221B still intact at the beginning of ep. 4.3

Sherlock is sitting in his chair in the living room of 221B. And the slate says scene 8-16. So the potential explosion of 221B is at least not the opening scene of ep. 4.3.

So it seems the episode starts in London. Sherlock’s hair looks shorter to me. Maybe it’s to show that he’s fully recovered from whatever happened to him in ep. 4.2. (Look, he’s fine, he shaved and even got a hair cut –> parallel to the beginning of TEH and the end of his undercover work).

The explosion could happen after these first approx. 10 minutes of the episode which makes them take off to the country side. Or they go there for a case and the explosion happens, when they return. (which could be the cliffhanger for the series).

Martin Freeman will be reading a range of much-loved Christmas classics at St Paul's Cathedral

Get into the festive spirit at our Christmas carol service
Trees illustration

Join us at iconic London landmark St Paul’s Cathedral for a glittering festive evening filled with celebrity readings and headline music performances as well as some traditional Christmas carols.

After the carol service we’ll be hosting a very special gala dinner celebration in the crypt of St Paul’s Cathedral, London to help raise more than £150,000 to support our Childline service.

This year we’re delighted to announce a host of talented performers including acclaimed tenor Russell Watson, BBC Young Chorister of the year Angus Benton, and West End star Daniel Koek (previously Jean Valjean – Les Miserables) who’ll be singing your favourite carols as well as some special musical renditions.

Celebrities include James Norton, Natalie Dormer, Julia Donaldson, Martin Freeman, Fiona Phillips and HRH Countess of Wessex will be reading a range of much-loved Christmas classics.

So, practice singing your favourite carols, get your glad rags on and join us and Dame Esther Rantzen to celebrate 30 years of Childline at this wonderful family event.


Upside-down Christmas tree suspended from Tate Britain ceiling

London’s Tate Britain has celebrated the start of the festive season by hanging a Christmas tree upside down from its ceiling.

Created by artist Shirazeh Houshiary, the Christmas tree was unveiled today inside the gallery’s Millbank building. It reimagines a similar piece she created for Tate over 20 years ago.  The work focuses on the pine tree’s natural qualities – such as its texture, colour, smell and shape – while also highlighting its roots in gold leaf.“I would like us to contemplate that the pine tree is one of the oldest species and recognise the roots are the source of its continued stability, nourishment and longevity,” said the Iranian artist.“

As the roots remain hidden, it is best to seek what is hidden rather than what is apparent."Tate formerly commissioned a contemporary artist to design its Christmas Tree every year since 1988 but paused the tradition when it commenced Caruso St John’s £45 million renovation in 2013. Houshiary’s tree is the first commission since.It is suspended down the centre of the spiral staircase added by the Sterling Prize-winning firm and reaches down towards the underground public spaces.

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What is Britain like? I've never been there or read up on it. I just know about big Ben and the London Eye... that's about it.

It depends where you go!

London for example is very big, huge buildings, so many people, a lot of queues, a lot of business people who seem to always be in a rush, etc. I personally love it there because there’s so much stuff to do. 

And then you get small towns which is where i’m originally from and there’s way less people there, they’re like tiny cities, you’re likely to bump into people you know in the town centre, there’s a good choice of shops, etc.

Then you get villiages which is basically where everybody knows everybody and there’s not many shops or places to go within that villiage, but they’re generally some of the nicest and friendliest places to live.

Also despite popular belief, we all don’t have the same accent :P basically every place has a different accent and honestly sometimes i can’t understand them lmao

Is there anything you’d like to know specifically? :D


Have you finished writing your Christmas cards yet? 

On this day. 9th December 1843, the first Christmas cards were created in England. Sir Henry Cole, Director of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, found that writing numerous Christmas greetings to friends and colleagues was too time-consuming. He asked his artist friend, John Calcott Horsley, to design a card which could be used by Cole and also sold to the public.

Horsley produced 1,000 lithographed and hand-coloured cards which were more like postcards. They sold for a shilling, which was the equivalent of a day’s wages for a labourer. It was another twenty years before Christmas cards became more affordable, following the invention of cheaper colour lithography.

The State Library of New South Wales holds a large collection of historic Christmas cards, including this charming album of English Christmas and New Year cards from the Rare Book Collection. The album is arranged chronologically from 1870-1917 and it was presented to the Library by a Miss F.J. Lowrie of Roseville in 1974. The album has a stamp of Cormack Brothers, 37, Ludgate Hill, London inside cover and was produced with the embossed green and gold cover seen here, the blank pages were left inside for cards to be pasted. 

Whilst some cards feature what we would consider traditional European winter Christmas scenes and colours, many feature pastel colours, spring plants, animals, children and humorous vignettes such as the Shrimps’ (prawn) Tea party. Christmas card scrap book albums like this were often created by women’s charities for the enjoyment of children in hospitals, orphanages and care homes. They almost disappear with the advent of cheaply obtainable picture books. 

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Okay recap: Niall papped buying baby stuff and posted a pic with cute baby Winston. Gemma also mentioned Papa Winston on Twitter. The shade. Harry was papped in the Larry sunset shirt and the Donut hoddie next to the LOUIS restaurant before publicly landing in London & showing us he's still there yesterday (smells like January all over!), Dawbell added Harry, CAA too, both isn't new info though. Louis is apparently performing on the xfactor, B, D are in town and Liam just attacked Louis W.😳👀

Sounds about right. What comes next?

London’s vegan game is strong (the best I’ve ever had) but they’re seriously lacking in the availability of acai bowls! I needed to have one to make me feel at home 💛
Thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday! I had dinner at a vegan restaurant called Manna and then drinks at Sky Garden. Let me know if you’ve been there.. It’s unreal 💭💕 (at London, United Kingdom)

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I am honestly starting to wonder if Briana is even there. Or if the baby is even there. Or if they have to wait for the baby to show up with its real parents. Or if they're going to end it all without us actually seeing anything and instead just claims they were there and Louis took a test.

lol me. I’m coming up with 100 theories per minute because it’s all been very weird. I still think they’re waiting for something, for sure. This silence it’s very weird (because we know they wouldn’t waste time showing off they’re in London with Louis Tomlinson’s son). So yeah what’s going on

3 Storeys
A game of architectural consequences
Inspired by the textures of John Piper and the modernist buildings of 20th Century Britain and designed by Esther Cox.
See it for yourself at The London Children’s Bookfair at The Parasol Unit (off Old Street) on Friday 16 & Sat 17.
#tlcb #parasolunit #designfortoday #thelondonchildrensbookfair #esthercox

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Do you know why Margot is in Beverly Hills/USA? Doesn't she live in the UK?

Yes, she lives in London. However, she’s in LA to train for her role in I, Tonya.