The Runaways and the Everlasting by Monifa Anderson: Free on Kindle

From today until Friday 22nd July, The Runaways and the Everlasting is free in the Kindle Store. Nought. Zilch. Get it before the promotion’s over!


When Mariah leaves home at fifteen to join the Runaways, she expects to solve all her problems and finally meet Kitch, the boy she’s been talking to for the past six months. She doesn’t expect to be forced into a lethal and elaborate game run by a race of sadistic creatures who live forever.
With a gang including two metal heads, a fifties movie star reincarnation, and a tortured chain smoker who knows more than he’s letting on, the Runaways find themselves chasing jewels all over London and racing a sociopath of a socialite to the finish line. And as if that isn’t enough, they have their own demons to face along the way.