london's national gallery

Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun (1755-1842)
“Self-portrait in a Straw Hat” (1787)
Oil on canvas
Located in the National Gallery, London, England


Antonello da Messina - Madonna Salting - 1460-1469

(Salting Madonna)

National Gallery, London

Fun fact: The pomegranate is an ancient symbol of wisdom. In Christian art, it often represents the Passion of Christ.

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Kate as Patron of the London’s National Portrait Gallery (NPG)

8 February 2012: Attend a private viewing of artist Lucian Freud’s exhibit at the NPG.

19 July 2012: Enjoyed a private showing of “Road to 2012: Aiming High”, an exhibition documenting London’s preparations for the Olympic games, at the NPG.

11 January 2013: Attend the private unveiling of her first official portrait by artist Paul Emsley at the NPG.

11 February 2014: Attend the 2014 Portrait Gala at the NPG.

4 May 2016: View her new photographic portraits in the “Vogue 100: A Century of Style” exhibition at the NPG. 

28 March 2017: Attend the 2017 Portrait Gala at the NPG.