The weekend could not come fast enough. For most of the students, it was because a week’s holiday was coming up, where everyone would be released from the grounds to return home. A week without lessons, studying, the nagging of professors… A reprieve, for most, and for Dantalion, a chance to change things.

He had made all the necessary arrangements; carriage from Stratford to the nearest station, then a train into the heart of London from there. Sure, it would have been less expensive to take the carriage directly into London, but this manner cut their travel time by half. And besides, they could walk about a train and stretch their legs, whilst they be crammed in close quarters in a carriage for near a day. Scenic views, a comfortable seat, and a dining car to tide them over until they reached London proper.

Once they arrived, they would take the streetcar to their hotel, a luxorious five star far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but not quite that they ended up in the slums. Perfect for exploring the city and what it had to offer them.

It had taken him some favors to secure the coin, but after a few phone calls, Dantalion had managed not only hotel reservations, but dinner as well. He even begrudgingly booked two separate rooms for the length of their stay, just to appease William.

He just hoped it was all worth the effort.

As the last bell rang signalling the end of lessons, the students began to file out of their classes and into their dorms. Many would not leave until the following day, the journies long and arduous for those living further away from their beloved school, but a few lone carriages waited on the drive near the grounds for their occupants. Near the back was Dantalion, waiting impatiently with his own luggage (which merely consisted of a few changes of clothes and outerwear and little else), watching the flow of students for one particular hot-headed blonde.

“William!” he called as soon as he could pick him from the fray, waving to him with a excited smile.

it’s official!

a great big thank you to everyone who voted in our little poll regarding our opening date! we’re excited to announce that, after a clear majority in favour of opening early, YMW will officially be opening it’s doors tomorrow! in an effort to find a time that comes close to working for all of us, we’ve decided on a time that breaks down to somewhere close to the following;

GMT+10 - 8AM

of course, we’re only human, so things might be a minute or two off, but this is the aim and we’ll do our best to keep on schedule! we’re super freaking excited to see you guys on the site and to get to know you and your babies! keep posting in the tag and keep an eye out for the app code so that you can start filling it out before you even make it to the site if you so desire!

hiiiii. ( imagine harry styles’s long drawl of ‘hi’ ) my name is larissa. aye lil mama let me whisper in your ear real quick about this great rp that I have been in for over a year — a year and three months if you want exact time !!! i’ve played louis tomlinson for that entire duration and not only have i had so much opportunity to develop my character and really dig deep into the inner recesses of his brain and heart, but i’ve formed so many great connections with the other characters in the rp !!! it really truly is the best rp you could join and i know everyone says that, but i  feel like since they’ve owned my ass for 15 months, i can say that. if i haven’t sold you yet or you still want ideas, here are some fcs ( ++ optional connections !!! ) that i would personally love to see in the rp.  ( under the read more because i have chronic motormouth syndrome !!! )

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Hidden down a seemingly normal alleyway in London is the entrance to The Voluptatem Hotel, but only with an invite will you be able to see inside it’s walls.

Since 1783, this hotel had prided itself on providing every pleasure and desire being fulfilled, the owner Elizabeth Garcia has been running the hotel for 98 years, being the one to change it from it’s normal service to the rules and secrets it now possesses.

This extravagant hotel’s guests are not of this world, many hold special powers and abilities, lulled to this place with promises of a secret escape, a welcoming relief from the naive eyes of those outside these walls.

However, if you haven’t the family name, or the wealth, the hotel has a surprise for you as soon as you sign the register book. You are now a slave, bound to the hotel and forced to obey every whim of the masters with fear of punishment.

While the masters are free to roam the grounds and enjoy everything it has to offer, including the slaves, those less fortunate are restricted to less than ideal living conditions, only able to indulge once claimed by a master.

To apply, send the following to our ask!

NAME is here at the Voluptatem Hotel, I am AGE and SPECIES I’ve been told I look like FC. I am GENDER I have been told I’m aMASTER/MISTRESS/SLAVE because of myFAMILYNAME/WEALTH/NOWEALTH. I’ve been described as2POSITIVETRAITS and 2NEGATIVETRAITS My sexuality isSEXUALITYAnd I am DOM/SUB/SWITCH, preferring my partner to beDOM/SUB/SWITCH, my turn-on’s are 2KINKS and I am played by
PREFERREDNAME The password found on the rules page is:


You know what I look forward to every year? The Victoria Secret Fashion show I also love keeping up with fashion week so I can see if the latest styles are for me or not and I just love looking at all the models both male and female! I’m sad that we only have a Gigi Hadid fc so far why not bring us her friends? Like Kendall Jenner, Candice Swanepoel, Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and male model Francisco Lachowski? We’re appless and would love to see these beautiful people on the dash!


  • Name  ⟶ Sian Hansem
  • Age  ⟶ 23
  • Sexuality  ⟶ non-binary
  • Occupation  ⟶  Performer
  • Apartment #  ⟶ 29
  • Faceclaim  ⟶ Lauren Jauregui
  • Secret ⟶ Sian is transgender which only her family and some team members know.

From a young age Sian as alway’s felt like she is a girl at heart, she never felt right being a boy. When she was 3 she told her mother she wanted to be a girl, all her mother wanted was for her to be happy so she agreed to let Sian dress a girl but decided to home school her until it was the right time to send Sian to school. Her mother helped her get everything she needed, she was the alway’s the one that helped Sian which is what made Sian the woman she is today, strong, happy and caring. Sian started school once she had been taking her medication to stop any boy hormones happening and start the female process. She classed herself as a female when she started school and nobody thought anything different.

When the official process of Sian becoming a full female her mother and sister were the only ones on board, her father not so much. It was also the time she started posting cover’s on Vine to help her focus a bit more. After Sian went under the knife she faced a horrible sigh, her father was told to leave, she knew it was for the best for her, her sister and mother. The situation only made her more passionate about singing — it helped her through it all. Sian took the opportunity to try and get a record deal. She had a lot of hit’s and bump’s in her road to getting the record deal but eventually her dream became a reality when Epic Record’s were willing to sign her. She told around four people about her secret so they knew incase anything in the new’s came about, luckily nothing ever did.

Sian is a loud character, she’s always more than happy to cheer someone up if they’re down, she’ll do anything for anyone she care’s about, stand up for what she believes in and she will alway’s have a smile on her face no matter the situation, she’ll think of positives instead of negatives, all because of her past, her past shaped her into the woman she is today.

Sian — she’s a pretty big deal to some people. She loved writing song’s but never got to record one of her own it was alway’s something that had been written for her. sian had decided it was enough and she wanted to record something she had written but her producer’s and team were not up for that. She felt like a puppet. She tried everything to break her contract when she was told she had to do everything they wanted, though when she asked the to break the contract they stated how if she did that there would be no way her secret would ever be safe. What would she have to do in order to get on their good side she questioned to herself. The only thing they offered is if she went to London did one more album and they would think about letting her use her own thing’s. That was no on Sian’s list but after a long debate on weather to accept the offer or not, knowing if her secret got out she may be slammed by the new’s her fans, she decided to accept their offer and packed a bag and left for london.

She wasn’t happy that this was how it was going down, but she was determined to use her own original stuff, and she would do anything to let that happen.

Andrea “Andie” Lancaster ♔ Lily Collins ♔ TAKEN

Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Birthplace: Chelsea, London
Affiliation: ICON
Job: Student at RADA




The elder Lancaster daughter, Andrea (or Andie, as almost everyone calls her), has become somewhat of a reluctant fashion icon in recent years. Her natural grace, charm and timeless style have made her a favourite of fashion publications and style blogs alike, who frequently respond positively to her fashion choices. She has grown up in the shadow of her elder brothers, and as such, can be slow to open up to people, and she likes to guard her privacy closely at all times, particularly as she lives in the public eye. Like her siblings, her relationship with her father does not go very deep, but she gets on better with him than any of them, mostly due to her non-confrontational personality rather than any genuine regard for him. She does not get along very well at all with his latest girlfriend, however.

Andie’s shyness does not mean she is self-deprecating, and she definitely knows her own worth. Likewise, although shy, she is not afraid to stand up for what is right if she finds her morals or ideals threatened. She is a passionate campaigner for Unicef, and frequently attends charity events and hosts fundraisers for them. Andie’s greatest joys are classic films, spending time in the countryside away from London, and her charity work. 

Andie attends the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, and has always dreamt of being a stage actress. She is a romantic at heart, but has had very few relationships, and has never been in love. She dreams of one day meeting someone who understands her completely, and starting a family with them, as she absolutely adores children. 


@andielancasterofficial: Be sure to check out @StyleBlog’s feature on the best of my awards season fashion x
@andielancasterofficial: The countryside is always so lovely at this time of year… Like a picture from a storybook! #cotswolds
@andielancasterofficial: My mother and Audrey Hepburn RT “@brainsb4beauty: @andielancasterofficial Who are your greatest inspirations in life?”


Henry Lancaster (father): Mentioned above.
Harry Lancaster (older brother): Andie gets on well with Harry and loves him dearly, though she won’t get involved in the fight between him and their father.
Owen Lancaster (older brother): Andie gets along well with Owen, though sometimes has difficulty understanding his behaviour. 
Lydia Lancaster (younger sister): Andie loves Lydia, though sometimes can be overwhelmed by her.
Adelaide Napier (grandmother): Andie and her grandmother usually have a good relationship.
Tom Cowden (friend): Andie recently got back in contact with Tom, an old friend, and the two hang out quite frequently. Andie is unaware Tom has feelings for her.

  • Name ⟶ Casper Elijah Dellinger
  • Age ⟶ 22
  • Sexuality ⟶ Pansexual
  • Occupation ⟶ Performer
  • Apartment: ⟶ 34
  • Faceclaim ⟶ Brendon Urie
  • Secret ⟶ When Casper was sixteen, he attempted suicide as a result of overwhelming stress from his mother and school. He was hospitalized then and spent time in a mental hospital as a result.

Casper grew up in Fairfax, Virginia to an overbearing mother and distant father before bouncing around Tulsa, OK and Washington D.C. for songwriting gigs. He was discovered in DC and then signed. He was both relieved and depressed to get away from his hometown. Maybe a fresh start. Maybe people wouldn’t whisper rumors about him wherever he seemed to walk. Maybe people would finally forget about him. After his incident, poetry became his go-to healing tool. Listening to the greats such as Queen and Frank Sinatra, he began to apply melodies to his poetry and started performing for smaller audiences in his neighborhood before trying for bigger bars around DC. He was eighteen when he was accepted to the University of Tulsa. He didn’t think he would stay long, however. He graduated with an Associate’s degree in Creative Writing and went back to DC for a while to pursue the music scene, which is when he was signed and shipped off to London.

His mother was bitter about her son leaving her again, so she sent the information and medical records about his suicide attempt to Management in hopes of maybe getting him back to her. She hoped that the fears of a ‘suicidal head-case’ image would maybe cause the management to drop him. He’d of course have no choice but to come back to his loving mother. Instead, it tightened the hold that the management had on him, allowing them to blackmail him with the past that he’d have rather left there in Fairfax. Casper resents the publicity and business parts of his fame, hating how everything has to be approved and how art has stopped being art as much as a formulated plot for fame and fortune.

He occasionally still has depressive episodes, not wanting to leave his room or bed for an entire day or more. He doesn’t eat regularly. He’ll often go an entire day without eating not realizing it until his knees feel weak and his head hurts. Nausea is regular for him because of anxiety, and it often takes away his appetite. He tends to sleep when he gets anxious and overwhelmed. Sundays are his days, where he doesn’t have to worry about his management bothering him. He writes and composes on those days in return for basically sleeping as much as he wants. He’s soft spoken, but his stage presence is confident and empowering. He gives off a feeling of complete cool, allowing his inspirations from Frank Sinatra and Freddie Mercury to truly be shown. A lot of times, he’ll have a post-show high in which he’ll be hyper and extroverted, the way he is with close friends.

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who are your most wanted celebs?

We do have a most wanted list which you can look over here but the mods have compiled a tiny little list for you who we would most like to see! We’d love a Toby Regbo, Ezra Miller or Anthony Mackie but if you’re looking for a lady, maybe Kaya Scodelario, Holland Roden or Danai Gurira? The rest of the group might have some other suggestions however - members, who would you like to see?