Daily Tree: The London Plane

One of my favourite trees.   The London Plane Tree is a modern hybrid species, mixed they believe from the Platanus orientalis (oriental plane) and the Platanus occidentalis (American sycamore).

It’s an excellent city tree.   It has a compact root growth, ideal for congested underground pipe systems and building foundations.   Polluted urban air is readily absorbed into its mottled bark, which stores the grim and sheds once full.   Much indeed like the tree’s leaves, for it is deciduous.

It's camouflage bark is distinctive and so are its seeds (see picture above), resembling spiky baubles and completing the ammo look.   This tree is indeed a city species.   Tough and tenacious - their leaves can take over a year to disintegrate. 

They’ve become increasingly popular, boosted by their combined resilience and pleasant greenery to beautify world cities.   Despite its name, the London Plane tree is found across the globe in temperate climes, from European neighbours Paris and Madrid to Australia’s Sydney and China’s Shanghai.   This makes it a true cosmopolitan tree.

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1. Seeds

2. Bark