London Fog

A/N:  This was written during the Write-In hosted by the incomparable @lepus-arcticus, and it is literally nothing but fluff and ridiculousness. 

Their third week together, Mulder tosses something at her as she walks in the door.  She ducks and barely catches it, shooting him a scowl when some coffee sloshes on her plaid blazer.

“What’s this?” Scully asks.

“I noticed you didn’t have one.  I know you probably didn’t have use for one in sunny Califor-Nay-Yay, but for most of the climates we’ll be travelling to for our field work, especially in the Pacific Northwest and here on the East Coast, they’re going to come in handy.”

Scully finally glances down.

It’s a London Fog catalogue.

“Trenchcoats, Mulder?”

“What, you have something against them?”

“Not really, but they’re a little…Spy versus Spy, aren’t they?  What, are we gonna get matching hats to go with them?  Start talking like gangsters?  ‘You’ll never catch me, Coppa?’” she says before biting off a smile.

“Nah, these are really nice.  They’re weather resistant, they keep the chill off, and they’ll keep your suits nice and clean.  They even come in size extra petite, or whatever you are.  I checked.”

Scully thumbs through the catalogue, fretting.  “Mulder, don’t you think an umbrella does most of those things just as efficiently?  And I have thicker peacoats I can wear over my suits.  I just don’t know that I’ll use it enough to justify the expense.”

Mulder takes a sip of his coffee, shrugging. “Just pick one out then and tell me which one you decide on.  I got a guy back in the UK.  He’ll ship it over to me.  No import tax.”

She stares at him before flipping through the glossy pages again.  She has to admit, some of them do have a certain appeal. Especially that camel-colored one.  

“I just think that this whole aesthetic lends itself to some excessively grandiose concept of what a G-man should look like that you have built up in your head, Mulder,” Scully says, indignant that she’s actually considering this.  “That dark trench you have, it’s like your cape and cowl.  Maybe it’s more your thing than mine.”

“Then get a lighter one, Scully.  I really think it’d be both functional and…becoming on you.”

“There’s a pick-up line I can sense coming that you should probably keep to yourself,” Scully murmurs, just loud enough for him to hear and smirk at.

She finally pauses on one page with an audible intake of breath.  It’s beautiful.  A lighter color, halfway between wheat and grey.  The perfect neutral.  Cinched waist, double-breasted, it even comes with a detachable hood.  

“Hand it over, Scully,” Mulder smiles.

And she does.  

Monet on the Run - 45. Trying hard
Monet seized every opportunity to exhibit during his exile in London.
If it’s true that he arrived in London without his family and his wife and son joined him shortly afterwards, then we can assume that Camille’s luggage contained the canvases that her husband painted during their recent honeymoon. Among those, the ‘Entrance to the Port of Trouville’ that was exhibited on several locations, and the various Trouville beach scenes, two of which were among the first paintings that Monet could sell to Paul Durand-Ruel.

It is possible that Monet (or his wife) also brought a few older works to London (or had them sent to him), like this ‘Jetty at Le Havre’.

But in the end, despite their efforts and the support of Durand-Ruel, neither Monet or Pissarro were succesfull in London. They had to wait for another year or two before a first, short-lived financial breakthrough would came their way.

Claude Monet,  La jetée du Havre (The Jetty of Le Havre), 1868. Oil on canvas, 147 x 226 cm. Private collection

Peter Rosegger (31 July 1843 – 26 June 1918) 

Austrian writer and poet from the province of Styria. He was a son of a mountain farmer and grew up in the woodlands and mountains of Alpl. Rosegger went on to become a most prolific poet and author as well as an insightful teacher and visionary.

He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature three times. He was nearly awarded the Nobel Prize in 1913 and is (at least among the people of Styria) something like a national hero to this day. (Wikipedia)

From our stacks: Cover detail from The Forest Schoolmaster By Peter Rosegger. Authorized Translation by Frances E. Skinner. New York and London: G. P. Putnam’s Sons. The Knickerbocker Press, 1902.

Radix Nationals Mini & Junior Group/Line/Production Results

Mini Group 

1st P21 Can You Do This

2nd P21 Unbroken

3rd DR Velma

4th Jill’s Instant Replay

5th DSF Trust & DR Bring Em Out & DR Vibeology

Mini Line

5th DSF masquerade

4th Jill’s Dancing Machine

3rd P21 Bird Set Free & DR Slam

2nd Scheffield’s Greedy

1st P21 DLYD

Mini Extended

1st DSF Hello Dolly

2nd Expressions Get Em

Mini Production

1st DR Rhythm Nation

Junior Groups

1st P21 Bohemian Rhapsody

2nd P21 The Singer

3rd DR Soldier & DSF Spare Change

4th Can Dance Outside Digging

5th Studio 413 Beautiful & CanDance Do What You Have To Do

Junior Line

1st DSF Passing in Thoughts

2nd DR Forest Fires

3rd DSF My Tempo

4th DR Ordinary World

5th The Movement Gypsy Tribe

Junior Extended Line

1st DSF London & Sandra’s Junior Mafia

2nd DSF Working Day and Night

3rd Scheffield’s We Own The Night

4th CanDance A Musical

5th DSF You Don’t Own Me

Junior Production

1st DSF Cute

2nd CanDance Mary Poppins

3rd Jill’s Haunted Mansion

Performance Division:

Mini Jazz

1st P21 DLYD

2nd DR Rhythm Nation

3rd P21 Can You Do This

4th Sheffield’s Greedy

5th Jill’s Instant Replay

Mini Contemporary

1st P21 Unbroken & P21 Bird Set Free

2nd Elite Feet Where I’ll Be Waiting

3rd Dance Studio C Planet Earth & Dance Studio C Hallelujah

4th Bunker Chance

Mini Hip Hop

1st DR Slam

2nd DR Bring Em Out

3rd Expressions Get Em

4th Dance Studio C We Fly

5th Sandra’s Doghouse

Mini Lyrical

1st DR Crippled Bird

2nd Studio 413 Grow

3rd Dance Studio C Free

4th Dance Studio C We Dance

5th Sandra’s Dream

Mini Musical Theater

1st DR Velma

2nd Dance Studio C Don Juan

3rd Tenacity The Swan

4th Expressions Zero to Hero

5th Dancing with Roxie Can’t Stop the Beat

Mini Specialty

1st Sandra’s Bolero

Mini Tap

1st DSF Hello Dolly

2nd Jill’s Going to the Temple

3rd Bunker Sweet Home Chicago

4th Sandra’s Mister Postman & Dancing with Roxie Rosie

Junior Ballet

1st DSF My Tempo

2nd Premier Avenue

Junior Contemporary

1st P21 The Singer & DSF Passing in Thought

2nd DR Soldier & DSF Spare Change

3rd CanDance Outside Rigging(?)

4th Studio 413 Beautiful & DR Forest Fires

5th Artists Company Strong & Movement Gypsy Tribe & Expressions Sincerely

Junior Hip Hop

1st Sandra’s Junior Mafia

2nd CanDance Flex

3rd Jill’s Danceoff & DSF You Don’t Own Me

4th DR Gucci & CanDance Rockaway

5th Northland Jody Eyeroller

Junior Jazz

1st P21 Bohemian Rhapsody

2nd DSF London

3rd DSF Working Day and Night

4th Sheffield’s We Own The Night

5th Movement Here I Go Again & Movement Cold Hearted Snake

Junior Lyrical

1st CanDance Do What You Have to Do

2nd DR Ordinary World

3rd Northland’s Believe

4th DR All We Do

5th Sandra’s The Luckiest

Junior Musical Theater

1st CanDance Mary Poppins

2nd CanDance A Musical

Junior Specialty

1st Jill’s Haunted Mansion

2nd Northland’s Gentle Roar

3rd Sandra’s Tango

4th Dancing with Roxie Hero

Junior Tap

1st DSF Cute

2nd DSF Sunny Side of the Street

3rd Jill’s Sweet Georgie Brown

4th Premier Old School vs. New School

5th Sandra’s Drumline

Best of Radix Routines Recompeting in Gala



DR Rhythm Nation

DSF Hello Dolly

Sheffield’s Greedy

Jill’s Instant Replay


P21 Bohemian Rhapsody

CanDance Mary Poppins

Sandra’s Junior Mafia

DSF Passing in Thoughts

DR Soldier

Studio 413 Beautiful

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theanimangaofitall  asked:

I'm bored so I'll tell you something not many know. 3 or 4 years ago I was in London visiting my ex's sister. I had the worst day ad I wanted to go back to her apartment, but I was a bit lost and at the time I had a crappie cell phone with me that didn't even work properly. So I decided to just ask the first person I see for directions, so out of corner of my eye I see this guy, I call out to him and walk towards him. He turns around and all I see is this beautiful man I've only seen on TV /1

/2 So I just stare for what fels like a minute at him and he smiles politely and asks if I want an autograph or photo with him. I should have said yes, but that crappie cel couldn’t take photos and I didn’t have a pen, also my brain and mouth stopped working the way they should. I shook my head and I think I said ‘sorry no time’. Then turned around and walked away from Kit Harington aka Jon Snow. I had all the freakin time in the world, I malfunctioned completely and I want to kick myself for it

omggg ahahaha i am jealous but also……oh my dear friend……oh no….im laughing

anonymous asked:

Just because it's his job and he's used to it doesn't mean he can handle all of it or that YG knows how much he can take like he literally passed out from exhaustion last time. I'm happily going to the London concert since he's coming to Europe but I wish YG hadn't added any more dates and I hope he doesn't. Ji looks so tired and skinnier than ever it scares me.

ok guys what do u want be to do about it then? ure literally just making me feel guilty that i want to go

SKAM 4.02 Clip 2 - The secret

N: Wasn’t it nice this weekend?

S: At the party?

N: Yes?

N: I thought it was really nice. There were a lot of nice, new people.

S: Yeah, you liked them?

N: Yes! Such as, or like, that guy Yousef. Do you know him well?

S: Yousef?

N: Yeah, your brother’s friend.

S: No, not that well.

N: He was quite charming though!

S: If you think being immature is charming.

N: I thought he seemed quite mature?

S: Trust me. You don’t want a muslim boy.

N: Why not

S: Because, just trust me, they… They`re together with Norwegian girls just to take advantage of  them. And as soon as they’re serious, when they actually want a woman in their life… They marry a muslim girl and ditch you.

N: Don`t you think that’s generalizing a bit?

S: It’s not generalising. Muslims can only marry muslims. It says so in the Koran.

S: Why are we talking about Yourself, aren’t you together with William?

S: Or, what… What’s going on with you two?

N: Umm. You know. You know that thing with  why I came back from London?

S: Because he worked all the time? Wasn’t that it?

N: But, that’s in a way not the whole truth.

S: Okay…

SN: Hi! I was just wondering. Aren’t you on a bus?

N: Yes! It’s a russe buss, yes.

SN: Yeah, we’re looking for someone to buy our bus, and we’re finished in may so I thought I’d check with you.

S: How much do you want for it?

N: Yes, Sana is in on our bus.

SN: Yes, um, 300.000?

V: What’s that?

SN: We’re selling our bus.

V: Really! That’s something we’re very, very interested in!

N: 300.000?

V: That’s what a bus costs. When can we come and look at it?

SN: Sometimes this week? I can send you a tekst. Bye!

V: Bye!

N: Hello? We can’t start buying buses for 300.000! We’re 5 people!”

V: That’s what a bus costs. I mean, all the buses are being sold at the moment. So if we’re going to try to buy a bus in may 2018, that’s not going to work. We have to buy a bus now, or there won’t be a bus!

M: I could join the bus, if you need people?

S: I agree with Vilde

N: We don’t have 300.000 kroners!

S: It’s not like they need the money by tomorrow. We’ll sort it out.

N: How are we supposed to sort that out?

V: You know what, Noora? You must read a book that I’m currently reading. It’s called The Secret. And it’s about if you just let the universe happen, everything will manifest in your life. You just have to be responsive.

M: You know so much about the universe.

M: How?

V: I’m very interested in the universe.Like planets and stuff. And stars…

V: (In Swedish accent) The stars are shining!

M: You`re my star, did you know that?

V: That I’m yours?

M: Mhm

V: You`re mine! You’re my sun! The sun is a star.


These secret wartime tunnels were hidden beneath London for 100 years. Here’s what’s inside.

  • For an entire century, a network of secret tunnels hid below the streets of London.
  • These private passages were busy shuffling the city’s parcels around for more than 75 years, but no one from the public ever had a chance to sneak a peek inside — until now.
  • For the first time since construction began in 1914, London’s underground Mail Rail tunnels will be open to visitors as part of an exhibition with the Postal Museum. The display kicks off July 28. Read more. (6/22/17, 12:02 PM)