This is Petra and she is the beautiful queen of Lady Dinah’s cat emporium cafe in London UK! All the cats here are lovely at this ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed cafe but Petra just radiates queenly beauty! 😽♥️🇬🇧👑

Professional violinist Min Kym had found her perfect partner in a 1696 Stradivarius — until it was snatched in a London cafe. She says, “I didn’t know who I was anymore, and I didn’t know what to do with myself. I felt as though I was just a sort of shell of a person.”

Kym comes to terms with that loss in her new memoir, Gone: A Girl, A Violin, A Life Unstrung.

Her Violin Stolen, A Prodigy’s World Became ‘Unstrung’

Central London Café

Just about ready to leave, Amelia took one last look at herself in the mirror. Hoping she was dressed appropriately enough for walking around London. She’d opted for comfy flat shoes instead of her usual combat-style boots, and a light summer jacket in place of her leather one. Underneath it, a flowing top. It felt almost, odd, to be in casual clothing.. Odd in the best way though.

Checking her watch, she wondered if he’d arrived yet. Slinging her small messenger bag over her shoulder to go wander to the entrance foyer of Hellsing manor. Wondering what Russell had planned for them.