London RP 2017 (03/13/17)


• Must be over 18 years old
• Send character’s name, the mod you are going to use, age, career/college, family info, etc. to the main site before making the character
• Follow every other character in the role-play
• Main city: London (however, your character is free to travel or live in multiple cities)
• Need help with plots? Send us a message. We will be more than happy to set you up with other people/characters in the role-play. 

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Note to active members:
If you have not been active with a character for over two months, please consider deactivating and letting (hopefully) new members have a chance with those mods. 

sentence prompts ➝ london grammar

rooting for you

‘  I will be here with you  ’
‘  But I’m scared of loneliness  ’
‘  You are the only thing I’ve ever truly known  ’
‘  But all that is left is my perspective  ’

big picture

‘  What did you do to me?  ’

‘  I’m made of many things, but I’m not what you are made of  ’

 ‘  Only now do I see the big picture  ’

‘  But I swear that these scars are fine  ’

‘  Only you could have hurt me in this perfect way tonight  ’

‘  I might be blind, but you’ve told me the difference  ’

‘  Do you really think they don’t know what you’re made of?  ’

‘  Don’t say you ever loved me  ’

‘  Don’t say you ever cared  ’

wild eyed

‘  It’s not much from a broken nothing  ’

 ‘  What are your dreams?  ’

oh woman oh man

‘  I can see that you’re giving up  ’

‘  It should not mean that much to me  ’

 ‘  But everybody’s been telling me no  ’

‘  But I’ll always have a thing for you  ’

 ‘  Do you really understand?  ’

hell to the liars 

‘  Here’s to the things you love  ’

‘  Here’s to those you fight enough  ’

‘  And I’m no better than those I judge  ’

‘  Here’s to you and me  ’

everyone else

‘  Time is worth everything  ’

‘  Look what you’ve done  ’

‘  And you won’t find me here  ’

‘  It’s enough you look at me that way  ’

non believer

‘  We both know that you wanna love her  ’

‘  You chased an idea  ’

‘  Give you my all and you’re taking my everything  ’

‘  Maybe what we are and what we need they’re different things  ’

who am i

‘  There is life in the dark  ’

‘  I am trying my best  ’

‘  Who am I to judge you now you’re leaving?  ’

It had been nearly eighty years since he was last in a large human city.  Back then he had found it too noisy, busy, and dirty for his liking.  But standing there in nothing but trousers as vehicles screamed by, he wished he was back in the city of old.  He wasn’t sure how he got there or where “here” was.  He was disoriented, confused, alone.  Signs were flashing at him, people were talking non-stop and the vehicles…he had never seen anything like it.

It got to be too much and he squatted down, putting his hands over his ears as he curled inward, and praying someone found him and took him back to his home.

Central London Café

Just about ready to leave, Amelia took one last look at herself in the mirror. Hoping she was dressed appropriately enough for walking around London. She’d opted for comfy flat shoes instead of her usual combat-style boots, and a light summer jacket in place of her leather one. Underneath it, a flowing top. It felt almost, odd, to be in casual clothing.. Odd in the best way though.

Checking her watch, she wondered if he’d arrived yet. Slinging her small messenger bag over her shoulder to go wander to the entrance foyer of Hellsing manor. Wondering what Russell had planned for them.

How Strange

Screams pierced the bitter night air, interrupting Erica’s conversation with a pretty O negative as the girl’s face morphed from flirtation to worry. Erica glanced behind her to see various park goers running back into town, their voices piercing her sensitive ears painfully, and her meal slowly backed away before joining the herd of terrified humans.

“Ugh, what now?” Erica grumbled as she walked into the park. She never took too kindly to people interrupting her hunt.

As she grew closer to where the first scream came from, a new smell mixed with the pine and dirt: wet dog. It wasn’t a familiar scent to Erica but she knew it didn’t belong to any normal canine, it had a different stench to it, almost metallic. Curious, she followed the smell deeper into the woods until she found it’s source.

The creature, a werewolf, was the cause of the panic. Erica couldn’t blame the humans. It wasn’t a pleasant beast to look at with it’s lanky limbs and fur and slobbering jaw full of beastly teeth. Another scream brought her attention to it’s prey and she realized with a groan that this werewolf had been seen by way too many humans. One was bound to have gotten a picture.

Erica tackled the creature with her inhuman strength and struggled to pin down it’s limbs. If she wasn’t trying to clean up his mess, the challenge of power would have been amusing. Humans were boring prey. But she couldn’t risk this immature pup letting the whole human race know supernaturals existed.

“Stop struggling! You need to calm back and shift to your human form. Just listen to my voice.”

She ignored it’s clawing and yanked it’s face to look her in the eye like she had seen her human friend do to antsy dogs before. Once she was sure of her grip on him, she started to softly sing the first thing that came to mind: A Werewolf In London.


Delicious Friends RP Starters

Culled, clipped, compiled from the deliciousfriends RP chat, a bouquet of starters for your RP blog. Reblog as an askbox meme, so someone can send out a number and start a scene, or simply lift the prompt of your choosing to write and start a scene of your own. Be creative, be clever, be canny. (Or … uncanny). 

  1. “My bat delivered the wrong message to the wrong person and that person is you. You haven’t read it, have you?”
  2. “You nearly knocked me off the Flit!”
  3. “We met in a honey-dream. Why are you climbing that Parabolan tree? That’s mine.”
  4. “You outbid me at an auction of proscribed and seized literature.”
  5. “You tried to pickpocket me, and now I’m giving chase.”
  6. “Your newspaper wrote an unflattering article, and I’m writing a strong letter.”
  7. “You invited me to your house for dinner, but is this pork? It tastes odd. Where did you get this meat.”
  8. “I was honey-mazed all night and woke up on your fainting-couch, I don’t know you.”
  9. “Somebody hired me as a private investigator, and you’re the prime suspect.”
  10. “I have fallen off/out of my vehicle of choice, and you’re either helping me, or laughing your ass off.”
  11. “I think I saw you perform at Mahogany Hall, can I have your autograph? (That may not have actually been you.)”
  12. “You insulted my ship and I can’t let you get away with that.”
  13. “Yes, hello, stranger, could you please let me into your house, I swear I don’t have constables on my trail or anything.”
  14. “An elderly tomb colonist is drunk and challenging you to a fist fight over me.  What the hell.”
  15. “Why do you keep showing off your tattoo?  It’s making high society people faint from the shock of skin.”
  16. “You have an orange.  From the Surface.  And you keep trying to defend it from everyone who wants to steal it.  (And I’m just trying to get you to share because it’s been so long.)”
  17. “We’re both at the Empress’s court and holy crap am I bored.”
  18. “I’ve got no tickets at Mrs Plenty’s Carnival, you saw me eying the attractions, and gave me yours.“
  19. "I’m challenging you to a duel. Not that kind of duel. Meet me first lamp-light in the Square of Lofty Words.”
  20. “I’m challenging you to a duel. That kind of duel.”

Its nice to unwind and get some US time. Having a toddler is hard work and although I love spending time with her and watching her grow it’s nice to have some us time. So bae told me to get dressed up (I thought we was going to the shard) he blindfolded me and there I was… Standing outside nandos. I was overdressed but SO happy. He knows I love my cheeky halloumi cheese.

About Taron Egerton :)

DOB/Birthday: Nov. 10th, 1989

Age: 25

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Green/Blue

Height: 5’10” (1.77 m)

Nationality: Welsh

Hometown: Aberystwyth, Wales, United Kingdom

Birthplace: Birkenhead, Merseyside, England (United Kingdom)

Bilingual: Taron can speak both Welsh and English and because of it, Taron can also speak a number of accents/dialects: American-New York, American-Standard, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Norther and RP.

Education: Taron attended Ysgol Penglais Comprehensive school in Aberystwyth, Wales. Aberystwyth Arts Centre in Aberystwyth, Wales before heading to RADA (The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) in London, England.  

Skills: Taron is a strong tenor through music and dance as well as specializing in stage combat.

Renowned Member of the National Youth Theatre

Interests: Literature, Traveling, Drawing and Sculpting


just a reminder that I’m still alive and I’m just preoccupied between drawing, work (to get money to go back to London in October), write RPs, and oh so much more things to draw (again, for London)

soooo yeah I haven’t had any time at all to blog coz any free time I have on my non-working days are used to draw, draw, and draw until my butt leaves a permanent mark on my bed/chair/floor/wherever I sit when I draw

STAFF SEARCH → Wizarding London

Hello, hello, hello! As a few of you know already, I’ve been thinking of starting a roleplay for a little while, as I found a plot that really inspired me. I started to work on it, and the more I think, the more I just really want to make it possible, and make it work. I already found an amazing co-admin in Doe, but as we both would really like this roleplay to become something good, and somewhat big, we’re probably going to be more. So, I hope you’ll enjoy the whole idea we had and started to develop, and maybe will think of applying!


Wizarding London will be a roleplay based on the universe of Harry Potter, set in the city of London. We hope to make it a diverse roleplay with probably quite a lot of people, and respect the demographics of the actual city of London.

  • The RP will be only made of original characters, unrelated to the Harry Potter books or movies, though we will respect the universe and the historical characters, we’d like to stray away from these characters we all know and love. We will mix up bio characters, written by the staff, and original characters written by the players.
  • The RP will be set nowadays, in 2014, as, very simply, it’ll make everything easier for our players.
  • As the name says, the RP will be set in London, though we will do our best to explore the whole city and not only the historical Central London.
  • Characters of all ages, social situations, religions, skin colors, gender and sexual orientation will hopefully be represented. 

As for the plot itself, we would like to make it a roleplay focused on the city of London and the relationship between muggles and wizards. Characters of both types will, of course, be represented. Some muggles will know about magic, as they might know wizards, or be of their family, but most of them won’t, and the one thing to explore will be how to make the relationships between wizards and muggles will be possible while also keeping the secret. Explore how these two worlds can mix up and collide. At some point - though it might be later on and will be discussed with both admins and members - the secret might be revealed to all muggles, as a way to let the roleplay grow and to explore even more things. 


Of course, you can guess it, as the title of the post so tells you, we’re, with this post, starting to look for a nice admin team. For now, we are two, and we pretty much know what we both have to do for the roleplay. We don’t know exactly how many more admins we’ll need, but we’d really like the roleplay to become something big, a nice community of itself and a little online city of London. Here is though, what we’d really like our future admins and applicants to know, and what we will need from them.

  • Be willing to create a new blog to work on the RP. Each admin will have theirs to answer questions, talk about their work in progress/what they’re currently working on, post teasers and such. It can completely be a sideblog from your personal/RPH/Character blog, as long as you can be on a bit.
  • It’d be great to have an HTML and/or graphic admin, as neither Doe or I are good with these things. Though, if you don’t, it’s okay, completely, and you can apply as well, but having an admin (or more) for this would truly be perfect.
  • Have ideas about the roleplay, possible events, simply, be innovative.
  • Be willing to do research to write bios, or simply help our players, and in general, learn new things for the roleplay.
  • Be familiar, at least a bit, with the universe of Harry Potter, even if you never roleplayed in it.


It’s pretty simple actually, just fill this and send it over here

  • Your name and/or alias: 
  • Preferred pronoun(s): 
  • Activity level: Of course, you can lie with this, but please, be honest, and just tell us how much time you could give us to work with us on the RP, which days you can’t be on and which days you’re on most.
  • Contact details: Preferably skype and/or the tumblr you’re on most.
  • Writing samples: Try to link us to any writing sample you might have (bios, Paras, fanfiction, anything, honestly)
  • What can you bring to the roleplay? What are the things you can do? The ones you’d like to do best? Write bios, work on the theme or maybe the pages about London or the HP Universe? Are you familiar with London? Good at graphics and/or HTML? Talk to us about why we should pick you and what you’ll bring us. Include examples if you can, for example for graphics.
  • Do you have any ideas for the roleplay already? Did what we give you inspire you already? Do you have any ideas you’d like to share for now? Whether ideas for characters, how to help people with OCs find connections easily and such. It can truly be anything, and it’s perfectly okay if you don’t.
  • What makes you want to join us? Simply, what is your motivation? Why are you sending this in? Just show us why you want to be picked.

Oh, and if the idea of the roleplay interests you, even if you don’t plan on applying but would like to become a member at some point, feel free to reblog this to spread the word! Then, if you have any questions, feel free to send these here. Look for updates here.