it’s official!

a great big thank you to everyone who voted in our little poll regarding our opening date! we’re excited to announce that, after a clear majority in favour of opening early, YMW will officially be opening it’s doors tomorrow! in an effort to find a time that comes close to working for all of us, we’ve decided on a time that breaks down to somewhere close to the following;

GMT+10 - 8AM

of course, we’re only human, so things might be a minute or two off, but this is the aim and we’ll do our best to keep on schedule! we’re super freaking excited to see you guys on the site and to get to know you and your babies! keep posting in the tag and keep an eye out for the app code so that you can start filling it out before you even make it to the site if you so desire!

hiiiii. ( imagine harry styles’s long drawl of ‘hi’ ) my name is larissa. aye lil mama let me whisper in your ear real quick about this great rp that I have been in for over a year — a year and three months if you want exact time !!! i’ve played louis tomlinson for that entire duration and not only have i had so much opportunity to develop my character and really dig deep into the inner recesses of his brain and heart, but i’ve formed so many great connections with the other characters in the rp !!! it really truly is the best rp you could join and i know everyone says that, but i  feel like since they’ve owned my ass for 15 months, i can say that. if i haven’t sold you yet or you still want ideas, here are some fcs ( ++ optional connections !!! ) that i would personally love to see in the rp.  ( under the read more because i have chronic motormouth syndrome !!! )

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Hidden down a seemingly normal alleyway in London is the entrance to The Voluptatem Hotel, but only with an invite will you be able to see inside it’s walls.

Since 1783, this hotel had prided itself on providing every pleasure and desire being fulfilled, the owner Elizabeth Garcia has been running the hotel for 98 years, being the one to change it from it’s normal service to the rules and secrets it now possesses.

This extravagant hotel’s guests are not of this world, many hold special powers and abilities, lulled to this place with promises of a secret escape, a welcoming relief from the naive eyes of those outside these walls.

However, if you haven’t the family name, or the wealth, the hotel has a surprise for you as soon as you sign the register book. You are now a slave, bound to the hotel and forced to obey every whim of the masters with fear of punishment.

While the masters are free to roam the grounds and enjoy everything it has to offer, including the slaves, those less fortunate are restricted to less than ideal living conditions, only able to indulge once claimed by a master.

To apply, send the following to our ask!

NAME is here at the Voluptatem Hotel, I am AGE and SPECIES I’ve been told I look like FC. I am GENDER I have been told I’m aMASTER/MISTRESS/SLAVE because of myFAMILYNAME/WEALTH/NOWEALTH. I’ve been described as2POSITIVETRAITS and 2NEGATIVETRAITS My sexuality isSEXUALITYAnd I am DOM/SUB/SWITCH, preferring my partner to beDOM/SUB/SWITCH, my turn-on’s are 2KINKS and I am played by
PREFERREDNAME The password found on the rules page is: