(( OOC: So. I know how fond you are all of Fem!Remus. Me too, guys, me too.

And doing We’ll Be Ghosts made me think a lot about the latter part of her story within the Fem!AU.

What happens when Sirius dies? How does she deal with that? And what about… Tonks? Genderbent Tonks?

And then I thought… do we need to genderbend Tonks?

As @lizziebennetnotinjapan rightly pointed out, Tonks has never been one to conform to gender rules. And besides, half the reason I created the Fem!AU was to have more wlw. 

……….So why not stick with the theme?

Tonks: Merlin… chatty one, aren’t you?

(( OOC: ………I’m enjoying this idea. ))

okay but, whatever it was jensen was wearing (or not) and showed misha, my question is why?? why would he wear something outrageous if he wasn’t planning on showing it off??

So I try my best to avoid altercations with others bc :-) anxiety :-) but I’m honestly at a loss for what has just happened. From working tirelessly alongside someone else as an admin in a roleplay and spending hours upon hours writing and editing graphics, I’m now sat here unable to access the account because they changed the password and blocked me. Why did they change the password, you ask? I wanted to promote diversity.

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All Bets Are Off

((OOC: Dealing out some authentic 90′s wizarding world realness, Brit played by: @mightbeamalfoy, Charlie played by: @girlswillbeboys11, Keenan played by: @kapitan5o))

*Charlie, Lexa, Brit are sat at a table playing poker*

Brit: *gathers the chips in front of her*

Brit: Y'know, Charlie, I heard your little brothers had quite a knack for gambling, it’s a shame you never picked up any of their tricks– 

Lexa: oh maybe that’s your brothers giving you some advice now 

Brit: beg your pardon? 

Brit: *realizing* Hagrid?



Umm, Long Time No See? 😅

Yes, I’m alive haha. If you forgot, I’m Theo. If you don’t know me, I’m Theo lol I’m not exactly new here I just disappeared. As always, don’t mind the filth. I do work with cars all day. Two things have changed. 

1, I finally got a new uniform. 

2, My hair has grown out causing my sister to nickname me an “Alpaca”. 

Ha. Don’t call me that either. Other than that, I’m still the same. Hopefully I didn’t miss too much here..



1.4k words
Hungover Jensen, post Jib

Jensen opens his eyes and immediately closes them again. His head is pounding, it’s too bright in the hotel room, his entire body aches.

After a couple minutes of stretching and groaning and adjusting his eyes to the sunlight, he fumbles for his phone on the nightstand and ends up with a piece of notebook paper in his hand instead. In terrible handwriting, there are a few random words on the paper like “breakfast,” “crepe options,” and “hamburger meat with onions.” He bunches the paper up and tosses it aside before grabbing his phone and lying back down against the bed.

For some reason his email app is open, and a drafted email is waiting to be sent. It’s addressed to Jim Michaels, with the subject line “Get fuckd.”

In the body of the email is written, “I think I want to quit the show and open a food truck. I have a lot of great ideas for a food truck, and I’m writing up a menu right—”

Jensen deletes the drafted email and scrambles through his sent messages to make sure he didn’t actually email anyone. Thankfully, he didn’t.

He checks his text messages next and finds that the only person he texted yesterday was his wife. Thank fucking god.


I’m wearing the underwear you bought me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The pair I said I’d never wear in a million years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m wearing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jensen’s eyes widen and his face heats up as he stares at his phone, the words blurring together. He tears the covers away from his lap and looks down at himself. The only thing he’s wearing is a pair of peach-colored boxer briefs that are too big on him.

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