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what happened in London???????

London 2025
A globalized elite serviced by English butlers, brokers and money launderers.

“Back in the 20th century you used to go to New York for the future and London for nostalgia. Now it’s the other way around. New York is the old fashioned place, full of quaint ideas about the American Dream (or the equally quaint suffering at the loss of it); a city with a linear story where you arrive as an immigrant and then make it as an American; a city still hanging on to a coherent ideology and identity. But London, or at least the richest corner of London, the golden triangle of Mayfair, Belgravia and Knightsbridge, the hub of the global plutocracy, gives a clue to the future of the 21st century — where all the old stories, identities, codes and values have capsized in the flood of globalization, but where none have come to take their place.

You glimpse the culture of the future in the design and architecture of the places where the new money circulates. Take Novikov on Berkeley Street in Mayfair. Arkady Novikov made his name as restaurateur to the big rich in Moscow — but now his place is popular in the Golden Triangle. Past the bouncers outside and the girls smoking long, skinny cigarettes, past the tinted glass doors and the jade stone placed near the entrance for good luck, the restaurant opens up inside so anyone can see everyone in almost every corner at any moment. Every night, the place fills with the inhabitants of this new world: Paris-raised Qataris, Monaco-registered Nigerians and Premier League Football agents, escorts from Brazil and Moldova, and the Swiss “lawyers” with offices in Moscow and Hong Kong.”

Peter Pomerantsev víziója Londonról és jövőjéről.



It took me AGEEES to think of what to wear but I’m so glad I settled for this idea!! And yes those are cat tights, I love them!! Can’t wait to see you I’m soooooooooo excited!! Look out for me :D

Love you lots,

Maegan xxx ❤ ❤ ❤ xxx


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I went to the LGBTQIA+ pride in London today and it was seriously so amazing. This was the only picture I got ‘cause I was so busy celebrating and drinking Pimm’s, haha!

Best part: a drag queen complimented my hair. Probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me, ngl :D

Happy remainder of Pride Day, simblr!


My Braised ox cheek, tender and nice! Loved it. Only pic I took cause I had salmon for starter so like I didn’t want to be taking a pic of that like I’ve never seen it before lol and after I took this I had waaaaay too much to drink still drunk now *lol*

But, this dude is the best thing since sliced bread, after our dinner we went to meet my bestfriend and they fucking love him!!! Before he and I arrived I told my friends to order Laurent Perrier rosé (my fave) so when they did the waiter literally came back like “you ladies wanted the bottle right” lol major shade… like yes, duh! You heard right.


His definitely staying, he got the pass! Lol! (Congrats to him) *👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾*
BUT UMM… I have to be up in 3hrs for my flight lol… good luck TSC! 😥😴