london warrior

“In looking out upon the world we forget that world is looking at itself” Alan Watts

model: Cassia Chloe @cassiachloe
photography: Richard Pryde
styling/headpiece: Hippy Poppins
make up: Anooshka Nereid


Fashion Warriors // Self-initiated

Stumbled upon these sketches I did the week before I flew out to Japan last September… thought I’d chuck them on here, surprised I hadn’t already! At the time it was London Fashion Week and I had a hankering for illustrating some badass female warriors, this was the result. Would love to move them on from just sketches and give them the Jack Hughes treatment. Maybe one day!
"London Prestige is Falling Down" 3/23/17
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I feel so lucky being able to get hold of these Japanese Hyrule Warriors goodies at London Expo! Even though I haven’t played the game, the collector’s items are wonderful! Well worth getting up early for :D