Debuted my completed Rabbit costume at London MCM Comic Con this weekend!

(the heels were murder on my feet, which is why I eventually switched into a black pair of Converse)

Much fun was had~

Also, can I just say, it’s quite surreal to not only be recognized for the character I’m cosplaying, but being recognized personally. A surprising amount of people came up to me and asked me if I was Moony, knowing me from tumblr. I guess I really am “fandom famous” in the SPG fandom on tumblr, lolol what.


London Comic Con, 2013 24-26 May by Sneaky Zebra

Yeah you bet you want to go now.


MISC Cosplay Photographs;

Ok so loading a few cosplay pictures from MCM of our super cool GT group!  Bear in mind I have a pretty old and cruddy camera so most of these pictures aren’t amazing.  But that’s nothing to do with the darlings IN the pictures :)

So we have Lynne, Jowd (Mama Jowd), Aunty Detective Cabanela, Gijinka Sissel and Detective Cabanela Again, along with Guard Bailey (who is not on tumblr) and Gijinka Missile (who is on tumblr but I don’t know her username!) and Plushie Ghost Sissel for giggles XD

This is just a selection of random pictures of groups and single peoples.  We took some shots down in the car park with a lovely photographer lady, and she got loads more pictures than I did (I’m particularly sad not to have more of Sissel and Missile , but I know they exist!).  I have more pics of the detectives because I hung out with them most of the day XD

MORE PICS COMING SOON, I just need to organise things into photosets and I don’t want to smother people with all my pics at once.  If ANYONE is unhappy with the picture here PLEASE LET ME KNOW and I will remove them :)


Here are some photos of F!p and our friends at the dr and sdr2 shoot from MCM expo earlier today:

octofirax - junko on the far right
lowtuff - komaeda on the middle right
sparklybowties42 - genocider syo on the left
kibitalia - asahina
Our friends are the togami on the middle right and the naegi in the middle.

therewillbe-hope is the Komaeda on the far right
vikkisayso is the fukawa on the right
arminalert is the junko in the middle
milky-tsun is the junko between arminalert and octofirax
girlwiththemouseyhair is the junko on the left with the smaller monobear



Me at this years London October MCM Expo, I cosplayed as Jack Spicer (for those who didn’t know) And I freakin feature in this video!!



I enjoyed meeting the people that I did, and my costume was incredibly well received (thanks guys ;~; that wig was worth it in the end I suppose) – but I’ve ended up cancelling my plans to go today (Sunday) and I’m probably not going to go to Expo again unless I know i’m supporting an organisation that provides a service worth paying for and isn’t rude and uncaring about its guests.

Everything I wanted to say was mostly already said by tumblr user dolthalion in this brilliant post but here’s what happened to me this year:

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