Futuristic Views of London Shot From a Helicopter at Night by Vincent Laforet

Earlier this month, photographer Vincent Laforet spent two hours in a helicopter at 6,000 feet above London to capture these surprisingly futuristic aerial views of the sprawling metropolis. The photographer’s approach to image processing and perspective creates electrified cityscapes that look like something right out of a scene from Tron or Blade Runner. But perhaps the most significant aspect of the shots is the attention to color and light. Laforet discusses this a bit on Storehouse: His ‘‘ Tilt Shift ‘‘ technique.

Big Ben is a wonderful example of the different types of lights and their color temperatures due to the older yellow (sodium vapor) and the green (fluorescent) mixed in with magenta (fluorescent) and white daylight balanced LED lights. I find this to be one of the most fascinating aspects of this AIR project: had we shot it just a few years ago, you’d have see much more monochromatic (mostly yellow) lighting throughout the cities … It would simply not be the same and not nearly as visually appealing.

This new series of London photos is part of an ongoing project and soon-to-be book by called Air, featuring similar aerial photos of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. Laforet will continue to travel around Europe over the next few weeks with stops in Paris and Berlin. You can see many more photos and read a detailed account of the London photoshoot on Storehouse. The entire Air Series in Europe is sponsored by G-Technology. (via Sploid) Thanks Colossal


50 Favourite Movies (no particular order) → Unmade Beds
(2009); Alexis Dos Santos #04/50
“For you, every person is like a planet and two different planets can never become one. 
Two people together will always be: one plus one. 
I preferred to think of us as bubbles, because when they touch, they merge into one another like when two people make love. But now I know what you meant.
Two people together will always be one plus one.”

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