london to la

  • seoul dynasty: badass hufflepuffs
  • shanghai dragons: angry gryffindors
  • la gladiators: actually looks pretty decent
  • boston uprising: the love child of ikea and best buy
  • florida mayhem: an order of mustard with a side of ketchup, please
  • dallas fuel: i want you or color me blue
  • la valiant: team loki
  • san francisco shock: orange you glad I didn’t say orange
  • houston outlaws: monster energy
  • philadelphia fusion: bazinga
  • london spitfire: firefox
  • new york excelsior: silver linings playbook

Last semester, I made the transition from listening to lyrical music when I study to listening to background noise. I found that I became much more productive and engaged in my work when I wasn’t distracted by what I was listening to. 

nature noises

unnatural noises

fandom noises 

destination noises


Vanessa Redgrave photographed by Bert Stern for Vogue Magazine, February 15, 1967.
First pic: Vanessa Redgrave modeling a silk tunic and tights by Ferro for Ferro Ettehadieh, in lavender, pink, yellow, blue and green, with Mimi di N bracelets and Miriam N necklace.
Second pic: Vanessa Redgrave modeling a Ban-Lon leotard in yellow, blue, and green, under a rhinestone studded, clear vinyl coat, both by Oscar de la Renta for Jane Derby, big earrings by Nucci, and cuff bracelets by Maison de Fou.
third and fourth pic: Vanessa Redgrave sits with both legs bend back wearing a Ban-Lon leopard; and Rochanbeau wool dirndl skirt all by Ginori with House of Joy chains and Omega watch on a Jacob-Bender watchband; Warner make-up.
Fifth, sixth and seventh pic: Vanessa Redgrave stands wearing a plaid dress and matching legs by Oscar de la Renta made with Caprolan nylon with Nucci earrings; Michael Hic and Mimi di N bracelets.