some great people to train me .” you said and smiled .

     “ We should get a better story for the Clave and the Consul . Let’s tell them that you have been one night stand of mine and you got pregnant and now I got to fix the things , I’m your fiancé and I trained you so you will become a shadowhunter .”Blake purposed and you accepted . He let you go to your room and called the Consul to fix things out .

     “ Guess who’s turning into a shadowhunter next week on Monday .” Blake said and you looked at him from the other part of the room . 

     “ They believed it ?” you asked and Blake nodded , you were so happy that you couldn’t control yourself and you jumped in his arms , your lips catching his in a passionate kiss to which Blake kissed back as passionately as you did .

     “ Alec ! Izzy !” Jace yelled as he entered in the training room , distracting the brothers from training . 

     “ What do you want Jace ?” Izzy said coldly , but Jace was already used to Izzy talking that way to him .  

     “ Get dressed , we need to go to Magnus , he need to help us on a mission .” Jace said and the two Lightwood went to their rooms to get changed . They meet with Jace at the lobby and they left to get to Magnus .

     As they arrived Alec went over and kissed Magnus , before putting his hand around his waist pulling him closer .

     “ Ok , I needed you to come just to be credible , the mission was a pretext to get here . Magnus I need you to track (Y/N) . I wet to her apartment a few days ago and they told me that she sold the apartment and left , I asked everybody if they knew about her , Luke and the pack tried to track her smell around the city but they couldn’t and I don’t know where to search for her anymore .” Jace said as he looked extremely worried but still Izzy didn’t felt any compassion for Jace , it was his fault so he could deal with it by his own .

     “ Didn’t Alec and Izzy told you ?” Magnus said trying to seem innocent even if he knew about Alec’s and Izzy’s plan .

     “ What to tell me ?” Jace asked as he looked at his parabatai and his sister .

     “ I searched for her 4 days ago , either she id dead or she wears a necklace that doesn’t lets magic to get to her .” Magnus said and Jace looked at them in shock .

     “ Why didn’t you told me faster ?” he said as he was now getting angry .

     “ She is just a whore for you , so why you should matter about her ?” Izzy asked , hitting Jace with the words that he told to you  a few days ago .

     Jace dropped on the floor muttering to himself that it was his fault , as he didn’t calmed down no matter what Alec and Izzy would do , Magnus put a spell on him and made him fall asleep . The next morning at breakfast Maryse showed up looking at the three kids that she grew up and at Clary .

    “ So who wants to attend at the ceremony of some mundane who becomes a shadowhunter by Monday ?” She said and all four nodded their head .

     You were in the middle of a room Blake in your back telling you that everything is going to be ok , one hand protectively placed in your tummy . More and more shadowhunters appeared looking at you . Then you spotted him , Jace entered in the room holding Clary’s hand , Izzy , Alec and Maryse following them , you knew that he couldn’t see you from there but as they approached you saw Jace’s eyes going wide as he saw you . 

     “ He is here .” you whispered to Blake as at one moment you told him the truth about how you got pregnant , Blake looked at Jace not caring that he was here , Blake just knew that you are his now , nothing else mattered .

     As the Consul appeared into the room , the first thing that Jace had done was to get up and to held your and Blake’s gaze .

     “ You can’t turn her into a shadowhunter , maybe she knows how to fight but she is pregnant , and it could kill both her and the child if she’s not strong enough . “ Jace said shotting daggers from his eyes in Blake’s direction .

     “ Jace Herondale I’m happy to know that you care about our future generation but this is not your place to choose , it’s (Y/N) and her’s fiancé’s choice .” The Consul said and then Jace saw the ring on your finger , in that moment he felt like killing Blake but he had to stay in control .

     “ She is pregnant with my child and I’m not going to allow something like that to happen to my kids .” Jace said and that’s when Blake knew he had to attack .

     “ Herondale we all know that you don’t like the idea of mundanes turned into shadowhunters but it’s pathetic to claim that my kids are yours when everybody knows that you’re with Clary .” The Clave agreed with Blake and Jace sat down . It was a torture for him to watch you saying your oath and drinking from the Mortal Cup knowing that he wasn’t the one to be here for you .

     As you drank from the Mortal cup you felt heath spreading trough your body and suddenly you felt something changing in you .  Then you got dizzy and lost contact with the world . Blake ran and caught you in his arms before your body could hit the ground . Blake left with the silent brothers holding you in his arms as you needed to get your permanent runes .

     When you woke up you saw Blake looking at you as he held your body in his arms . 

     “ Hi ! You scared us a little back there .” he said and you smiled softly then kissed his lips .

     “ It wan’t my intention .” said and Blake smiled kissing you again .

     “ Maybe we should make this real , not just pretending that you’re my betrothed .” Blake said and you nodded your head .

     Jace was the the New York Institute , on his room , thinking how stupid he could have had been . He was the one who shot you down , who made you leave taking his kid with you but he never imagined that he will see you in another mans arms , being engaged with him and that man pretending that he was the father of his unborn child .

     Jace found himself craving you , craving you two to become a family right when he knew that you didn’t belonged to him anymore and it was tearing him apart , he couldn’t image his kids growing up without him , neither you in Blakes arms . He was fixed on the idea that he haves to bring you back to him , but a long way was waiting for him , full of obstacles who will keep him back from being with you .     

***** Who wants Part 3 ?

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Terrorists do exist in the us. We usually shoot them before it gets too far, unless it's in a gun free zone. Then they get their body count like you see in Europe.

That’s right. The situation would have been better if every single person on crowded Westminster bridge had a gun. It would have improved the situation to have shots going off everywhere amongst the crowds of tourists and school kids. In such a chaotic situation, even a well-intentioned bystander might accidentally shoot innocent people. Instead, we had a fanatic who emerged from his car with knives- clearly he was unable to obtain a gun- who was shot by armed police who are specially trained for this. 

You can’t make it easier for Random Civilian Good Guys to get a gun without also making it easier for the Bad Guys to get them. Maybe that’s how you prefer to do it in the US, but we like our strict gun control laws here. We prefer that the ‘good guys’ who have guns in our country be confined to the police and the military. And I do believe in many US terrorist shootings, for some reason, it’s also usually the police who finally stop the suspects, not a bystander with a gun. 

It’s all and well to focus on terrorism, but the US continues to have a much higher homicide rate than the rest of the developed world. And the vast majority of it is from firearms. Even if you factored in our terrorist attacks, we don’t even come anywhere near the homicide rates in the US. If you want to talk about to us about body counts, maybe take a second look at your country before you dispense your advice about how we do things. 

Muggle Food

Plot: Reader being a muggleborn and inviting your boyfriend Draco Malfoy to go with you to London and sees muggle things for the first time.
Word count: 511
Warnings: Overly cute Draco Malfoy

“What are those things, y/n?” Draco asked, pointing to one of the huge TV up high with neon lights framed around it. You giggled around his dumbness around muggle things.

“That’s a television.” You say. “They use wirings and stuff to project pictures.”

“What? Don’t you mean they use paintings?” Draco confusedly still stares at the gigantic TV in the air. “What are wiring? And look at those! They look all so realistic!”

“No, Draco, paintings don’t move here. That’s real people being projected through the screen. You know, wires are those little copper base things where electricity flows and.. yeah. Why don’t you google it?”

“What is a Google?” He asked. You facepalm through his adorableness. “Is it a food? Is it a what?”

“Google’s a website that answers almost all of your questions.” You explain. “A website, well, it’s uh, a.. search it on Google." 

"Okay, with this box thingy which I press?” Draco put out his phone. “Phone, right? Phone? Y/n, Merlin’s sake–”

“Yes Draco, phone. Are you hungry?” I asked him. He nods. “Okay, what if we get some–”

“A butterbeer would be nice.” He said. “Where those pubs at?" 

"No, Draco, pubs are away here and uh, there’s no butterbeers here in muggle London.” You elaborate. “You see, we’re getting pizza. In Pizza Hut.”

“Pizza?” Draco cocked his head at you. “Y/n, what’s that?”

“Yes, and that is the epitome of all good things. It’s.. you’ll see.” You say, walking down as you hold his hand. At the mean time you were walking with him, you kept on answering his questions, he pointed to billboards, to malls, and even a woman’s iPad.

They pushed the heavy glass door of the huge fast food chain store, there were more people than you expected. It was unusually crowded and the waitresses were acting extra fast. The manager who was standing by approached you and Draco, extra smiling. 

“Hello, sir, ma'am, table for two?” She asked brightly. Draco uncomfortably nods.

“Do you have a chocolate frog?” Draco asked. You widen your eyes as you giggle uncomfortably at him.

“Okay, let’s go, Draco, we’re going to our seat by the corner…” You say, pulling Draco out. You eventually scolded him about trying to act muggle-like because they’re not in a wizardring community but in London. He nods a yes.

As soon as they served their pizza, he grabbed the slice and bit the most little bite you can ever imagine. His eyes widened and he looked very delighted by the taste so he bit bigger. He finished his food faster than you.

“They should be proud of this creation, y/n.” Draco said. You look at your phone a little since you thought your mom texted you but it was some kind of game notification. Without your knowledge, Draco stoloe your half eaten pizza an date it. “Y/n! I ate your pizza.”

“Draco Malfoy!”

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I was curious for an opinion - what's your take on Reaper's lore? There's so many ways I've seen it so far and like...what even??? I've seen it portrayed as somewhat like Dissociative Identity Disorder, and I'd like to hope that that's canon, because representation, but at the same time... I just want a second opinion

Personally I think he’s just a man who’s ideal way forward differs from the acceptable one society imposes on Overwatch as an organisation

Jack said that during the crisis, they did anything they could to win. Gabe was a man who wanted to keep that going; crossing lines to keep the world in a better place.

Jack was, instead, given the big blue coat and the statue because he knew when to stay behind those lines to avoid political suicide. Reyes was given Blackwatch so that he would be less of a liability.

It’s a difference of morals. Jack wants to keep everyone happy at the cost of progress, and Gabe wants to keep the world going quickly while doing morally grey things. The London Uprising was an example of when it had to be done; Jack realised this, but Gabe had already done it.

The fall of Overwatch probably ended up happening because of a massive difference on stance; Gabe saw Jack as a slave to bureaucrats in big offices telling him what to do, and Jack saw Gabe as a liability that couldn’t be let loose. So they “killed” eachother. And I love how it’s not just “good vs evil”. It’s two different moral standpoints coming at each other and destroying everything around it.

but yeah hes a dead edgelord lmao

- Mod Rey

if any of my four thousand followers aren’t aware, there was a major incident in london yesterday. people have died. a police officer. civilians. an unnamed man drove on the sidewalk on westminister bridge, crashing into the railings outside parliament, then stabbed a police officer before being shot just inside the grounds of westminister.

i was out in liverpool at the time and saw an increased police presence at the train stations and on the ground around town. i don’t have the words required to express how i feel about all of this, but i haven’t seen anything on my dash about london (not one thing) and i don’t know how i feel about that when i see plenty about attacks in france and germany and so on. but regardless, please don’t act violently or harshly to any minority for this. single persons or groups are responsible, not everyone in a minority.

don’t let the ones who commit horrific acts win by giving in to hate and prejudice. please don’t

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14 :D

14)things you said after you kissed me


“Yeah. Yeah, I’m here.”

“You-John. You kissed me.”

“Did… is that…”

“Whatever you’re thinking, stop thinking it. Now. I mean it, John.”

“You told me you loved me.”

“Yes. Yes-I-I did. That’s true.”

“I couldn’t- Jesus, Sherlock. You know I- I find this… difficult. Words, I-”

“Oh, John. You showed me.”

“No, don’t. Please, Sherlock. Please. Let me finish.”

“Alright. …John. It’s okay, you’re okay.”

“I’m so in love with you- oh, Christ, Sherlock. You-you have to know. I’ve been in love with you for years.”

“John. Oh. Oh, oh, don’t cry, I’m-”

“For years, Sherlock. I’ve wanted to kiss you for… since we ran after that bloody ‘Welcome to London’ thing.”

“I-why…why didn’t you kiss me then? Why didn’t you?”

“I… I don’t know. I-”

“It’s okay-”

“I was too scared-”

“-me too, but John-”


“I’d like to kiss you back, now. Very much.”

“Oh, God, yes.” 

Doing johnlock (& now hoopkins too <3) prompts from this lovely list even though I’ve got loads of other prompts to fill lmao sorry but these are so lovely for more inspiration <3

Numbers filled (johnlock): 6; 31; 12; 11; 60; 8; 51; 34; 54; 60x2; 3; 14

Numbers filled (hoopkins): 14; 25; 41

target | alfie solomons

anon requested shelby!reader getting arrested with the rest of them and alfie getting her out, confronting tommy

It was like the floor fell out from under the room as Tommy reeled off the charges. Everyone was suddenly at attention, raising from their seats and swinging around, looking at each other for an understanding they couldn’t find themselves.

You’d perched against the bookcases at the back of the room, wanting as much distance between you and Tommy as possible. You loved your brother but sometimes you couldn’t stand the sight of him and the last couple of months had been especially fraught. This was the last step. You’d get your share and be out of here. Back down to London with Alfie. Let things cool down, let Tommy sort his head out.

That wouldn’t be happening now.

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i mean do you think dan is okay? he's been tweeting some depressing things while on vacay and you'd think he wouldn't be tweeting those kinds of things considering he's with phil and not having to worry about things in london?

mm it just reminds me of those sad tweets he tweeted back in 2015 and a lot of people got genuinely worried about him which sparked this tweet:

but donut worry, i think he is definitely okay. he just gets dramatic and emotionanal sometimes. him and phil are havin fun but they’ve both been extremely busy lately and it’s probably caused a lot of stress so i don’t blame him

Wait for me.

Part 1

A/N: sorry nothing too extreme happened just wait for pat 3 

The days after your fight with Tommy, you didn’t leave your house. You didn’t take calls and you ignored anyone that came to the door. You needed time to get your head together to figure out a life that didn’t involve Tommy. You had noticed the men across the street that didn’t move the same place day in and day out. They were definitely there by order of Tommy and it was getting frustrating seeing them every time you looked out the window it was a constant reminder of the bastard. You stared out the window as the man stared back a switch flipped inside you. You grabbed your jacket before storming out of your house and across the street to the man who had been staring.

“Go on then fuck off back to tommy! I know it’s him that sent you and I swear to god if you don’t leave right now I will shoot you in the fucking face!”

“Miss. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“I swear to fuck!” You lowered your voice pulling out a gun and holding it to the man’s face. “Tell Tommy to leave me the fuck alone, now GO!” The man nodded and quickly walked away down the street leaving you standing with a crowd watching you. You sighed and made you way back into the house deciding it was time to get back to life. You got changed into fresh clothes and was brushing her hair when there was a knock on the door.

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[ Molliarty AU ] — James Moriarty was dead. The signed off report was now proof of that. With Dr Molly Hooper pulling the right strings and being the one woman he count on helping pull off his plan, there hadn’t been even the slightest hitch in putting the whole thing into action. London was a thing of the past, for now, and slipping into hiding was the next step into disappearing. As for the so-called couple: their silly love affair and hide-and-seek game behind everyones back, was now over. Their time was up. But the months went past and simply keeping basic tabs on his favourite pathologist wasn’t enough anymore. It was a dangerous move, coming back. But then again.. people do get so sentimental about their pets, don’t they?

Wonder Woman Review

I was questioning whether or not to do this, but on the advice of @byzantinefox and @bantarleton, I’ve decided to make a post addressing the events portrayed in the film. I’m not a film critic or scholar (my wondertrev buddy @twoquickdeaths could probably say more about those aspects of it than I could), but I am a history major with a great interest in the First World War. Hence, I will be addressing the events of the film, their historical context, and the way they are portrayed. WARNING: Spoilers below!

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British Invasion | 5

Overview: In the middle of her freshman year of high school Riley Matthew’s mother gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to run her firms London Office. Much to everyone’s surprise her mother accepts the job, forcing Riley and her younger brother Auggie to leave behind everything they’ve ever known. Almost three years later the Matthew’s family moves back to New York and Riley comes to realize a lot has changed in the time she’s been gone.
Author’s Notes:  [As always the text in italics are flashbacks.] Riley’s world is slowly starting to fall to pieces the more her heart gets broken. In the words of Stefan Salvatore ‘how many more ways are there for you to rip my heart out?’ Well, plenty. The next chapter will revolve around whats been happening to Lucas since Riley left. As it turns out, she’s not the only one who’s changed.
Chapter Five: “Sound of my heart breaking.”
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Word Count: 4,374


“Just go – your new life is waiting for you.”

After abruptly ending their video call Maya sat there, staring at the empty screen before her. She couldn’t wrap her head around what had just happened. She hardly ever got into it with Riley, they were always so good at talking through their feelings but maybe that was the problem. She didn’t know how to talk through what she was feeling because she didn’t know how to describe what she was feeling in the first place. How do you tell your best friend that you hate that they’re happy without you? It didn’t make sense to her. She loved Riley and would do anything for her but the thought of Riley thriving without her, the thought of her living her life without her seemed unfair. They were supposed to take on the world together and Riley was getting a head start.

Her phone screen lights up, notifying her that she had a text.

Riles: I don’t want to fight with you, Peaches.

She types out a long message, apologizing, admitting to being in the wrong and just as she’s about to press ‘send’ she gets an Instagram notification telling her Riley had been tagged in a photo. Closing her iMessage she opens the app, curious to see who had tagged her and what the picture was of.

It was a picture of Allison and Riley, sitting on her bed eating take out and the caption read: Reunited with my best friend.

Feeling angry and forgotten, Maya did what Maya does best and she shuts down.

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